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Department of Electronic
Systems Engineering
British Machine Vision Association
Proceedings of the
British Machine Vision Conference
University of Oxford
24-27 September 1990
The papers appearing in this volume comprise the Proceedings of the 1990 Conference of the British Machine
Vision Association. They reflect the authors' opinions and are published as presented and without change in
the interests of timely dissemination. Their inclusion here does not necessarily constitute endorsement by the
BMCV90 Conference Committee, the BMVC90 Programme Committee or the British Machine Vision Associa-
Copyright © 1990 by the BMVC90 Conference Committee
Abstracting is permitted with acknowledgement to the source. Isolated articles may be photocopied without
fee for the purposes of private study or non-commercial teaching. For other copying, reprint or republication
permissions contact the authors directly. Further copies of the Proceedings (priced .f 25) are available from: The
Secretary, BMVC90, Robotics Research Group, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Parks
Road, Oxford OX1 3PJ, UK.
Cover Design and Printing by the University of Sheffield Printing Unit
British Machine Vision Association
B M V C 9 0
Programme Chair
Andrew Zisserman
Conference Committee
Conference Chair
Andrew Sleigh
Robert Series
Local Arrangement s
David Murray
Programme Assistant
Jennet Batten
Exhibition Organizer
Paul Beardsley
W G L Adaway
M B Brown
B F Buxton
M C Fairhurst
Programme Committee
D J Hand
D C Hogg
J Illingworth
J Kittler
P Mowforth
L Norton-Wayne
P Saraga
G D Sullivan
C J Taylor
Additional Reviewers
A Blake
S Cameron
R Cipolla
W Dickson
M Fleck
R B Fisher
D A Forsyth
C Harris
R Horaud
M Ibison
C Marinos
A Mclvor
S B Pollard
J Porrill
L Tarassenko
H Trivedi
Table of Contents
Technology innovations and product design issues in machine vision:
The Technical Arts Corporation experience
5 White xi
On the computational neurobiology of curve detection
5 W Zucker, A Dobbins and L Iverson xvii
SESSION II: Model-based Vision 1
Transformational invariance - a primer
D A Forsyth, J L Mundy and A Zisserman 1
Relative motion and pose from invariants
A Zisserman, C Marinos, D A Forsyth, J L Mundy and C A Rothwcll 7
Feature grouping in a hierarchical probabilistic network
W Dickson 13
SESSION III: Stereo Metrology
Epipolar geometry for trinocular active range-sensors
A Blake, D McCowen, H R Lo and D Konash 19
Optimal combination of stereo camera calibration from arbitrary stereo images
N A Thacker, JEW Mayhew 25
Recovering partial 3D wire frame descriptions from stereo data
S B Pollard, J Porrill and JEW Mayhew 31
Curve matching and stereo calibration
J Porrill and S B Pollard 37
SESSION IV: Feature Extraction 1
Robust estimation of shape parameters
G A Jones, J Princen, J Illingworth and J KMler 43
Active intelligent vision using the dynamic generalized Hough Transform
V F Leavers 49
A probabilistic approach to the Hough Transform
R S Stephens 55
Shape verification using belief updating
C J Taylor and D H Cooper 61
SESSION VI: Motion 1
Resolution of the Bas-relief ambiguity in structure-from-motion under orthographic
C Harris 67
RAPID - a video rate object tracker
C Harris and C Stennett 73
Kalman filtering of pose estimates in applications of the RAPID video rate tracker
R Evans 79
Determining motion from 3D line segment matches: a comparative study
Z Zhang and O D Faugeras 85
PAPERS continued
SESSION VII: Feature Extraction 2
Optimal probabilistic relaxation labeling
/ Poole 91
Construction of a scale-space primal sketch
T Lindeberg and J Eklundh 97
Feature grouping by 'relocalisation' of eigenvectors of the proximity matrix
G L Scott and H C Longuet-Higgins 103
Computation of discontinous optical flow by domain decomposition and shape optimization
C Schnorr 109
Towards qualitative vision: motion parallax
A Blake, R Cipolla and A Zisserman 115
Using a combined stereo/temporal matcher to determine ego-motion
N A Thacker, Y Zheng and R Blackbourn 121
Integration of stereo and motion
E Sparks and M Stephens 127
SESSION IX: Medical Image Understanding
A model-based approach to the reconstruction of three dimensional arteries from
biplane angiograms
S T Rake, K D Baker and G D Sullivan 133
Edge-region integration for segmentation of MR images
G J Brelstaff, M C Ibison and P J Elliott 139
Model-based interpretation of anatomical structures in cranial MR images
C I Attwood, G D Sullivan, G P Robinson, K D Baker and A C F Colchester 145
