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The annual meeting of the members of the Bayles Lake Homeowners Association
held at the Lakeview Country Club, Loda, Illinois on May 7, 2012 at
7:00 pm.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Rod Cardinal, and a copy of the Notice of the
Meeting with Proof of Mailing to each of the members, marked “Exhibit A” dated April 14, 2012
is inserted immediately following the minutes of this me

The President asked the Board Treasurer if he had a list of members present and a list of
members represe
nted by proxy
. The Treasurer indicated he did. The President declared that the
meeting was duly called. The President asked if a quorum was p
resent and the Treasurer
indicated we did. The meeting proceeded with the transaction of BLHOA business.

The Presid
ent welcomed all to the meeting and asked that if members had a question, to please
stand and state their name, so we could get it recorded

in the meeting minutes.

The President asked for a moment of silence, in memory of Tom Stack, long time
maintenance man. The President read a thank you note from Marilyn Stack.

The President introduced Brad Cosgrove, President of the Lakeview Co
untry Club Board of
Directors who welcomed us to the club. He apologized for having to cancel the buffet dinner
that traditionally precedes the annual meeting. The cancellation was caused by a medical
problem that Bob Cambridge, Lakeview cook, was experi
encing. They have just found a
temporary replacement cook to fill in while Bob recuperates from his problems. Cosgrove
invited all Bayles Lake
to check Lakeview out and consider joining

the Club for dining
and golf. Cosgrove talked about worki
ng together with BLHOA on a Lakeview irrigation
dredging project and helping to improve some erosion issues on Bayles Dam at the irrigation

The President introduced all the Board members and Staff and thanked them all for their hard
work and dedicat
ion to our community this past year.

District 1

Dan Boyce, Teri Watt, John Konieczka

District 2

Rod Cardinal, Jim Flaherty, Dan Schneider

District 3

Ed Killen, Greg Weller, Gene Merkle

Security Officer/Building Permits

Ray Soltysiak

Recording S
ecretary/Legal Counsel

Ellen Lee

Board Treasurer

Arvie Beard

Maintenance and Grounds

Bob Siddall

Water Supply Operator

Joe Sage

Newsletter Editor

Diane Obernuefemann

Dispute Resolution Committee

Ann Barbieur, Warren Hamby, Don Ward

Flaherty, Teri Watt and Ellen Lee were absent. The minutes were taken by Pam Weller.

The President thanked Pam Weller for her help with the meeting minutes.

The President introduced Ed Killen, who read the 2011 Homeowners Annual Meeting Minutes
that was h
eld on May 2, 2011. The President called for any additions or corrections. There
being none, Jack Thorstenson made a motion, seconded by Jim Bass to approve the minute
s as
read. Motion carried

The President stated that the next order of business would

be the election of board members for
three year terms, 2012
2015. The President thanked outgoing board members, Teri Watt, Dan
Schneider and Greg Weller for their service to our community. Nominating Committee
, Dan Boyce read the slate of no
minees, the nominees being District 1, Nick Schuit,
District 3, Dale Foster. At this moment there is no nominee from District 2. Jay Ross moved
that the nomination be accepted by acclimation, seconded by Ted Jeurissen, motion carried
. The
Chairperson st
ated that he will continue to search for a candidate for District 2, this would be
considered an

at large

nominee and would be open to all residents of Bayles Lake.

Committee Reports:

Building Permits
Ray Soltysiak

gave the building permit report for the year, 0 houses, 8 docks,
decks and 27 dumpster permits. The high number of dumpster permits was due to all of the roof
damage caused by a hail storm. Ray reminded that most permits are free. Ray complimented the
residents on calling first and asking questions.

Ray Soltysiak gave the lake security report for the year. He reported 2
s, a GPS
Unit was taken from a vehicle and hybrid flowers were taken from a garden. He indicated a few
calls regarding
dogs not on a leash. He reminded residents that they must have their lake house
number on all paddle/pontoon/fishing boats, make sure they have a life jacket on the boat for all
children under 13, no sitting on the front of boats or dangling their feet in

the water from the
front of the boat.
Ray also discussed helping Bob Siddall clear out a decomposing deer carcass
from under a dock on the south lake. He reminded us, i
n case of an emergency call 911. He
reminded all residents to remind their guests/co
ntractors, etc., to observe the speed limit signs.

