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DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment
DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Australia’s entire product line has received recognition in
the industry as a line of products that "do" what they say they'll "do." Every
product in the DWG® Australia™ car care line not only does a better job of
cleaning and restoring the surface which they are applied on, but the also protect
the surface as well. Very few products, if any, in the market today can do both.
This makes the entire DWG® Australia™ product range unique and truly one of a
With the price of the average car or truck nearly doubling in the last decade, most
people are financing their vehicle purchase for 5, 6, and even 7 years now. It's no
wonder people are falling in love with the DWG® Australia™ product line. They
need them to help keep their vehicle looking new for a longer period of time.
One premium product available from DWG® Australia that can play a major role in helping
distributors and their customers protect their 5 figure investment is the DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, with its exclusive formula, is a highly concentrated oil additive that
helps improve and fortify the engine lubricants of today. This cutting-edge technology, found only in
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, does essentially for the inside of an engine what DRI WASH 'n
GUARD® Ultra-ION™ does for the vehicle's glass and painted surfaces, it provides superior
protection. PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is compatible with both mineral based and synthetic oils
and, when added to your oil, it blends completely, boosting your oil's performance and ability.
And to think, it does it all without any "slick stuff" being added.
With PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment it is not necessary to change your oil before using it. Just add
30ml to every litre of oil to your crankcase. Then, when your vehicle is due for an oil change,
repeat the process again with the new oil. This is unlike other oil treatments where you have to
drain a litre of oil in order to add a litre of additive. Because PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is a
super concentrate, it can be added to a full crankcase. Be sure to add enough PolyGuard-1™ Oil
Treatment to maintain a minimum of at least 30ml to 1L of oil ratio. PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment
will be particularly valuable during winter months when the elements can cause significant damage
to a combustion engine. With PolyGuard-1's Affinity film retention, you can virtually eliminate dry-
starts. Dry-starts can occur within 8 minutes after turning your engine off. Untreated oil can drain
from the insides of your engine and cylinder walls, running back into the oil pan causing a dry-start.
A dry-start condition is where nearly 80% of your engines wear comes from. So by preventing a
dry-start, you can extend the life of your engine significantly.
This amazing product even provides a 30-second demonstration. Pour the contents of the bottle into
the crankcase and within 30 seconds you will hear the engine running more smoothly and/or
become quieter. It is an incredible product! So, now while you're making the outside of your
vehicle look good, you can do something good for the engine as well. The DWG PolyGuard-1™
Oil Treatment will reduce wear, causing the engine to run cooler and will boost efficiency and
power in anything from a classic Model A, to a farm tractor, to the family's mini-van, to a nitrous
blown dragster.
To allow others to understand the benefits of PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, it is recommended that
you give them a copy of the DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment demonstration DVD so they can
see how their vehicle can benefit from the superior lubrication provided by the DWG® PolyGuard-
1™ Oil Treatment."
Before you read this article, we want to point out the fact that the "Big-3" auto manufacturers do
believe in oil additives. Each one of them has an oil additive manufactured and labelled with their
own name on it. One uses a graphite base additive, another uses a sulphur base product and you
will find it on the shelves in their parts departments. We understand why you might be surprised by
that bit of news, we've never heard them promoting it, have we? Heaven for bid that we should
extend the life of the equipment they manufacture and sell! Have you ever looked at the corporate
end of year reports for auto companies and noticed that their income source in replacement parts is
nearly double that of their new car sales income? Interesting? Why do you think that car parts
don't seem to last as long? Some suggest that it's by design.
Because oil technology has made great strides in recent years, the thought that motor oils of today
are capable of protecting engine parts and extending engine life better than ever before is
understandable. Keep in mind though that the designs of today's motor oils are still dictated by the
manufacturers of today's engines. The oil designer follows a strict set of guidelines set by the
engine manufacturer, just as it has been done for decades. They follow these guidelines so that
they can place a label on the container that says "meets manufacturer's minimum requirements". It
was recently pointed out to us that the engine manufacturer's minimum requirements haven't
changed since 1957. We found that odd, knowing that the minimum demands we place on our
engines today is significantly greater than the minimum demands of the fifties.
Did you note that it's based on the "minimum requirements". Next time you buy a litre of store
brand oil, remember it was also made by the company with the lowest bid.
It's no secret that an engine contains hundreds of moving parts that must be kept separate from
each other by a film of oil. Whenever two parts slide or rotate, the resulting metal to metal contact
can produce severe and unnecessary wear. An important function of motor oil is to establish a film
of oil thick enough and strong enough to prevent metal-to-metal contact. The more our oil can
accomplish this, the longer our piece of equipment can last.