The use of the grey level SAT to find the salient cavities in echocardiograms
D R Bailes 151
SESSION XI: Applications and Hardware
Automatic inspection of surface mount solder joints using X-ray images
E Griffiths and R Jordan 157
A distributed blackboard system for vision applications
M D Brown and R B Fisher 163
A multiprocessor 3D vision system for pick and place
M Rygol, S B Pollard and C Brown 169
A fast algorithm for computing optic flow and its implementation on a Transputer
H Wang, J M Brady and I Page 175
PAPERS continued
SESSION XII: Shape from X and Surface Reconstruction
Shape from texture:textural invariance and the problem of scale in perspective images
of textured surfaces
J V Stone 181
Calculating the surface topography of integrated circuit wafers from SEM images
T P Ellison and C J Taylor 187
Integrating stereo and photometric stereo to monitor the development of glaucoma
S Lee and J M Brady 193
Stereoscopic recovery and description of smooth textured surfaces
P F Mclauchlan, JEW Mayhem and J P Frisby 199
Reconstruction of visual appearance
P R J North 205
SESSION XIII: Model-based Vision 2
3-D object recognition and orientation from both noisy and occluded 2-D data
D P Illing, P T Fairney and R J Wiltshire 211
Model based 3D grouping by using 2D cues
5 Zhang, L Du, G D Sullivan and K D Baker 217
3-D cues from a single view: detection of elliptical arcs and model-based
perspective backprojection
S Masciangelo 223
Using geometrical rules and a priori knowledge for the understanding of indoor
C Coelho, M Straforini and M Campani 229
SESSION XIV: Segmentation
Texture segmentation for denning driveable regions
A Grunes and J F Sherlock 235
Extracting second-order topograhic surface features from range data
R B Fisher 241
Segmentation of planar curves using local and global behaviour analysis
L - D Cai, J Por r i l l, S B Pol l ard, J E W Mayhew and J P Frisby 2 47
Vl l
Combining cues for mammographi c abnormalities
5 M Astley and C J Taylor 25 3
Prediction of stereo disparity using optical flow
P A Beardsley, J M Brady and D W Murray 25 9
Model based segmentation of radiological images of the cranium
M G Cawley and K Natarajan 26 5
An empirical study on the effects of spatial discretization error in a stereo
vision system
K L Chan and A K Forrest 27 1
An uncalibrated stereo visual servo system
A Conkie and P Chongstitvatana 111
Depth extraction by focal/aperture variation
5 R Daniel 28 1
An analysis of hole detection schemes
E R Davits and S P Barker 28 5
An intelligent visual task system for lateral skull X-ray images
D N Davits and C J Taylor 29 1
Classifying symmetry sets
M M Fleck 29 7
On recognition of features in polyhedral scenes
P Grossmann 30 3
Simultaneous region and edge segmentation of infrared images using non-maximal
suppression for edge thinning
J F Haddon and J F Boyce 30 9
Evaluation of a real-time kinetic depth system
G M Hayts and R B Fisher 31 5
Symbolic image matching by simulated annealing
L Herault, R Horaud, F Veillon and J Niez 31 9
Parabolic and hermite cubic finite elements: a flexible technique for
deformable models
P Karaolani, G D Sullivan and K D Baker 32 5
Digital or analog Hough Transform?
N Kiryati, M Lindenbaum and A M Brucksiein 33 1
Robust grouping of intensity changes in outdoor scenes by a histogram and graph based
A Korn 33 7
The computation of deformation and rotation in stereopsis
K Langley, B J Rogers and J M Brady 34 3
Filter based estimates of depth
S J Maybank 34 9
A test of camera noise models
A M Mclvor 35 5
A head called Richard
P Mowforih, P Siebert, Z P Jin and C Urquhart 30 1
Integrating visual search with visual memory in a knowledge directed image interpretation
T P Pridmort and S H Jostph 36 7
POSTERS continued
Interpreting trihedral vertices by using assumptions about the angles between the 373
G Probert and R Cowie 373
Perceptual grouping of circular arcs under projection
P L Rosin and G A W West 379
A parallel path planning algorithm for mobile robots
C Shu and H Buxton 383
Robust ego-motion estimation
D A Sinclair, A Blake and D W Murray 389
Active contours in medical image processing using a networked SIMD array processor
G D Sullivan, A D Worrall, R W Hockney and K D Baker 395
A knowledge based system for measuring faces
D Tock, I Craw and R Lishman 401
An application of active contour models to head boundary location
J B Waite and W J Welsh 407
Fast object recognition using a hybrid optical/digital processor
D J F Walker and C R Chatwin 413
Segmentation coding using edge detection and region merging
Y Yu 419