Communications And Distance Education

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CADE Software System

Communications And Distance Education


Introduce CADE products

Describe advantages over other systems

Highlight CADE functions beyond current system

Demonstrate interactive classroom

Next steps

CADE vs. Competition

Easier to Install

Easier to Use

Easier to Support

More Functional

Fraction of the Cost

Easier to Install


Use Your PC, not custom

Loads on any Windows PC

Download from the web

No special wiring needed

No phone lines required

Automatically configured


Use commodity computers

Increase participation

Expand number or

Eliminate barriers to acquire

SOHO can participate

Easier to Use


Standard browser interface

Based on familiar PCs

Access from any network

Wireless remotes

Single user doesn’t require


Technology easier to accept

Begin using, learning

Learning more enjoyable

Mix classroom and single
student in same broadcast

Access your data from web

Anyone, any age, anywhere

CADE Family

CADE Interactive Satellite to


Live, interactive Satellite delivery

demand and prerecorded interactive delivery

CADE eTutor

Live, interactive web
based delivery to desktop

Interactive, recorded delivery

CADE Learning Management Web

accessible database

LMS, LCMS, Authoring, Delivery

Foundation of all CADE products

BJU Key Issues

CADE does everything Arel does and more

Multiple studios, automatic connection


student interactions logged

Access all data via a web browser (LMW)

Course/Test development, scheduling, guides

Data entry, attendance, results, result adjustments

air testing via wireless remotes with LCDs

Snapshot completion status, overall results

Student results available immediately in LMW

More available beyond live, interactive delivery

Next Steps

Replacing the Current System

Timing is Perfect to Begin Now

Time to undertake an orderly, controlled conversion

CADE simple to install… the smallest step

on access to a working system

Set up test system as soon as feasible

Familiarize instructors, course developers, administrators

Understand technical configuration options

Plan final system configuration with solid understanding

Begin to develop courses for next semester

Practice or parallel broadcasts

Identify functions included in initial implementation

Products, Implementation, Features…

Communication And Distance Education


Thank You For Your Interest!

CADE Server Configuration

CADE Software Technologies

Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .Net, ActiveX

Java, NetBeans, Java Server Pages, Blackboard

IIS, .Net Web Services, Active Server Pages, RSS

JavaScript, VBScript, Remote Scripting, CSS


SQL Server, ODBC

time audio/video via UDP/TCP

PocketPC, Embedded systems, MobileVB

Text to Speech generation

Radio Frequency Communication/PC Integration