Bob Siddall was introduced by the President. The President also reported, Oct 29,
a letter was sent to all residents describing Tom Stack’s health issues and

the need to seek a

ur committee (Dan Schneider, Gene Merkle and Ed Killen) received interest
from 9

people/6 returned applications. Dec 5 the
tee reviewed applications and
interviewed the 3 finalists. Dec 6

the committee made a recommen
dation and emailed
nt seeking board
approval. Dec 7 job offer and

Dec 1

was the
start date)

The BLHOA Board of Directors hired Bob Siddall to fill our maintenance and grounds position.
Bob and his wife, Viva, have lived at Bayles Lake for about 25 years, at 260 Ocala Cou
rt. Bob
retired this past June from United States Fire Protection Company where he served as a
Construction Foreman, installing water mains, fire pumps and overhead sprinkler systems.

Bob stated he has been doing


monthly a check l
visually inspect

the spillway and Newel

Dam and the playground equipment at Robinson Pavilion. These checklists are posted inside the
Maintenance Shed along with the Storage Agreement forms. He has been doing maintenance on
the 3 John Deere vehicles, changing oil, fi
lters, greasing and cleaning. He will start next week
removing the leaf enclosures and cleaning up the ashes. He has been turning on water, as
requested by homeowners as they return from their winter homes. Bob states he has some
concern about turning t
he water on to

early, in case a leak develops before the homeowner
arrives. He would like to develop a form with important contact information regarding shut
off/turn on information. He is waiting to h
ear back from Lee Excavating with

a price for the
moval of the ashes from the burn pile. He has a price quote from Hofer Trucking. He plans on
burning the brush at the burn pile
on a more regular basis, keep

the volume down and better
manage it. He has been mowing and grading the areas at the Mainte
nance Shed as the boats are

He has been in contact with the IEPA a
bout obtaining a

National Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System (NPDES) P
ermit. This is a
ew State Law from the Illinois E
Protection Agency.

In Illinois, the new
law became reality for the use of any chemical,
biological or mechanical applications that happen near, over, and in waters of the United States
and this is a requirement of the Clean Water Act. BLHOA has made an application for this
permit that will cove
r all of our residents for the use of products for vegetation control,
insect/mosquito control, and animal pest control on our shorelines, boat channel and spillway.
This is a 5 year/renewable permit.

NPDES permitting will be a new requirement for many h
omeowner associations; we have been
exempt in the past. In general, we are required to perform duties such as record keeping,
equipment maintenance, site inspections to remain in compliance with the permit.

Dan Boyce thanked his committee,
Rod Ca
rdinal, Jim Flaherty and he really
appreciates the work and help of Arvie Beard.

He stated that we have a reserve fund of
$100,000.00, with Busey Bank investing $65,000.00 and Federated Bank investing
Our year
end balance in our checking accou
nt was $66,630.00. Our 2012
2013 proposed budget
was $279,812.00 with anticipated expenditures of $276,283.00.

Resident comments:
Ron Moline stated that we did not have last year’s budget or year
end totals
for comparison. Jim Bass stated that they had
no opportunity to question

or compare. Deanna

Wimer challe
nged the board to be more forth
coming wit
h this information. Deane Trumble

stated that the information on this year’s handout only gave this year’s projections.

The president apologized for the

lack of information. The Finance Chair

asked that
anyone who wanted more
information to contact him

and he would get the requested
information to them.

Lakes and Parks
Rod Cardinal thanked his committee, Ed Killen and John Konieczka.

Highway Shoreline/Terracing Project
: This past year we finished our shoreline/terracing work at
the bridge, boat channel and the county road. This completes 2 years of maintenance work in
this area, getting rid of a lot of brush, weeds and trash and has m
ade the whole area a neat, clean
and attractive part of our lake. It will be easier to maintain. Richard Vance, Vance Landscaping,
Paxton, did all this work and we really appreciate his hard work during those hot July days.

Newell Dam Shoreline Project
We had Berns Clancy and Associates complete the Newell Dam
safety inspection and analysis and the associated spillway facilities inspection last fall, as
mandated by the Department of Natural Resources/Office of Water Resources. This safety
inspection is
done every five years.

In general, the dam and spillway were found to be in sound condition. However, a number of
minor maintenance needs were identified:

Placement of riprap erosion control materials on the face of Newell Dam.

