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Programul Operational Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007


Axa prioritar

3. „Cresterea adaptabilitatii lucratorilor si a intreprinderilor”

Domeniul major de interven
ie 3.1. „Promovarea cultur
ii antreprenoriale”

Proiectul ELAN
Promovarea culturii antreprenoriale: adaptabilitate, dinamism initiativa in industria electronica




Technology Transfer, Innovation and Research Commercialization Process, Intellectual Property

We recognize the vital importance technology transfer and intellectual property professionals play in the res
commercialization process. We search to go behind the scenes to bring you detailed, actionable information, best
practice and advice with a very specific and single
minded goal: to help you find, develop, license, and bring to market
your organizatio
n‟s (or your client‟s) valuable intellectual property.

Useful links:

Enterprise Europe Network

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EIM‟s Knowledge Web
on SMEs



Finance for SMEs

EU's Information Society: Thematic Portal

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Citizens portal

EU law

Presentation of the Enterprise Europe Network

What is a Network Partner

Find your local Enterprise Europe
Network partner

You are looking for a

Commercial or Technology partnership ?

European Commission plans €7 billion boost for research and innovation

The European Commission plans to spend €7 billion on research to kick
start innovation under the aegis of the EU‟s
Seventh Framework Program f
or Research (FP7). By placing EU research funding at the top of the political agenda and
developing a coherent innovation strategy, known as the Innovation Union, (
), the EC expects
to create some 174,000 jobs in the short term a
nd nearly 4
50,000 jobs and €80 billion in GDP growth over 15 years ...
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New enterprise plan at UCL

aims for 500 new companies

University College London is launching a five
year campaign to boost the role of enterprise at the university. The goals
include doubling income from licensing, sponsored research, and other key commercial activities; creating 5
enterprises on

and off
campus; offering courses in entrepreneurship to all students and training to staff; and providing
sabbatical leave for academics involved in ...
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Toledo partners with Spanish firm to speed solar commercialization

Students at the University of Toledo soon will have an edge in internships, partnerships and job opportunities, thanks

solar research. U
Toledo has agreed to increase collaboration with the Spanish photovoltaic (PV) company Isofoton,
which is establishing a manufacturing plant and its North American headquarters in northwest Ohio. The agreement will
provide Isofoton wi
th access to university ...
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Top European investors agree on standard term sheet for star

Reviewing term sheets from investors can be time
consuming and not a little confusing, especially for first
entrepreneurs who may not have seen one before. Now, a group of 21 European early
stage investors have decided,
under the SeedSummit umbr
ella group, to standardize two “reader
friendly” term sheet templates. One is dubbed the
SeedSummit Term Sheet and the other an Enterprise Investment Scheme ...
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Würzburg Hospital technology halts cardiac arrhythmia

Physicians at Germany‟s Würzburg University Hospital have freed a patient from cardiac rhythm disturbances with a
technology that is more precise and less stressful for patient
s than conventional methods to treat cardiac arrhythmia.
Typically, just a few malfunctioning heart cells can create a rapid and irregular heartbeat. Common therapies for the
condition aim to stop the troublemakers in ...
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London University, Oxford Pharmascience partner on drug delivery deal

The University of London‟s School of Pharmacy has inked a deal with Oxford Pharmascience for an opti
on to license and
research an advanced colonic drug delivery technology. The platform technology, developed by Abdul Basit, PhD,



professor of pharmaceutics at the London School of Pharmacy, provides for superior controlled delivery of drugs to the
colon, e
nabling physicians to achieve localized ...
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Leeds researchers discover pain
free method to fill teeth without drilling

The whine of t
he dentist‟s drill soon could be silenced for good, according to researchers at the University of Leeds.
Scientists believe they have found the secret of a “completely painless” filling by identifying a material that repairs
decaying teeth

with no need
for a drill ...
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UK universities urged to boost support for their entrepreneurs

At the recent Higher Education and Enterprise Conference

at the Royal Institution in London, the audience heard one
message loud and clear: Student and academic entrepreneurs need more support from their universities, because the UK
is lagging behind other nations ...
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Oxford intelligent tissue expanders could revolutionize surgery

Oxtexs Limited, the newest spinout from the University of Oxford‟s TTO Isis Innovation Ltd., is developing an in
hydrogel material for tissue expansion that could be used in reconstructive surgery, treatment of congenital disorders,
and restorative dentistry. By controlling the direction, timing, and rate of the material‟s expansion in the body accurately
nd predictably, surgeons can reduce the risk of ...
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Adopt the new startup model: Nail It Then Scale It

Prolific and outstanding blogger

Martin Zwilling summarizes a new model for start
ups in one of his latest postings, which
has been embraced by thought leaders including Steve Blank and lean start
up guru Eric Ries. Called “nail it then scale
it” (NISI), the model is detailed in a new bo
ok by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom: “Nail It then Scale It:

The Entrepreneur‟s Guide to Creating and Managing Breakthrough Innovation.”

