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Data  Quality  tools
On-­‐the-­‐fly  data  valida/on
With  First  Time  Right  for  Salesforce  you  enable  
your  Salesforce  users  to  input  and  modify  con
tacts  in  a  fast  and  easy  way.  With  our  Sales
force  solu=ons  you  will  prevent  pollu=on  dur
ing  the  input  process,  because  contact  data  is  
immediately  validated  and  checked  for  dupli
cates.  Salesforce  Data  Quality  is  completely  
integrated  with  and  cer=fied  for
Name  cleansing  and  
The  names  of  people,  
companies  and  organi
za=ons  are  the  most  
iden=fying  elements  
when  communica=ng  
with  prospects  and  cus
tomers.  Yet  we  get  them  mixed  up  all  the  
=me.  With  the  Salesforce  data  quality  module  
it  feels  like  you  know  all  the  names  by  heart  
and  are  unable  to  misspell  them.  
Now  the  correct  leIers  are  capitalized  on  the  
fly  and  suggested  names  are  provided  to  the  
user  automa=cally.  This  saves  you  lots  of  =me  
and  embarrassing  and  expensive  mistakes.  
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Address  checks
Having  the  correct  address  details  is  essen=al  
in  order  to  segment,  send  invoices  or  execute  
a  direct  mail  campaign.  Easily  validate,  stan
dardize  and  correct  address  informa=on  with  
our  Salesforce  data  quality  solu=ons.  Now  you  
have  correct  addresses  for  240  countries  
around  the  world.  
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E-­‐mail  valida/on  and  
During  the  input  proc
ess  the  e-­‐mail  address  
is  automa=cally  vali
dated.  While  checking  
the  address  for  struc
ture  and  syntax,  an  ad
di=onal  check  informs  you  if  the  domain  name  
is  valid  and  if  more  frequent  names  could  be  
considered.  This  way  you  prevent  the  acciden
tal  or  deliberate  entering  of  incorrect  data.
Product  Factsheet

easy  data  entry  -­‐  save  ;me  will  entering  new  contacts,  
leads  or  accounts

uniform  data  -­‐  make  sure  that  all  telephone  numbers  or  
addresses  are  uniformly  entered,  this  makes  repor;ng  
some  much  beBer

tested  and  approved  by,  based  on  decades  
of  experience
Human Inference

+31 26 355 0 655

3 0 % o f C R M i m p l e m e n t a t i o n s f a i l b e
c a u s e o f l a c k o f u s e r - a c c e p t a n c e.
M a i n l y a s a r e s u l t o f b a d d a t a q u a l i t y.
Phone  cleansing
Our  Salesforce  data  quality  solu=ons  provide  
phone  number  checking,  parsing  and  format
=ng  out  of  the  box!  Make  sure  that  the  num
bers  you  have  match  with  the  countries  your  
contacts  live  in.  You  can  also  enrich  your  data  
with  more  informa=on  about  the  phone  num
bers,  such  as  line  type  (mobile,  fax  etc.)  and  
correctly  formaIed  country  and  regional  pre
fix  codes.
Salesforce  data  quality:  Developed  by  ex
When you decide to get this leading
European solution, as implemented at
many large European organizations,
you get 25 years of experience!
Delivered  by  experts
In order to make sure that you get the be
st integration the Salesforce data quality
module at the lowest costs, every fea
ture is pre-integrated and can be installed
via the Salesforce AppExchange. We work
together with recognised Salesforce serv
ices partners for the different regions, feel
free to
for more informa

Human  Inference
+31  26  355  0  655