Modification of vegetat
ion on the downstream face of Newell Dam.

Placement of riprap in the spillway outlet channel, north of Skyline Drive,

fill in scour hole.

Extend and raise the spillway concrete sidewalls. (Wing walls)

Removal of brush and wood vegetation from portions of

the inlet/outlet channels and
downstream of the spillway.

Create an Emergency Action Plan, Operation Plan and Maintenance Plan.

Bayles Dam Clean Up

dam is located past the end of Country Club Lane. It separates the
Lakeview Golf Course irrigation
pond and Bayles Lake. Last fall we cut down a few
trees/shrubs and lots of weeds and will strengthen the wall face on the Bayles Lake side with
some additional rip rap.

The Lakeview board has done a great job investigating our EPA
concerns and we have ag
reed to continue working with them on this project.

We will work
together to correct an erosion issue at the dam.

Lake Water Testing
: We will continue to use PDC Labs for testing lake water quality for
swimming / recreational purposes. Samples are taken

from 7 sites and analyzed. We have had a
good year with no water quality issues. Samples will be collected later this month.

Sedimentation Study

Iroquois has a company coming the middle of May to do some
sediment removal work on its fishing pond
and a couple of their eroded bays. I have talked with
this company and have asked to meet with them when they complete their job over there. I will
be watching as to how they perform this job and where and how they store the vacuumed

We still
need to look into the algae and sedimentation issues at Bayles Lake. Our goal is to
develop a Lake Management Plan: To assess, enhance and manage our aquatic and natural
resources and its environmental impact on recreational boating, swimming and fishing
at Bayles

Their information can assist in planning: budget planning, creating a timetable, identifying areas
and priorities for removal, removal method and storage areas.

Bayles Lake
Trapping: In response to some resident’s concerns, this past
winter the Board of
Directors had permitted Greg Anderson, Paxton, to trap on association property. He was
successful in trapping several muskrat, mink, possum and raccoon. The trapping season is now

We are now working with the state DNR
Out of S

calendar and if residents have problems,
please check out our website under “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ), scroll down the page
to find information on nuisance wildlife.

Fish Stocking and DNR Request
: In 2011 we added about 900, 6
8 inch
Walleye to the lake.

This spring we have added about 1000 Channel Catfish to Bayles Lake. As we follow along
with the Department of Natural Resources suggestions, the catfish species was next in line and
hopefully this fall we will be adding either Walley
e or Hybrid Stripped Bass.

We have also made a request with the DNR to visit Bayles Lake and conduct its Fish Sampling
Program, which we use to help guide us in restocking the lake with fish. Their last visit was

Bayles Lake Clean Up Day
Rain o
r shine, Saturday, July 7, will be our Bayles Lake Clean Up
Day. A dumpster will be located at the Maintenance Shed, 8:00 a.m. to noon, so that our
homeowners can dispose of unwanted stuff that may be cluttering up their yard or taking up
space in the gar
age. Remember the new state law regarding dumping of electronic equipment
into landfills.

New State Law from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

The Illinois Electronic
Products Recycling and Reuse Act

disposing of unwanted electronic
s in regular trash
for burial in landfills starting Jan. 1, 2012. This includes televisions, computers, monitors,
printers, keyboards, DVRs,
; these products typically contain many valuable metals that can
be recycled.

A list of registered electronic

waste (e
waste) collection sites and information for manufacturers,
collectors, recyclers and refurbishers is available on the IEPA/Electronic Waste Recycling page.

You can check the IEPA.com web
site for more information.

Remember, we cannot accept this

material on our clean
up day. Champaign, Bloomington,
Danville and Kankakee all have drop off sites and they are the nearest locations to Bayles Lake.

Reserving Robinson Pavilion at Healey Park
The Robinson Pavilion is available to all of our
Bayles La
ke community. For reservations, rules and regulations, please call Barb at 312
9978 or check the Bayles Lake website for more reservation information. There is a $25.00
rental fee.

Bayles Lake Boat Docks at Lakeview
We would like to remind everyone

that the two boat
docks on the shoreline of the Lakeview Country Club can be used by our residents to boat over
to the club for dinner or golfing.

In 1997 the Bayles Lake Auxiliary raised money and with the
help of many of the Bayles Lake residents and t
he BLLOA Board, built the two boat docks so
that our residents could boat over to Lakeview.

