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Genetic Engineering has been used many times around the world to predict
whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl and what their traits will be. I agree that
Genetic Engineering is useful and helpful to us in many ways, but
I do

know that
it is not
all good

and I disagree with most of what Genetic Engineering does and how scientists
use it
. It is a way for people and mostly scientists to play God. With it,

according to some
US Biotechnology Companies,
we can change how fast a pla
nt can
grow or how much or
how tall it
Not only can it change plants, but in Japan, male Japanese medaka fish have
genetically grown 83 percent larger than normal after they have been introduced to

Genetic Engineering can also affect
humans too in good and bad
According to American Diabetics
ithout it, we may have limited amount of
medicines to cure our illnesses, but with it, humans could
accidentally or purposefully

change their genes (traits) or their children’s’
traits and p
henotypes. This can also pass on
a disease created by the Genetic Engineering or by a parent who had their traits changed.
This goes back to scientists and other humans playing the role of God. This is why I do
not completely agree with Genetic Engineering

By: Riley Miller