Physical Exercises

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Physical Exercises


Healthy living and physical fitness are closely

Being physically fit not only helps people live
healthy lives, it also helps people live longer.

Could you run and walk for hours, leap over
rocks, climb mountains, jump over streams,
carry loads, sprint short distances, have a
sound sleep and do it all again the next day?

Your body was designed to do all that and

So, how much physical activity do you do?

Preventing Illness in Ancient China

Kung fu was developed in order to help more
people get exercise on a regular basis and
avoid frequent illness.

Quieting the Mind in Ancient India

Yoga, a series of exercises that incorporate
regulated breathing and flexibility, was used
as a method for emptying mind of thoughts.

Preparing for Battle in Ancient Egypt

Endurance exercises and the use of weapons
were stressed.

How were the physical
exercises in the old days?

Physical exercises improve quality of life.

Physical exercises extend longevity,
protects against the development of
stroke, hypertension and obesity,

Physical exercises help maintain full
functioning and independence among the

Physical exercises improve health

A reduced oxygen demand at any given
level of physical exercises.

A reduced tendency for blood to form
clots where arteries have narrowed.

An increased elasticity in the arteries.

Why do we need physical exercises?

You can exercise for free by:

Walking. Do it with a friend,

Walking stairs (instead of taking the

Get outside


Mall walking while shopping

Carrying a grocery basket rather than
pushing a cart (when applicable)

Jumping with Rope. It’s cheap, it’s easy,
and you can do it anywhere.

Clean your house.

How to exercise for free

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise strengthens the
heart and lungs and tones the body.


Riding for twenty minutes will make
the heart strong and help the body
burn fat.


Gymnastics is an intense activity
that strengthens every muscle in the

What else can we do?

Dr. kate says:

Dr. kate

"Getting fit and keeping fit is a
great way to use your time, feel
good about yourself, make new
friends and improve your
chances of having good health."

Kids exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just
being active, like when they run around outside or play
football at school, is a kind of exercise. What else counts as
exercise? Playing sports, doing push
ups, and even reaching
down to touch their toes.

“Try to be active every day and your body will thank you

Fatimah, 12 yrs

"I get a lot of exercise because I'm always active and I'm
never still anyways doing exercise can be lots of fun. I have
2 younger brothers that keep me active."

What some kids say about
physical exercises?


Every person should try to remain
fit and healthy through their life.
Fitness has a lot to do with physical
exercise. And the practice of doing
physical exercise can not be taught
in a day or two. The orientation to
physical exercise and fitness must
begin right at early ages.