Zwilling finds five phases of the process
they outline most compelling ...
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Cambridge Enterprise leverages medical plays worth millions

Cambridge Enterprise, the c
ommercialization arm of Cambridge University, is at the heart of two biomedical initiatives
with a potential payback worth millions. Richard Jennings, interim chief executive, says the Wellcome Trust has invested
£3 million in a program at the university d
esigned to develop novel antibiotics. Similar programs are in the pipeline as
other sponsors put investment into university research projects ...
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ding >>>

Why valuations are getting too high for seed
stage investors

Independent angel investor Chris Yeh writes on that one of the surest signs of a bubble

hearing the phrase, “This time it‟s different.” That phrase

which prompts Yeh “to clap my hand over my wallet and head
for the nearest exit”

is starting to bubble up around seed
stage valuations. Investors are justifying higher valuations with
mments like “social media and ...
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Biotech bounces back with 46% rise in VC commitments

Venture c
apital funding in biotechnology companies jumped 46% in the second quarter as investors looked to replenish
their portfolios after an increase in acquisitions and initial public offerings. VC investing across all sectors rose 19%, to

$7.5 billion in 966 de
als, compared with $6.3 billion and 814 deals in the first quarter of 2011, according to the report by
the National Venture Capital Association ...
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Setting minimum royalties more art than science

A changing economy
technological advances are making complicated calculations of minimum royalty payments much
more feasible for those TTOs that choose to use them.

But minimums, despite the changing climate around them, still
serve two basic purposes

to prod a licensee into a sharper focus on getting a product to market and securing market
share and to fund the TTO‟s operations before the product really starts th
rowing off cash ...
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NSF launches „I
Corps,‟ a national incubator for university research

Silicon Valley seria
l entrepreneur
educator Steve Blank writes in The Atlantic that the National Science
Foundation is changing the start
up landscape for scientists and engineers with the creation of the Innovation Corps (I

a program designed to take the mos
t promising research projects at U.S. university laboratories and turn them
into start
ups. I
Corps will train researchers “with a process that ...
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eading >>>

U Rochester takes equity stake in outside start

is it a COI issue?

Commercial ideas generated at universities are kind of like undergraduates. The university cradles them while they‟re on
campus, but at some point they‟ve got to venture
beyond its grounds. But with so much pressure on universities to be
“economic engines” in their states and regions

to churn out job

and wealth
creating businesses that show returns for
the area and the university

some ...
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Simplify, standardize, and set expectations for Series A term sheets

Many angel groups are beginning to post a standard term sheet on their websites to let the en
trepreneurial community
know in advance what to expect. “When angel groups and entrepreneurs are far apart to begin with, it‟s hard to get to
middle ground,” says Bill Payne, a member of Frontier Angel Fund and Vegas Valley Angels. “If you can agree on the

kind of deal it is

for example, preferred stock, not ...
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South Dakota State, Boehringe
r Ingelheim team up against E. coli strain

South Dakota State University (SDSU) is partnering with animal health firm Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. to
develop a technology to protect pigs against a deadly form of E. coli. SDSU filed a patent applica
tion before publishing its
research findings on the technology, developed by Weiping Zhang, PhD, assistant professor, and David Francis, PhD,
professor, in SDSU‟s veterinary and biomedical ...
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Western Kentucky U develops software to improve explosives detection

A software product developed by a mathematics professor at Western Kentucky Unive
rsity and a technology company in
Bowling Green “has the potential to be a very important breakthrough in security screening and explosives detection,”
according to Gordon Baylis, DVM, WKU‟s vice president for research. Peaklet Analysis is using a patent
mathematics algorithm developed by Bruce ...
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UT Southwestern device to monitor de
generative eye disease

An ophthalmologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has helped to create a device that allows
patients with degenerative eye disease to better track vision changes using a simple iPhone app. Using the handheld
igital device, called myVisionTrack, patients can perform an accurate self
test in less than 90 seconds, according to Yu
Guang He, MD, associate professor of ophthalmology ...
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Hopkins TTO to make „house calls‟ to biotech companies

The “mountain” will be coming to “Mohammed” in Montgomery County, MD, when Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
launches its “
Deals on Wheels” program in the fall. At least once a month, members of the Baltimore
based TTO team
will be making personal visits to biotech firms in the area.