Boating Etiquette
If you observe violations, please take down the number of the boat and call
Bayles Lake Security. Bayles Lake Security will contact repeat viol

Please observe the white “
No Wake”

zone buoy’s on the lake.

No motor boat should be operated within 50 feet of the shoreline unless going to or from the

Make sure all your boat lights work, use them after dusk. Use your docking lights only while
docking your boat,

while boating on the lake.

Park Reminders
Leaf burning bins in the parks will come down starting next week.

Please check the website, Rul
es and Regulations, and review information regarding:

Burn Pile Information

Boat Registration

Boat Safety

Fishing Rules



It is all of our responsibility to follow the rules and regulations of the Bayles Lake community.

Miscellaneous I
Bayles Lake Website
We have added many new email addresses to
our “Residents” page on the website and we appreciate this easy way to communicate with you.

ues to be a very valuable resource to our community. Please
check it out and bookmark it as one of your favorites and see the latest news and events at the
lake. If you would like to add your email address, please contact

. If you have forgotten the username or password, please contact

There were 8 new trees planted this past year, 4 by this committee and 4 by our re

Residents Comments
: John Ragland stated he would like to see a plan developed for
sedimentation removal. He has been talking about this subject for many years and does not see
any progress. He stated that the lake is an asset and we need to pro
tect it. He appreciates the
attention and he understands that there are complicated EPA rules but hopes that something can
be done soon. Anna Mae Merriman stated that we need to encourage residents not to blow their
leaves into the lake

Roads and Drai
Greg Weller thanked his committee, Jim Flaherty and Gene Merkle. Last
year East Skyline Drive was paved and Greg thanked Bill Razzano for researching the plat for
this road.
Some c
racks were filled on the perimeter road. A drainage problem was
repaired in
the front of 1228 Sunset Drive. We have extended the Biggs snow plowing
/removal contract for
2 years under the s
ame terms and conditions as the previous 2 years.

For 2012
, we will continue with patch work, crack filling and sealing

as fo

filling, we will do
Bayshore Terrace, Bayshore Drive, Sunrise Terrace, Wolfe Drive, Rulison
Drive, Lakeview Drive and Golf Drive
. We will also crack fill and seal
the perimeter road,
Sunrise D
rive/Skyline Drive/Sunset Drive.

We wi
ll be working with the contractor to develop
a traffic plan, trying to reduce as much as possible

the inconveniences these projects create.

3 bids were sent out and we had 2 bids returned for this wo
rk and
County Asphalt Company
Urbana, Il

was the low bidder at $34,624.00.

For road patching, we sent out 2 bids and we ha
d 2 bids returned for this work on 1251 Sunset
Drive, 912 Tappan Road, East Side of Golf Drive and 318 Sunrise Drive.

unty Asphalt Company
, Urbana, Il was the low bidder
at $3,200.00.

cost estimate for the budget was $47,800 and the total bid price from C
ounty Asphalt is for
$37,824.00 about 20% less than we budgeted for.

Residents Comments: Jim Bass stated the need to get a traffic plan in the hands of the residents

as soon as possible. He realizes there will be some short term inconvenience involved.

Rules and Regulations
John Konieczka thanked his committee, Dan Boyce and Teri Watt.

There was one rule change this past year in Building Permit Requirements: A
Bayles Lake

Homeowners Building Permit is required for the construction of a home, garage, home addition,


demolition and removal thereof
or significant alteration to the exterior design of an existing

home. If any question exists as to whether a Buil
ding Permit is required,
BLHOA members

should consult with the Association Building Inspector
No BLH0A Building Permit, including

a non
fee Building Permit, shall be issued to any BLHOA member or tenant for any reason

unless and until all Association
Dues, Special Assessments and any such other financial

obligations, such as but not limited to any pending unpaid fines, have been satisfied in full.

Further, qualification for a Building Permit is subject to meeting
such other following conditions.

o under review by the committee, for this next year are c
ampers, motor homes and
recreational vehicles, etc.,
that are stored “
” in the driveway of a h

John reminds the h
omeowners who store campers, motor homes, recreational vehicles,
boats and
trailers, etc., behind the mai
ntenance shed must sign a Storage Agreement

form. These forms
may be secured from the maintenance or security person. Boats must be removed from the
storage area by May 15.

