JSP Overview

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Chapter 3

JSP Overview

The Problem with Servlets

processing the request and generating the response
are both handled by a single servlet class

Java programming knowledge is needed to develop and
maintain all aspects of the application

Changing the look and feel of the application, or adding
support for a new type of client requires the servlet code to
be updated and recompiled

It's hard to take advantage of web page development tools
when designing the application interface

The Advantage of JSP

separating the request processing and
business logic from presentation makes it
possible to divide the development tasks
among people with different skills

The Anatomy of a JSP Page

JSP Processing

When a JSP page request is processed, the
template text and dynamic content generated
by the JSP elements are merged, and the
result is sent as the response to the browser

JSP Processing

the server needs a JSP container to process JSP pages

The JSP container initiates the translation phase for a page
automatically when it receives the first request for the page

turns the JSP page into a servlet

compiles the servlet class

precompilation of a JSP page

request processing phase: invoking the JSP page
implementation class

As long as the JSP page remains unchanged, any subsequent
request goes straight to the request processing phase

When the JSP page is modified, it goes through the translation
phase again

it's loaded once and called repeatedly, until the server is shut

JSP page translation and
processing phases

JSP Elements




Expression Language (EL) expression

JavaBeans components

JSP Elements

Directive elements

JSP Elements

Standard action elements

JSP Elements

Custom action elements

The JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

JSP Elements

Scripting elements

allow you to add small pieces of code (typically Java
code) in a JSP page

JSP Elements

Expression Language expressions

JavaBeans components

a JavaBeans component is a Java class that
complies with certain coding conventions

components are typically used as containers for
information that describes application entities,
such as a customer or an order

JSP Application Design with MVC

MVC roles in a pure JSP scenario