“Montgomery County is where a large concentration of our biotech industry in Maryland is for a

lot of reasons

not the
least of which is access to many federal ...
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What to look for in a social media intern

Social media is typic
ally no single TTO staffer‟s full
time job, and may get less attention than it deserves as a result. If
that‟s the case in your office, you might consider establishing a social media internship, perhaps in conjunction with the
university‟s business school
or communications school. But before you start, heed these tips from Alex Lemonde
assistant editor at
Home Accents Today

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e paper offers tips on measuring ROI of web content management

Siteworx, Inc., an interactive agency and web content management consultancy, has published a white paper entitled:
“ROI for Web Content Management: Assessing the Business Impact of WCM Investm
ents.” It examines the ways WCM
systems can significantly improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and deliver superior financial returns over
digital engagement software alternatives. It covers the following areas ...
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Consider this cautionary tale about U
MN‟s biotech incubator

During the past six years, University Enterprise Laboratories Inc. (UEL) has portrayed itself as a biotech

incubator helping
the University of Minnesota‟s tech transfer efforts. But, for the most part, the university has been propping up what is a
textbook case of how not to start an incubator, according to critics. UEL picked too much space in the wrong kind
building. It carried large debt from inception ...
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Google acquires Carnegie Mellon facial recognition start

Google has acquired a

old company launched out of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University that
develops facial
recognition technology for images and video. Three “image analysis” and “pattern recognition” specialists
who earned PhDs from Carnegie Mellon

run the company, Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, or PittPatt. Terms of the deal
were not disclosed ...
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SIUC licenses process that conv
erts CO2 into methanol

A licensing agreement inked by Southern Illinois University Carbondale will move a method of converting carbon dioxide
into methanol to the next level. The agreement grants BioDyne Inc., a Texas
based company, rights to use a patente
process developed by Bakul Dave, PhD, associate professor in SIUC‟s department of chemistry and biochemistry. Dave
discovered a way to manufacture sponge
like glass called solgels ...
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Coulter „process‟ uses industry discipline as fuel for boosting research commercialization

Since 2005, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation has been working with 10 universities in five
year Coulter Translati
Research Partnerships in Biomedical Engineering. Through these partnerships, the foundation has developed, refined,
and taught researchers and TTOs its disciplined approach to translating university innovation ...
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Battelle research creates greener diapers

Anyone who‟s had a baby knows how fast diapers can pile up. Scientists at Battelle Memorial Institute have developed a
chemistry t
o make diapers and other absorbent products friendlier to the environment with the aim of making them cost
competitive. The next step is to commercialize the new, green innovation, which uses soybean meal to replace a third of
the petroleum products curren
tly found in such items ...
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Weill Cornell researchers develop fluorescence tool to study cellular RNA

The ability to tag proteins with
a green fluorescent light to watch their behavior inside cells revolutionized the
understanding of protein biology, earning the scientific teams who developed the technique Nobel Prizes in 2008. Now,
researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have develo
ped a similar fluorescent tool that can track the workings of
various forms of cellular RNA. In
, the ...
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Comings and goings

ert Silva Jr., MBA, has been named director of the TTO at Ohio University, where he works with faculty and staff to
identify inventions and technologies that have market potential, manages the university‟s patent portfolio, and develops
licensing agreement
s with companies to commercialize university innovations. He was named interim director of the
office in January. Previously, Silva spent 10 years ...
e reading >>>

„Breakfast Club‟ gets technologies in front of VCs, entrepreneurs

It may sound like a relatively modest undertaking, but when it comes to marketing technology the Emory University Office
of Technology Transfer‟s semiannual Breakfast Club is