A second important function of motor oil is to reduce friction. Friction results from the resistance of
engine parts to movement against each other. To experience that right now, place the palms of
your hands together and rub them against each other quickly for 10 seconds. You will feel an
immediate increase in palm temperature. Can you imagine how quickly the moving parts in your
engine would heat up and fuse together if we didn't have good lubrication?
Motor oils are required to do more than provide a lubricating film and reduce friction. A third
important function is to act as a coolant and help remove the heat generated by the moving engine
parts. The engine's heat comes from friction produced by closely fitted engine parts such as
connecting rods, main bearings, camshafts, and piston rings. Though most people think that the
radiator fluid is responsible for cooling the engine, it actually only handles about 60% of that task.
The engine's oil handles the other 40%. This presents a good case for always keeping your oil at
the correct level as specified by the manufacturer.
The ease of starting an engine depends not only on the condition of the battery and ignition, proper
fuel volatility, and fuel to air ratio, but also on the flow properties of the motor oil. If the oil is too
heavy or thick at starting, it will impose enough drag on the moving parts that the engine cannot be
cranked fast enough to start promptly and keep running.
Anyone living in the colder climates, where temperatures drop each year, have most likely
experienced this from time to time. That's why they make sure they change their engine oil to a
lower viscosity before the temperatures drop. Viscosity is a measure of the oil's resistance to flow.
A lower viscosity such as a single-grade 5W can flow easier in cold temperatures than a single-
grade 40W. But then once the engine finally warms up to operating temperatures, the 5W does no
provide enough protection for the moving parts in your engine and now your engine needs 40W.
Therefore engineers designed a multi-grade blend that could function in conditions as extreme as
that. You've seen them as 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30, and 10W-40 and so on. On the other
hand, in areas where temperatures can be extremely high you'll find many owners using 20W-50.
Be sure to always consult your owner's manual for the recommended blend. You can also make the
intelligent decision to help your choice of engine oil give better performance.
With all of the internal parts of an engine being constructed basically of metal components, motor
oils are blended with other additives that help to neutralise the foreign by-products that can
accumulate in the crankcase. Fuel that blows by the rings and moisture that never evaporated
because the engine wasn't operated long enough at normal operating temperatures are just two of
the many by-products that can inhibit peak performance in your engine. These by-products can be
corrosive to the internal metal parts so motor oil has a blend of additives that can help resist rust
and corrosion. It just seems that no one can tell us how long it can actually resist these elements.
The efficient operation of an engine depends on the motor oil to do the
 Permit easy starting
 Lubricate engine parts and prevent wear
 Reduce friction
 Protect against rust and corrosion
 Keep engine parts clean
 Cool engine parts
 Seal combustion pressures
 Prevent foaming
 Aid fuel economy
DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is a unique oil additive specifically formulated to blend with
today's lubricants.
General Description:
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, with its exclusive formula, is a highly concentrated and balanced oil
additive package that helps improve and fortify the lubricant's ability to perform. This cutting-edge
technology, found only in PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, is exclusive to DRI WASH ‘n GUARD®
Australia P/L. It provides superior protection and is compatible with good quality mineral based
and synthetic oils. When added to your oil, it blends completely, boosting your oil's performance
and ability. And to think, it does it all without any "slick stuff" being added. Listed are some of the
ways that PolyGuard-1™ works.
P r i m a r y B e n e f i t s o f P o l y G u a r d - 1 ™:
 Reduces internal wear and can extend your engine life
 Virtually eliminates dry start-ups with affinity film retention even in
sub-zero conditions
 Helps prevent sludge and varnish formation with a powerful
dispersant that cleans and suspends varnish, allowing the filter to
remove it
 Lowers operating temperatures by reducing friction in high load
 Boosts performance by providing an improved seal around the
ring zone area, improving combustion efficiency
 Reduces power consumption while improving fuel efficiency
 Improves filtration efficiency; by reducing the large wear particles,
the efficiency of the oil filter is improved
 Inhibits rust and corrosion longer in the oil change cycle
Product Application and Availability:
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is intended for use in internal combustion engine crankcases at a
minimum ratio of 30ml per 1L of oil volume and is to be applied each time the oil is changed.
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is provided in a convenient single application package so that you can
simply pour the entire bottle into most crankcases today to ensure your engine will benefit from the
correct amount of DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment. It is also suitable for use in automatic
transmissions at an application ratio of 30ml per 3L of automatic transmission fluid. It is also
suitable for manual transmissions, differentials, and hydraulic fluids at a ratio of 30ml per 1L of oil.
