Problem Statements


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Steering Committee Meeting

June 10

Present: Scott Harmon, Sarah Todd, Jody Wilson, Jordan Sager, Lary Holderly,
Rose Morgan, Mark Davidson, Kyler Laird, Mike Babcock, Leanne Whitesell, Randy
Smith, Dan Perkins

Questions asked:

Q: Larry

How do you do a

fish count

A: Shock the river. It stuns the fish then they all float back to the top of the river.
Once the wake from the shock the fish will just swim away.

Q: Are there Asian Carp in the Kankakee?

A: Yes there are in the Kancakee, but they have not been

seen in the Iroquois.

Problem Statements:


what dose sediment load have to do with flashiness

A: Increase sediment build up create a slower moving river ..

“Increased sedimentation can help influence flashiness”


what is a good breeding habita

A: diversification, different depths, temps, rock area. We need to educate people
about the river and make them more a wear…. Are we able to put in artificial
fishing hole to increase fish population?

Can we do a community gathering and have a Iroquois
River Fish fry and raise

#3 very similar to # 1 need to be re

: sedimentation, scowering and sluffing stream banks appear to…”

“Sedimentation is leading to a variety of problems….we think reducing the

#4 add fish eating quality o
r consumption

#5 run on sentence?

Are there any geological hot spots?

Upcoming Dates:

June 10

Sat. Brook Fun Float

June 9:30 out door work group SWCD office

June 21 Invasive species workshop

Water testing middle of the month

Aug 12 fri

@ 8 next steering
committee meeting maybe @ the Fairgrounds new building