Database Systems Engineering: Two Assignments Relating to J2EE

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Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

L3: Two Assignments Relating to J2EE

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

L3: Two Assignments :

0. Set up a homeworks web site and directory

(with obscure access)

and send the link

(to help instructor keep track of homeworks).

1. Construct a conceptual graph

(in the form of a UML object / class model)

for some major words of the J2EE model

(to practice UML, UML tools, and to better know J2EE model).

2a. Download + install

(or use the version in the CIS labs)

Oracle JDeveloper (a J2EE development IDE)

and post the small Swing
”name” program

(to begin familiarity with JDev).

… details follow.

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

Your homework submission web site and directory:

(Prefer to install this folder on CIS machines ….faster for grading):

Some_folder: <<< perhaps not in your 764 directory

Index.html <<< without ref to the homeworks file

Homework_folder (perhaps with an obscure name)

Index.html <<< page with links to homework items

homework_items <<< best as html pages or small jpgs

email the link:

… as live link, absolute, not relative link.

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering


Homework for Bill Hankley <<< your name

(so not credited to wrong person)

Week: Item:

<<< the week you posted the work

Conceptual Graph

(comments if needed)

2 Hello app using JDev

3 Discussion of tables errors


… relatively small submissions

… include your name within each document (and key images).

… remember .. Each page should have a title.

… simple black on white for text

… perhaps also send an email (w link), when you post

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

Background … what is a
conceptual graph


… a semantic model for the meaning of words …

… words “characterized” by attributes and relations.

… based on work by John Sowa (


…. can be represented in visual form



Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

In a more simple form, a CG can be viewed as

a UML object model (specific words)

or a UML class model (kinds, without distinction of instances)

or an ER data model

where words are instances of various kinds

words are objects / entities

words may have attributes

and relationships are explicitly named. <<<<

Verbs (and other kinds) have binary (or higher relations);

Nouns typically have unary relations with other nouns.

Most key words for J2EE can be viewed as nouns.

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

CG as a UML object model:

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

Second homework:

(a) review J2EE Tutorial or equivalent

(b) build a UML conceptual graph

of some number of the terms (related to this course)

(c) post CG as UML object / class model

as an machine generated image

(watch for relations, aggregation, composition)

“grading” will be “yes/no” evaluation

(sample solutions will be discussed in later class)

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

OK to hand draw and print and scan draft diagram;

but use some UML tool for final version:

e.g. JDeveloper does UML class models

(but not sequence models


†† † † †

†† † †
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†† † †
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†† † † † †
⡉⁷i汬 牥灯牴⁶楥i猠瑯t瑨攠捬c獳⸩


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

Preparation for


find, download and install Oracle JDeveloper

or browse the Oracle site , but use JDev installed in CIS labs.

(Version worked in 2007

newer version is 11g … I have not tried it yet)


will use JDev for Oracle on
line tutorials.

潦o敮e瑨攠t牡捬c⁴ 瑯物慬猠w楬氠湯琠w潲欠數慣瑬t w楴栠湥n敲 v敲獩潮猠!

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

hat is JDev ?

free, IDE, Java based, supported by Oracle

IDE = development “environment” for middleware software

default configuration for Oracle DB


syntax directed editors for JSP, Java

page flow generator, GUI builder w JSF

UML class builder + reverse engineer from tables, code

forward generation of beans, tables

(TopLink OR mapper)

table editor and viewer

local container server (OC4J)

option to install copy of Java VM

(10.1.3 has separate tool for web services flow)

… it is also very big, very slow,

… issue of learning curve !

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

equivalent to: NetBeans

JBuilder enterprise

Eclipse enterprise config

Visual Studio

Enterprise version typically contains:

provision for DB connection


relational mapping tool

UML tool

local web server (for testing)

deployment tool

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering

First Jdev homework:

Build a simple Swing application:

it has some input,

it has some control (a button)

it uses the input in some way

it has some output.

Present a few, small screen snapshot:

show some step in Jdev

show some steps of execution of the app.

post a link to the code.

For example:
Aghsan Hello App

Note: images about 40K each .

Fall 2008


CIS 764 Database Systems Engineering