Low Oil Price – No Time to be Smart - Integrated Operations 2013

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Low Oil Price – No Time to be Smart?
Pieter Kapteijn, Dir. Technology and Innovation
Maersk Oil, Copenhagen
IO Conference Trondheim Norway
29 September 2009
• A non-scientific model for IO readiness…..
• What can one learn from 8 yrs of IO?
• what hinders IO implementation
• what helps
• Maersk Oil:
Integrated Asset Management programme (IAM)
• Questions
IO Readiness and Oilprice…?
A non-scientific model 
reducing cost
making money
< 5%
> 2015?
improving margins
What can one learn
from 8 years of IO?
1. The concept actually works!
2. Technology is no longer the issue
3. Many successful Production and Drilling Operational
• Time to pay-out relatively short: 1-2 yrs
• Value of collaboration environments now proven
4. Rate of adoption is increasing
• But still low as a %-age of potential value
5. Change management issues better understood
What hinders adoption of IO?
1. IO message remains complex and difficult to “sell”
• in an industry that likes to manage “unbundled” activities
• subsurface uncertainties “use up” all risk tolerance
2. Management understanding of IO concepts
• model based control and use of real-time dynamic data:
robust learning versus planning/designing for success
• Is IO an operating model or a business model?
3. Leaders from a pre-digital age
• we will need the big crew change….
• gaming is the new learning
What helps adoption of IO?
1.Lower margins and environmental/CO2 constraints
will require a more holistic, systems approach
• More complex optimisations and trade-offs
2.More fields move into EOR phase
• EOR is very surveillance/optimisation intensive (WAG)
• upstream will become a CO2
sink (CCS, EOR)
3.NOCs will demand lifecycle value maximisation
• Right level of smartness to be “designed in”
• IO and technology become competitive differentiators
4.And … the bulk of the value is still to be realised
in recovery improvement
will become
a source of value
to Oil Companies
Connected value chains require IO
Maersk Oil Technology Programme
1. Integrated Asset Management one of 5 Technology Themes
• abundance of positive IO project results to make the case
2. Managed at Maersk Oil executive level
• Technology and Innovation Board: 3-5 year rolling plan
• coordinated with IT/IM strategy
3. Phased, staged implementation approach
• to gain confidence and acceptance of approach
• Using only proven technology
• targetting production and staff productivity improvement
4. Initial projects: well monitoring and surveillance
Technology Planning/Roadmapping
 Technology ThemeYearly
T&IB Appr.Total in $ US 
+ Funding
2010> 2010
 #4 Environmental 
 Techn. Infrastructure 
 Projects:   IT/IM, 
 M‐Pact, Applications
 #1  Advancing  
 Completion and 
 #2  Deepwater
 and HTHP
 #3  Waterflooding 
 and Enhanced Oil 
 Recovery (EOR)
 #5  Integrated Asset 
Al‐Shaheen Babelfish Project
Prod Surv. UK
Prod. Mon.  DK
Rot. Equipm. Monitoring
Integr. Prod. System Modeling
Yearly Technology Planning Cycle
Rolling 3-5 year plan to achieve excellence in target capabilities
Integrated Asset Management

Common data shared across required disciplines

Visualise well and reservoir status

Know what key decisions are required on what you monitor

Data cleansing algorithms run automatically

Established asset data hierarchy

Data availability and ownership (systems of record)

Infrastructure fit for purpose

Roles & responsibilities defined & documented

Capability of engineers to use required tools

Reliable Data shared across required disciplines

Trend data to understand well and reservoir behavior patterns

Semi automated well test validation

Integrate real time data and models

Active management of performance and condition exceptions

Use information to predict behaviour

Anticipate problems and opportunities

No manual data entry

Automatically generate options for optimisation

Prioritised and focused interventions
Proposed Projects
Future Projects
Aligned Initiatives
DOCC Esbjerg - Babelfish Qatar - PASC Aberdeen
DUC Monitoring & Diagnostics
MOUK Production Surveillance GPIII
Int. System Modelling
MOUK Production Surveillance & optimisation all assets
Rotating Equipment Monitoring
- top quartile performance -
1. In Production Operations and Drilling IO projects it is now
possible to be a “fast follower”
• but tailoring existing solutions to the asset remains a challenge
2. Maersk Oil is committed to become good at IO
• we consider it a “must have” capability
• to be a successful player in an EOR and CO2 dominated future
3. We can still improve our sharing of IO experiences and
results across the Industry
• particularly at management/leadership level
4. The IO journey continues
• and our younger staff love it!
Thank you for your attention