And, in wet clutch applications found in many motorcycles, use at a ratio of 30ml per 1L of oil.
DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is compatible with mineral based and synthetic oils. At the
recommended application rates, it will not affect engine oil viscosity ratings or typical engine seal
PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment works when mixed with conventional oils to form a wear reducing
protective film which is capable of withstanding extreme pressures. PolyGuard-1™ provides critical
engine parts, such as the ring zone, cam lobes, main and rod journals, and turbochargers, with
lubrication protection that far exceeds that of conventional oils. PolyGuard-1™ is a carefully
balanced, complete additive package that contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives,
detergent/dispersants, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors and acid neutralisers. In
independent oil analysis, PolyGuard-1™ significantly reduced the amount of wear generated when
engine oil was used. Calculated estimates based on wear reduction (up to 70% reduction in wear
particle count) suggest that the use of PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment can extend the service life of
your engine.
Permits Easy Starting:
Dry starts can occur in an engine with untreated oil within 8 minutes of the engine being turned off.
When that same oil is treated with PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment, the oil is fortified with a molecular
structure that causes it to adhere to the metal surfaces until wiped off, therefore virtually eliminating
the chance of ever having a cold or dry-start again. This Affinity film retention is beneficial in
preventing dry-starts in your everyday driving as well as preventing dry start on the family's lawn
mower when you start it up again in the spring. PolyGuard-1's anti-corrosive and anti-rust
properties can also help to extend your stored equipment's serviceable life.
What People are saying about
DWG® PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment
Keith Welker Cypress, CA
Living in Southern CA. with all the stop and go traffic it's real important that you use an oil additive.
I have been using DWG PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment for almost 10 years in all of our cars. With
the cost of gas being so high, it's important to me to get the best fuel economy that I can and I have
always noticed improved mileage in every vehicle with PolyGuard-1™ in the engine.
In late December of 2003 I had to take a quick trip to Las Vegas. I needed an Oil Change before I
left so I stopped at one of the fast oil change places here in Cypress. I was about 150 miles from
home when the oil light came on. I stopped and checked the oil level and found that I had no oil in
the engine. The oil filter wasn't on tight and all the oil leaked out. I tightened up the filter and put a
bottle of the Oil Treatment in the crankshaft and drove to the next gas station. They added 3 quarts
of oil and I finished my trip to Las Vegas and back home with no damage to the engine. I now get
free Oil Changes for the next year.
Thanks to DWG's PolyGuard-1 Oil Treatment it protected my engine from the fast oil change place.
Today my car runs fine and I owe it all to DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment.
Frank Meyers, IL
Since applying a bottle of PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment to my engine I've experienced an 8%
increase in fuel efficiency. Being a numbers guy I quickly did the math and it's saving me around $2
per fill-up. I change my oil every 3,000 miles so when I calculate the fuel savings and driving those
miles I save about $22 per oil change. That savings more than covers the cost of the treatment.
Basically the product more than pays for itself so I guess you could say I get all the engine
protection I need for free! Or the more you drive, the more you'd save.
Art Williams, TX
I've been using DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment ever since I've owned my current car. I use my
car in my business and I'll admit that I often drive it harder than I should. I now have 160,000 miles
on it and it still starts and runs just like when it was new. And if that's not impressive enough, I've
actually ran it out of oil 3 times due to a leak I wasn't aware of and I believe the only reason why
it's still running today is because I always added PolyGuard-1™ each time I changed my oil. With
the price of cars today DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment has saved me a lot of money.
Thanks DWG.
Serge Coderre, Ottawa , Ontario , CN
My family's mini van now has over 300,000 kilometers (approx 200,000 miles) on it and I owe it
all to DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment. My wife and I bought it new and I'm proud to say we've
added the product to the engine at every oil change. Because of the oil treatment I get 60 extra
miles per tank compared to a business associate that drives the same van. With the price of gasoline
the product pays me to use it. Today it still runs like it's brand new. I've really enjoyed the peace of
mind that using the product has given me. Even in the sub-zero temperatures it starts easy and never
labors. The engine runs so quiet that I often have to check to see if it's still running.
Glen Azumi Oahu , HI
I'm not one of those mechanically talented guys. In fact, when the car gets sick I take it to my
mechanic Burt and he takes care of it. When he's done he gives me a bill. I drive a 1990 BMW and
because of DRI WASH 'n GUARD® it still looks like it's brand new but, just because a car looks
brand new doesn't mean that it runs like it's brand new.
