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Press Releases

Molecular Sensing, Inc. Enters into Agreement with Merck KGaA for
Access to Novel Molecular Interaction Technology

Montara, California, June 9, 2008


Mol ecul ar Sensi ng, Inc.
(MSI) today
announced that i t has entered i nto an extensi ve Li fe
Sci ence Earl y Access
Program (LEAP) agreement wi th Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, acti ng on
behal f of i ts di vi si on for i nnovati ve prescri pti on pharmaceuti cal s, Merck
Serono, to eval uate propri etary MSI Back
Scatteri ng Interferometry (BSI)
technol ogy. The
cooperati on wi l l eval uate BSI technol ogy and MSI
i nstrumentati on rel ated to drug di scovery, devel opment, and research
appl i cati ons. Fi nanci al detai l s were not di scl osed.

As reported by Bornhop, et al., i n

(September 2007), BSI technol ogy
uni quel y e
nabl es homogeneous assays of mol ecul ar i nteracti ons at zeptomol e
sensi ti vi ty. Measurements are made i n sol uti on to determi ne affi ni ty
constants between associ ati ng mol ecul es, free of coupl i ng to spectroscopi c
l abel s or tetheri ng to a chi p surface.

BSI val i
dated assays i ncl ude protei n bi ndi ng to metal i ons, drugs, pepti des,
or other protei ns, anti gen
anti body associ ati on, and DNA
protei n or DNA
bi ndi ng, i n serum, cel l l ysates, and cel l free medi a wi th mi crol i ter sampl e
vol ume and pi comol ar sensi ti vi ty.

"BSI i s a breakthrough i n mol ecul ar i nteracti on assay technol ogy," sai d Scot
Wei nberger, MSI's Presi dent and Chi ef Executi ve Offi cer. "We are pl eased to
work wi th Merck Serono, a l eader i n pharmaceuti cal s compri si ng bi ol ogi cs
and drugs, to i nvesti gate the
potenti al benefi ts that BSI technol ogy and MSI
products can bri ng to thei r pharmaceuti cal di scovery, research, and
devel opment programs."

About Molecular Sensing

Mol ecul ar Sensi ng, Inc. i s an earl y stage bi otechnol ogy company, l ocated i n
the San Franci sco
Bay area, dedi cated to the creati on of mol ecul ar
i nteracti on i nstrumentati on and appl i cati ons that enabl e homogeneous i n
vi tro bi ochemi cal and cel l
based assays, that are l abel
free and tether
usi ng ki neti c and end
poi nt anal ysi s. Its i ni ti al market
focus i s i n academi c,
government, di agnosti c and pharmaceuti cal l aboratori es.

MSI's Li fe Sci ence Earl y Access Program (LEAP) i s a fee
based earl y access
program desi gned to provi de customi zed col l aborati on partnershi ps wi th
major l aboratori es i n basi c l i fe

sci ences and/or transl ati onal research, cl i ni cal
di agnosti cs, and pharmaceuti cal R&D. LEAP col l aborati ons are i ntended to
hel p MSI devel op and val i date enabl i ng appl i cati ons as wel l as to advance
the devel opment of i ts i nstrumentati on.

Mol ecul ar Sensi ng,
Inc. Contacts:

LEAP Partnershi ps: 650

Investors: Scot Wei nberger, 650
swei nberger@mol