Water and Sewer
Ed Killen

thanked his committee,
eg Weller and Dan Schneider.

Our water is tested monthly at an E.P.A. lab in Springfield. We add chlorine and
fluoride to our water at each well. One test this year was slightly low in fluoride and that has
been correcte

In the past year we replaced one flush hydrant on Kaufmann Drive that had been
leaking. A limited boil order was required. We had 2 water leaks that required limited boil
orders after they were fixed.

The hydrants have been flushed every other Monda
y, weather
permitting. Bob Sidall posts signs on the bulletin boards at the entrances prior to flushing

We have had 5 blockages this year requiring service calls to have our sewer jetted.
This is a process where a high pressure water line is fed

into the pipe to remove the blockage.
The lift station pump on the west side gave us a problem twice. After the second time it was
replaced. We plan on installing an alert light to let us know if the float sticks again at this

After a study a
nd discussion by the water and sewer committee, Loda Sanitary District and Berns
and Clancy Engineers it was recommended to our board that we proceed with the final design of
a sewer system that is a combination gravity and pressure system. This recommend
ation was
accepted by the board and we are proceeding with the final design stage.

said at last year’s annual meeting, the final design would be a higher expense than we could

in our yearly budget and that we

anticipated having a special assessment to help cover the
cost. In this year’s budget we did pass a special assessment of $50.00 a quarter to help cover this
cost. This is for 1 year only and can only be spent on the sewer system. This assessment is
milar to what has been done in the pas
t when our roads were completed.

Ed stated that u
d information

on the Bayles Lake Sanitary Sewer Project

from the
and Sewe
r Committee was available from Arvie and could be picked up as you leave

Comments: Ron Moline questioned why he had to pay to have his septic system
pumped when the reason was a failed BLHOA lift station. He asked for reimbursement.


stated he should have called him first not a septic company and the board voted not
to reimburse him. The Chair

apologized that he had not bee
n notified of the board’s
. A recommendation was made to send the bill to the Disput


Bayles Lake Auxiliary
: Barb Parker thanked the auxiliary officers and district representatives.
She mentioned the many upcoming events: program booklets have been distributed, new flags
will be put up, Loda Good Old Days, July 27
29, they will

sell Sno

the meet and greet
event at the pavilion, June 9, Garage Sale Day, May 19, Flotilla, July 4 and the Bonfire,
September 22, Native Plant Sale at Lincoln Square, May 12, Master Gardener, Plant Share,
Onarga, May 8. Annual dues request has b
een sent out. Neediest Children Program helped 18
local children this past year. Flowers will be hung on street signs May 10.

Bayles Lake Fireworks Show
: The Bayles Lake Fireworks Committee (Jeff Hartman, Jeff
Facer, Ed Killen and Rod Cardinal) reminds
all lake residents about our annual fireworks show,
July 3 this year (July 4 is the rain date), that will start at 9:00 p.m. The launch site will again be
Skyline Drive. We will follow the same road closing plan that we used last year. Residents will
ceive a reminder about June 20.

If we have bad weather, please check the website or call Rod Cardinal.

Residents Comments: Jerry Weaver suggested we use only on

garbage hauler, to protect the
roads. John Ragland suggested that only BLHOA maintenance pe
rsonnel try to eliminate algae
and not each individual homeowner. Nick Schuit asked about chemicals being added to the
septic systems and if there is any way check this out. Warren Hamby stated that he has his septic
system inspected twice a ye
ar. Anna
Mae Merriman says she

pay $185.00

to be inspected. Ray
Soltysiak stated he also pays to have his system inspected each year. Deanna Wimer stated she
was upset with how fast people speed past her home and throw bottles and cans in her ditch. She
asked if

we could think about installing speed bumps.

Old Business

BLHOA Meetings are still held at the Loda American Legion.

New Business

May 21 is the next Loda Sanitary Board Meeting

May 22 is the next Bayles Lake Auxiliary Meeting

May 23 is the next BLHOA
Board Meeting

The Loda Lion Club new building will not be completed until later this fall.

Monday, May 6, 2013 will be the date for next year’s

There being no further business,
Jim Bash moved to adjourn the meeting, Diane Obernuefemann

motion carried,

meeting adjourned at 8:26 pm.