Before I used the DWG PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment my visits to Burt were often. After I began
using DWG PolyGuard-1™ Burt recognized that my BMW required less service and I noticed my
mileage improved significantly. I went from using _ of a tank of gas to get 235 miles to where now
that same _ tank of gas gets me 302 miles. Not only have I saved on repair bills but I save money
at every fill-up. In fact, I save enough to more than pay for the product use.
I recommend that everyone should just use DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment and see the savings
for themselves.
Karl Balch, Charlevoix, Michigan
DWG PolyGuard-1™ is excellent as an oil additive, but I also use it in addition to the pre-mix oil/
fuel that I use in my 2-cycle weed whip, lawn mower, and in my motor-cross bike. DWG PolyGuard-
1™ has increased the fuel economy of all of them. It has also increased the performance! After
running the poly/oil/fuel mix, I had to turn the idle down a bit because of the decrease in friction!
Overall, it is an excellent product for 2-cycle engines as well as for the crankcase oil of any 4-cycle
Thanks DWG, Karl
Joe Egge, Minnesota
I use this product religiously in every vehicle I've owned since discovering it.
• It does work.
• It does save fuel through better mileage.
• It does protect better.
Our old 1986 Cadillac had almost 200,000 miles on it when we finally sold it. Ran like a top.
My wife Patty has a 1991 with almost 180,000. I placed a glass of water on the air filter to see
how much vibration the engine was producing without DWG PolyGuard-1™ in it. I then poured in a
bottle of DWG PolyGuard-1™ in and watched in amazement as the engine smoothed out. I also did
this the first time I ever used it in the old '86 and it worked! That test convinced me of the quality of
the product. Being able to say I promote these products because they work is of the utmost
importance to me. I put my name on each one of the bottles I sell (labels)) so it's important that it
does what it claims to do. If it didn't, I couldn't in all conscience promote them. We've all
experienced a claim of a product and later, after buying it, found out it doesn't work. I know this
one does because I've tested it and seen the results. That's why I decided to get into this business.
With DWG International™ all the products do exactly what they say they will.
Yeah ok I am a little passionate about stuff that has integrity. You will too once you've tried them.
Take care and God Bless.
Kevin Kutter, Conroe , Texas
I purchased my 1994 GMC Suburban in the fall of 94. It had 7 miles on the odometer when I took
it off the car dealers lot and with the trip back to my house it now had 12 miles on the truck when I
first washed and polished it without water and when I first added DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil
Treatment to the engine, the transmission, the power-steering, and the differential. Today it's the fall
of 2003 and I am so excited to announce that I now have 249,000 miles on the truck and to look at
it you would think I just had it painted. If you rode in it you would be amazed at how well it starts
and runs. It looks and feels like a new truck. My bank account has not been abused by this trunk
either…it has all the original parts on it today. The engine runs great and the transmission shifts like
it did when it was new. And all I have had to do is add DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment to the
engine when I changed the oil (every 5,000 miles), to the transmission when I changed the oil
(every 60,000 miles), to the differential when I changed the oil (every 100,000 miles), and the
power-steering once. In spite of my wife wanting a new truck, we're going for 500,000 miles.
Another area I use DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment is my brand new Harley-Davidson. I bought
a new Road King Classic in April at which time I had a temperature gauge installed. I watched the
temperature closely as I drove it the few months along the Texas highways. As most people know it
can be hot out on the roads of Texas. My engine temp ran upwards of 250 to 257 degrees. I found
that the engine temperature also ran that hot when I rode in the 4th of July parade too. I put
DWG's PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment in and my temperatures dropped 30 degrees AND it now
takes twice as long for the temperature to even climb to 195 - 207. Every one of my friends who
now use it in their bikes experienced the same benefits. We all agree that our bikes will last longer.
Thanks DWG!
Larry Krohn Hartland, MN
I just wanted to drop you all a note on the DWG PolyGuard-1™ Oil Treatment and the results that I
have been experiencing. I started using it about 5 years ago when we first joined the company. We
have a 1986 Pontiac which we drive back and forth to work. When we first started using the oil
treatment, it cut the oil consumption from 3 quarts every 2000 miles to 1 quart every 2000 miles!! It
now uses a little more oil but still runs like a Swiss watch.
I've never had a wrench on the motor except for the fuel pump, water pump, starter or alternator.
The car now has 350,000 miles on it!! We use it on all our lawn mowers, snow blowers,
motorcycles and anything else we can. This has to be the best oil treatment on the market today!