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District Overview


We serve Texas by our stewardship
of natural resources and the
environment, our concern for
personal and community safety, and
our support of enhanced
development and economic vitality
for the benefit of Texans

Current Service Responsibilities
are with six basic industry

Oil & natural gas expl & prod

Natural gas and haz liquids pipelines

Natural gas utilities (14%)

gas service (6%)

Coal & uranium mining (7%)

Railroads (3%)


Corpus Christi District 04 Overview

Staffed by 19 employees

1 Director

1 Assistant Director

1 Engineer

1 Lead Technician

4 Clerical Staff

6 Field Inspectors/Engineering Technicians

3 State Pluggers/Engineering Specialists

2 Site Remediation Cleanup Coordinators

Corpus Christi District Office is
located at 10320 IH 37,

Mailing address

P.O. Box 10307 Corpus Christi,
TX. 78460

Phone # 361

Office Services

Minor Permit Approval

SWR 5 Approval

SWR 13 Approval

3a Approval

Information Available

District well files

General Lease inspection files for review

Blank Forms Available

Docket files

General lease files

District well files

Drilling permits/applications/plats

Completion reports

Plugging reports

Information can be reproduced



Public access printer

Public Access Computers

2 available in public area with designated

Access to wellbore, permits, and production
information on mainframe computer in Austin

Mainframe information covers statewide

Access to RRC Webpage. Commissioner
biographies, Statewide Rules, Seminar
schedule, conference agenda, RRC directory,
job postings, oil & gas production,

Commission Safety Program

Safety Officer

Brad Holt (Lead Tech)

Monthly safety meeting

outriders in the
office 1 day per month

We choose a specific topic for each safety
meeting (heat stress to defensive driving)

Safety is stressed in all aspects of the
employees life, on the job and off.

Rules Addressing Safety

SWR 95, 96, & 97 Underground storage
of hydrocarbons

SWR 94 Oil and Gas NORM (Naturally
Occurring Radioactive Material)

SWR 36 Oil, Gas or Geothermal
Resource Operation in Hydrogen Sulfide

SWR 36

Oil, Gas, or Geothermal
Resource Operation in Hydrogen
Sulfide Areas

Each operator who conducts oil and gas
exploration, production, transportation, and
handling of hydrocarbon fluids that contain
H2S gas shall provide safeguards to protect the
general public from the harmful effects of H2S
releases (intentional & accidental)

General Provisions

Each operator is responsible for determining
the H2S concentration in the gaseous mixture in
the operation.

The radius of exposure shall be determined,
except in the cases of storage tanks, by the
Gifford equations or other RRC
approved method.

Volume used in escape rate dependant on
system and operation involved.

General Provisions cont’

When drilling a well in area with insufficient
data to calculate ROE, use 100ppm radius
equal to 3,000 ft.

Operations where the 100ppm is in excess of 50
ft require warning/marker, security, and
material & equipment provisions.

100ppm ROE > 50ft and includes public area
except a public road, 500ppm ROE >50 ft &
includes any part of a public road, or 100ppm
ROE >3000 ft require additional
equipment/safety and contingency plan

General Provisions cont’

Injection of Hydrogen sulfide where injection fluid
is gaseous or a gaseous mixture when released to
the atmosphere and the 100ppm ROE is in excess
of 50 ft and includes a public area except a public
road, or the 500ppm ROE is in excess of 50 ft &
includes a public road, or the 100ppm ROE
>3000 ft, or the H2S content of the injection fluid
has bee increased by a processing plant operation
then a public hearing is required.

General Provisions cont’

Drilling and workover operations where the
100 ppm ROE is > 50 ft are subject to maintain
breathing equipment, install wind direction
indicators, and install H2S detection equipment
on site.

Drilling & workover operations where 100ppm
ROE includes a public road or is > 3000 ft are
subject to safety equipment, well control,
testing, and notification provisions.

General Provisions cont’

Each operator whose operations contain H2S
in excess of 100ppm shall train its employees
working in affected areas in H2S safety and
require the same of service companies.

Notify RRC district office of any accidental
release of H2S of sufficient volume to present a
hazard and any H2S related accident.

A certificate of compliance (H
9) shall be
submitted for operations subject to SWR 36.


Corpus Christi District Office is
located at 10320 IH 37,

Mailing address

P.O. Box 10307 Corpus Christi,
TX. 78460

Phone # 361