The Netbeans Debugger

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To create a breakpoint place the cursor at the desired location.

Go to the Run
> toogle line Breakpoint or Ctrl +F8 . It creates the breakpoint on the
line where cursor is.

The following line will be highlighted in pink to show that the breakpoint has been

The other way is

Click on the run
> new breakpoint.

Set the method, class or thread in the type of breakpoint you want to set.

When debugging, Java will stop at the breakpoint and let you examine the program ‘in

For Debugging the main project.

> debug Main Project or Ctrl +F5

You can stop debugging by clicking on this button

The debugger the window consists of breakpoints, local variables and watches etc.

These let you examine the values of variables line by line, as the program runs

Then you have operations for stepping line by line through the program.

> debugging
> sources or alt+ shift F8

Check on the required on the box in the sources window

Watches can be made by Run
> new watch.


Click on the watches in Debugger window

>select a existing tab and right click
new watch. This lets you specify a variable and see the value at each line.