“probably the most effective thing we do,” according to Todd
Sherer, PhD, associate vice president for research and director of technology transfer ...
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Marketing on the latest social media option: Google+

Writing on his blog PR
Squared, social media marketing guru Todd Defren notes that there are 19 social networks that
are bigger than
Google+, which has not yet generated a huge flow of online traffic. However, he says, “something tells
me that this is The One…. There has been enough positive traction for Larry Page & Co. to lay down their markers ...
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Here‟s how to develop a realistic social media marketing budget

To develop a realistic social media marketing budget, marketers must take a broad loo
k at what‟s truly involved and
where the resources reside, says Heidi Cohen, president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, an interactive marketing
consultancy. “Therefore, examine your social media as part of a larger corporate plan,” she advises. “An inte
approach is useful because other people‟s budgets are needed.” In this first of two installments, Cohen begins to explain
how social media expenses break out across several budget categories ...
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10 Tips for better startup marketing

“Many aspiring entrepreneurs foolishly believe that all they need to do is sign up for a Twitter account, blo
g about special
offers, and hand out a flashy looking brochure, whereupon leads will come pouring in; this couldn‟t be further from the
truth,” says serial entrepreneur Scott Gerber. “In order for your business to avoid getting lost among the glut of conte
already clogging direct marketing channels, your promotions and tactics must be highly creative, contain a quality
message and fit the audience ...
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Think before you cut marketing

Yes, budgets are tight today, but that doesn‟t mean you have to cut out marketing activities, says Myriam Bouchard, a
certified business advisor for the Mid
Hudson Small Business Development Center. “D
on‟t let marketing be the sacrificial
lamb, or your business will suffer,” she warns. If you absolutely need to cut part of your marketing budget, make sure you
have an alternative strategy to implement, she ...
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Insurance for IP assets can mitigate risks associated with innovation

The expense and labor invested in the development and subsequent protection of valuable IP usually is signi
ficant. Given
the high cost of protecting IP assets, what can be done when outside factors, such as a party‟s ability to pay or
geographical location, create unfair advantages over competitors? As many smaller innovators will attest, there is a real
fear o
f losing IP ownership when they lack the resources ...
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CTO to university licensors: Can we do better?

Entrepreneurship built the United

States, Marcie Black, chief technology officer of Bandgap Engineering, Inc., writes on
. Small businesses create 64% of new jobs, hire 4
0% of tech workers, and produce 13 times
more patents per employee than large businesses. Moreover, every large business began as a small one, and many
small businesses spun out of universities or ...
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UMDNJ researchers develop blood test for Alzheimer‟s

The detection of Alzheimer‟s disease soon could be a matter of a simple

and pre

blood test, according
to the work of Bo
b Nagele, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
School of Osteopathic Medicine. The test isolates 10 autoantibodies produced by the body to combat the
disease. It‟s 95% accurate, returns results in 24
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Don‟t let investor negotiations kill your start

Martin Zwilling writes on Startup Professionals Musings that every entrepreneur
seeking funding loves the challenge of
getting customers and investors excited but dreads the thought of negotiating the terms of a deal. In reality, a financing
negotiation is not a single
round winner
all game, since a “good” deal requires that both

parties walk away satisfied



with a win
win relationship. Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, in their new book Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your
Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, write that effective negotiators need to quickly ...
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Columbia researcher engineers handheld lab
chip that could streamline blood testing

Samuel K. Sia, PhD, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Columb
ia University, has developed an integrated
based diagnostic device

in effect, a lab

that can perform complex laboratory assays with such
simplicity that the tests can be performed in the most remote regions of the world. In a p
aper published in
, Sia presents the first published field ...
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Oregon State pigment discovery expands into new colors

Chemists at Oregon State University have discovered that the same crystal structure they identified two years ago to
create what may be the world‟s best blue p
igment also can be used with different elements to create other colors. The
finding has significant potential in the paint and pigment industries, where the ability to tweak the same chemical structure

in slightly different ways may create a ...
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Computer science
driven incubator uses PROBEs to churn out new enterprises

You would think a college professor would be jubilant to see her stude
nts regularly scooped up by companies like Google
and Microsoft even before they graduate, but Lenore Blum, a well
known professor of computer science at Carnegie
Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, PA, found something troubling in this dynamic. “Our st
udents were fueling the
tech economy across the planet without having the ...
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Michigan urine test may identify prostate cancer r
isk earlier

