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Personal Knowledge

Laura Larsson

Cedar Collaboration

November 6, 2004


Personal Knowledge Management (7

Comparing competencies

PKM Competencies Instrument

good are your PKM competencies?

What Do We Need to Know

Be a competent and literate member of the
information society?

Find, organize, retrieve and disseminate
the information we need/have?

Cope with the vast amounts of information
we are bombarded with each day
(InfoGlut) ?

Manage our own knowledge efficiently?

What is Personal Knowledge

It is a system or strategy designed by
individuals to

Organize and integrate personally important

transform random pieces of information into
something that can be systematically applied
and that expands our personal knowledge

Similar to information literacy

Seven PKM Competencies

Based on work done by Paul Dorsey, et
al., Millikin University

Acquiring information and ideas

Evaluating information and ideas

Organizing information and ideas

Analyzing information and ideas

Seven Areas, continued…

Cpnveying information and ideas

Collaborating around information and
ideas; and

Securing information and ideas

Source:Paul Dorsey, Millikin University, Decatur,
IL. Dorsey (

Basis of Information Literacy

a set of abilities

"[I]nformation literate people are those who
have learned how to learn

…”they know how knowledge is organized,
how to find information, and how to use
information in such a way that others can
learn from them. They are people prepared
for lifelong learning."

Source: American Library Association Presidential Committee on
Information Literacy: Final Report. (Chicago: ALA), 1989.


Many of the information literacy resources
stop at presenting methods for assuring
that you can keep information and ideas

But, PKM gives you tools and hints for
finding, evaluating, organizing, analyzing,
presenting, collaborating and securing
information and ideas

Information Literacy vs
Informatics Competencies

Council on Linkages Competencies

Public Health Informatics Competencies

Council on Linkages

Council Competencies

Council Competencies
Highlighted Today

Defines a problem (acquiring)

Identifies relevant and appropriate data and
information sources (acquiring)

Partners with communities to attach meaning to
collected quantitative and qualitative data

Makes relevant inferences from quantitative and
qualitative data (evaluating)

Source: Council on Linkages Competencies Project. [online] Site

Competencies, continued…

Obtains and interprets information regarding
risks and benefits to the community (acquiring)

Applies data collection processes, information
technology applications, and computer systems
storage/retrieval strategies (organizing)

Recognizes how the data illuminates ethical,
political, scientific, economic, and overall public
health issues (evaluating)

Informatics Competencies

Informatics Competencies
Highlighted Today

(1) Digital literacy (acquiring, organizing)

(2) Electronic communications (collaborating)

(3) Selection and use of IT tools (today’s focus)

(4) Online information utilization (acquiring)

(9) Information and knowledge development
(analyzing, conveying)

Source: Public Health Informatics Competencies. [Online] Site
. Site visited: 08/09/04.

So What?!?

We will be learning about resources that
we will want to keep going back to and use

My role is to discuss some relatively
simple and inexpensive techniques and
tools to manage information



Look at applications for finding, organizing,
using and conveying/disseminating


Retrieving and using the information you’ve
already found

How Good Are Your PKM

Baseline PKM competencies

Take the survey home with you

Fill it out and determine your skill level

Ask for training materials if you need
additional help

Plan on learning constantly

Contact Information

Laura Larsson

Cedar Collaboration