Minutes of meeting held on 9 June 2011

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Collections SIG meeting

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Thursday 9 June 2011


Room 1103
, Level 11, 60 Collins St

: Jenny Ackroyd

Minutes: Anita Catoggio





1. Attendance &

Ross Cummings (Central Highlands), Sandra Jeffries (West Gis
ppsland), Terry May (Melton), Pru
Menzies (Casey

Jenny Ackroyd (Darebin), John Ruddle (Monash), Sue Gary (Boroondara), John Radford
(Moreland), Letizia Mondello (Moonee Valley), Lyn Baines (Eastern Regional), Susan Thomson (Greater

Dandenong), Marnie Weinrich (Yarra), Ros Ryan (Wimmera), Sue Boddi (Glenelg), Jennifer Khan (Melbourne),
Robyn Fisher (Mornington Peninsula), Teresa Wight (Casey
Cardinia), Jay Robinson (Latrobe), Anita Catoggio
(Yarra Plenty), Michelle Donelly (Maribyrno
ng), Michele Bence (Stonnington), Brandt McCook (Port Phillip),
Jenny Lawrence (Brimbank).

2. Confirmation of

Previous Meeting’s Minutes:

No items arising from previous minutes.


Beyond a Quality Service: strengthening the social fabr

standards and guidelines for Australian public


General discussion about how easy/difficult it will be to benchmark against these guidelines. S
tandards could be
used as a political tool for library services to lobby for increased funding to build up collections. Meeting agreed
that some of the indicators/benchmarks were a bit out
dated and didn’t take into account the growing econtent
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Collections SIG meeting

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Some members of the Collections SIG were asked fo
r feedback during the development of the guidelines.
Collections SIG won’t formally address the standards. It will be up to individual library services to decide how
they will be used.


National Year of Reading 2012

Collection SIG members stated that

the Libmark presentation on Wednesday 8

of June at SLV set the context
and expectations for the National Year of Reading 2012. The speakers at the presentation indicated that library
services were mandated to do as much as they could

but could also inco
rporate the promotion of the year into
their current programming. Four main objectives/ideas were outlined

Library membership drive; One country
reading (similar to One Book, One City); Workplace literacy; a simultaneous country
wide Reading hour.

sion ensued about the how the literacy component could be incorporated into library activities,
promotion etc. We need to become more aware of the low literacy demographic in our communities. How can
we also focus on those of our communities whose first la
nguage is not

Not only need to think about ESL
but also CALD communities who are literate in their native language.

Library services can use the National Year of Reading branding on all/some of their 2012 activities.



Sarah Cavanagh

and Andrew Hocken from Baker and Taylor (James Bennett) presented on Blio and Axis 360


Blio is a software based eReader

not a device. It has been around in the retail context in the US for

one year. The anticipated launch date for Blio and Axis 360 for Australian libraries is August 2011.

Blio will run on many devices

including Windows, Mac, iPhones, iPads, Android and other smartphones

currently compatible with Kindle and some other p
roprietary devices)
. Blio software is free to download.

Blio partners include Baker and Taylor for the content and digital circulation platform and K
NFB Reading
technologies (founded by ray Kurzweil) for the technical applications.

Current content stand
s at 50,000 eBook titles many of which are aimed at the public library market.
Approximately 2,000 of these titles are audio enabled. B&T are hoping to add downloadable audiobooks to
Blio’s offerings later in 2011. eBooks are available in PDF, ePub or Blio

formats. Other features of Blio include
Readlogic; Notes facilities
; ability

to change font size; translation of titles into 13 languages. File sizes depend on
the embedded technology.

Axis 360 is the system for circulating digital content.
Can integrate

with library’s LMS and authentication is by
library card and PIN. The Axis 360 interface can be branded to individual library’s specifications.

Collections SIG meeting

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Cost is based on library’s annual circulation. B&T’s aim is to be cheaper than current competitors. Platform co
will be an annual fee. Cost of content is separate from annual platform fee. Current costs of ebooks range from

12.99 for fiction and US$30.00 for non

Sarah also mentioned EBL and Ebrary

mainly tertiary and academic content.


ownloadable music (Freegal)

Some library services have decided to sign with Freegal. Others will take a wait and see approach.


Annual Survey of Victorian Public Libraries

Jenny reported that PLVN is seeking feedback from library services regarding

this year’s statistical survey. What
we need to collect/ what is not necessary.
Seek advice and feedback from library managers.
Email Elisabeth
Jackson with responses.


Feedback from other SIGs

Convenors group meeting

See above note on Annual Surv

Jenny Ackroyd.

Next Multicultural group meeting is on Monday 20

of June at Altona North.
Will be discussing LOTE and Home
library services

Letizia Mondello.


Site reports


Currently advertising for a Library Manager due to Katrina K
nox’s move to
Group Manager of Community
Services at
Council. New shelving imminent at Northcote

planning how to re
arrange collections. Reservoir
library will be relo
cated to the Reservoir Civic Centre next year
. Jenny is about to

complete the Frontline

administration for Cycle 2. Frontline C


commences in July 2011.


Signed with Bolinda and Wavesound. Will cease to buy cassettes and videos.


Withdrawing all cassette talking books. Have received 10 Audio
navigators through the AL
IA initiative. Bolinda
ready to go live. Hawthorn library has been refurbished and community consultation process is underway
regarding the Ashburton library refurbishment. Have added Press Display and Byki.

Collections SIG meeting

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Signed with Bolinda. Have commenced b
uying Wii games. Libero (LMS) is anticipated to go live in July. First
team have completed Frontline. A weeding team has been set up to weed the stock at all branch libraries.

Moonee Valley

Library is re
branding. Preparation for RFID has been ear

as a 12
24 month project.

Have also set up a
Weeding team. Flemington library has had a re
vamp and the local Bendigo Bank will sponsor the new shelving
in the non
fiction area. Commencing Frontline training in July.

Eastern Regional

Overdrive going liv
e in July. Croydon library is undergoing a refurbishment with a new returns room and sorting
machine. Every branch will have a Booksale
stand with

consistent pricing and only “quality” items regionwide.

Greater Dandenong

Staff restructure due to Roisin J
acobs and Debra Hutchinson’s departures.


Wii games launched recently. Deer Park refurbished with an extended teenage area. Branches are also getting
house gaming consoles.


New website launched in Library week. Signed with Wavesound.

New mobile library truck being commissioned.


Collection being weeded and will be sold off in booksale. Staff restructure after Manager’s departure.

Collections SIG meeting

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Mornington Peninsula

Signed with Bolinda. Have been tossing around whether to genre sticker
their gay/lesbian collection. General
discussion suggested that it is not necessary.


Pakenham library re
opening 20

June. Signed with Byki.

Latrobe City

Jay Robinson has recently commenced at Latrobe and is looking at the collection wi
th “fresh eyes”.

Yarra Plenty

rification of the non
fiction collection was recently launched at Diamond Valley library. Loans in the first
month have increased. This is a pilot at this stage and may be rolled out to other branches if successful. eBoo
training sessions have been completed at all branches. This refresher course was rolled out to take advantage of
the current climate of ebook promotion. A device kit will be purchased for each branch for staff and patron
training. The annual Online Resou
rces review identified Your Tutor as dropping in patronage. Need to decide if
we will continue or not.


Mini makeovers at two branches. Withdrawing all cassette audiobooks.


Some staff restructuring. Recent talks by Jon Faine, Ton
i Jordan and Arnold Zable have been popular.


Other business

No other business

Future Meeting Dates

Thursday 11

August 2011
, Thursday 13