SOAP, UDDI, Web Services, and the Semantic Web - Justin Erenkrantz

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SOAP, UDDI, Web Services, and

the Semantic Web

Justin R. Erenkrantz

ICS 221

December 3rd, 2002

Web Services

Identified by URI, HTTP, and XML

Making websites more than content

Enabling extensible interactions

Ideally public, perhaps private

Commercial web services


W3C’s Simple Object Access Protocol

centric middleware data format

Origins from simpler XML

Nodes, roles, faults

Typically bound to HTTP

Interesting architectural mismatches


Universal Description Discovery and

Acts as a naming service for Web Services

Built on top of SOAP

Distributed repositories

Publish/subscribe support

SOAP callbacks

Semantic Web

“Crown Jewel”

Meaningful interpretation of web content

Not just interactions, but understanding

Each semantic web site agrees on meaning

Effects of non