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We could use database for news on German and Austria

webpages. When news
expired or new post will be send

older could be move to sites with rest of them.
Without our long work

without “cleaning” Home Pages or checking which post on
which page
. It could be PostgreSQL database

it’s better than MySQL and on BSD


Framework, templates or CMS in whole sites

on every sites we are using same
templates but everything is mixed (content and layout in the same file, sometimes used

is good but it is unusual

Bartek found some templates engine which requires to redefine idea of working our
sites and knowledge of Java well. I think our sites needs implement MVC (model


controller) idea

where content, layout and business lo
gic are separated and

When this solution will be implemented we could work only with site code, change
f.e. menu not require changes in 20 files but only 1. And it will be more transparent
and easy to learn for developers.



For me update
JTR is hard and I think I spend too much time for this. When I update it
task by task

it take too much time for open, save and close file which is at LAN.
When I do this weekly

I need
to remind about every task, request. Maybe when we
could use some so
lution f.e. as macro in Outlook. When I want take request I will
press button and this request is mark at Outlook in computers all of us. When I finish
it, I press other button and then marked request changes and maybe local copy of JTR
file update. Local
copy could be synchronizes with man file once a week f.e.

It could be application for mane projects too. dotProject or phpCollab are open sources
application write in PHP but it require activity from business because the have to put
request in these applic
ations and assign developers to request.