Technical Asset Tracking System

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Technical Asset Tracking System

417 Consulting




Architecture Model

Asset Discovery Service

GUI Prototypes

Construction Plan

Project Status


Team Introduction

Craig Shyjak

Project Lead

Derek Pollock

Software Architect

Tyler Wright

Database Architect

Kelly Sveinson

Database Lead

Darren Hildebrand

Hardware Architect

Kevin Williams


Chris Kluka

System Integration


Open source project designed on spec for IT
Managers in SMB’s:

Hard to keep track of all assets and their

Wasting money on purchasing un

DBMS and platform independent

Technical Asset Tracking System released
under the Academic Free License v. 2.1

Class Diagram

Class Diagram cont…

View Asset Sequence Diagram

Add Asset Sequence Diagram

Database ERD

Production Deployment Diagram

Asset Discovery Service

A system to do this task should do the following:

Automatically acquire information on the IT Assets
in your corporation

Collect that information into a central location

Make the results available to those who need them

We are developing import and export modules

that will connect with the following industry tools:

xAssets Management Software

Network Inspector By Fluke Corp

GUI Prototypes

Main Menu

Add Asset Screen

Maintain Asset Screen


Asset List

Replacement List

User List

Unused Asset List

Construction Plan

Make most of the solution

Use some downloaded components

Dojo Ajax Toolkit

IBM shopping cart servlet


Java Backend

Programmed in NetBeans 5.0

HTML Frontend

Programmed in HTML with AJAX functionality



Asset Discovery

xAssets Management Software

Network Inspector By Fluke Corp

Construction Plan cont…

Iteration 1

Completion of construction of critical components

Iteration 2

Completion of construction of release 1 (Alpha)

Iteration 3

Beta Release

Project Status

Current approved schedule

Elaboration phase scheduled to end March 3, 2006

All deliverables located in project repository as agreed

Construction phase Alpha Release Iteration
scheduled to begin March 3, 2006

Currently on budget

All resources have been acquired

Architect has approved our architecture



Technology Asset Tracking System


GUI Prototype

Construction Plan

Project Status

On time

On budget



IT Manager

IT Manager of a small
medium business.
Primary user of the system. Able to perform all tasks within the

IT Staff

Secondary user to the system. Staff of the IT
Manager in a small
medium business. Primary task is
maintaining entries in the system.


Third level user of the system. An exec would be the
upper management in a small to medium business. Have rights
to view all entries and print reports.


Fourth level user of the system. A user would be the
frontline staff in an IT department (Help Desk). Only able to
view entries for troubleshooting purposes.

Critical Reports

Critical reports are the reports required for
the second release of the system. The reports that are
included are a security rights report and a asset list.


Small to medium business.