A new urine test can help aid early detection of and treatment decisions about prostate cancer, according to a study from
the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology. The test
ements an elevated prostate specific antigen, or PSA, screening result and could help some men delay or avoid a
needle biopsy while identifying men at highest risk for clinically significant prostate cancer ...
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Minnesota researchers may have food safety answer

University of Minnesota researchers may have the Holy Grail for the food industry: a natural option to keep food safe. U
ta researchers have discovered and received a patent for a naturally occurring “lantibiotic” that could be added to
food to kill harmful bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. In short, the natural preservative would keep food safe
longer ...
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Reworked website at Georgia Tech provides more navigable „roadmaps‟ for industry

A revamped website for Georgia Tech‟s technology commer
cialization services has made it much easier for key
audiences to find what they‟re looking for and to quickly and easily get there, says Karen Hiser, senior technology transfer
consultant at Fuentek, LLC, who worked closely with the Georgia Tech in rework
ing the site. The website is supported by
the Office of Technology Licensing, Enterprise Innovation Institute, and Industry Contracting Office at the university ...
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Wellspring partners with VIVO to launch “Researcher Profiles”

Wellspring Worldwide and VIVO, an NIH
funded research
discovery platform, have jointly launched
Flintbox Researcher
Profiles, designed to provide a more “holistic” presentation of a university‟s capabilities, portfolios, and expertise.
Researcher Profiles automatically connect inventions developed by faculty with their publications and sponsored rese
projects, creating full faculty profiles on and participating universities‟ web pages ...
ontinue reading >>>

Here‟s how to develop a realistic social media marketing budget, Part 2

Last week, in the first of two installments on developing a realistic social media marketing budget, Heidi Cohen, president
of Riverside Marketing Strategies, an
interactive marketing consultancy, addressed key issues such as head count and
content development. In part two, here are Cohen‟s additional recommendations for breaking out social media expenses
break across several budget categories ...
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Social media: Marketing tool or legal nightmare?

While social media is an effective means of marketing

products and services, inviting users to comment upon your
products or letting employees blog freely may lead to problems, warns Kate Smith, a solicitor in the UK. “If you have a
problem with a service or product line, it will be virtually impossible to k
eep this confidential once it has been mentioned
online,” she notes. “Brands can be damaged by bad publicity, and you need to ensure that your employees know what
they cannot say about competitors.” ...
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How to get exposure and build web traffic with LinkedIn Today

“Sharing a link [on LinkedIn] with individuals or with groups is easy; hitting the LinkedIn Today main page
or category
pages is much harder and requires more than great content,” says Jeff Haden, who has written more than 30 books
including several on business and investing. To generate exposure and traffic through LinkedIn Today, he says, you‟ll
need to ...
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Fed Circuit Court of Appeals renders broadly written software patents invalid

Writing on the law blog
, University of Missouri law professor Dennis Crouch examines an important ruling by
the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in
CyberSource Corp. v. Retail Decisions, Inc.

Fed. Cir. 2011
). In essence,
the court rendered many broadly written software patents invalid under 35 U.S.C. § 101 as interpreted by
Bilski v.
, 130 S. Ct. 3218 (2010). Most patent decisions ...
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„Research and development‟ in business plans a red flag for investors

Martin Zwilling writes on
Startup Professionals Musings

that business plans should not sta
te that a new company‟s first
goal is to conduct R&D. Investors look to make money on commercial products

not to sink costs into R&D. Use more
precise language to optimize your funding considerations, and map the investment opportunities along the conti
Zwilling suggests. Here are six stages normally associated with R&D and the boundaries and project
specific activities
interwoven therein ...
continue r
eading >>>

Harvard accelerator fund looks to major expansion

Gregory Huang writes in Xconomy Boston that the Harvard University Office of Technology Development‟s “Accelerator
Fund” has been chugging along for four years and has achieved some notable res
ults. As of July 2011, the $10 million
fund has awarded $5.2 million in grants, which have supported more than 30 projects over five annual cycles. It‟s still
early to add up the returns on this investment, but ...
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AUTM reveals first peek at FY2010 licensing activity survey

AUTM has released highlights from its comprehensive
AUTM Licensing Activity Survey Summary: FY2010
, which will be
blished later this fall. The U.S. highlights reveal that, despite continuing difficult economic conditions, university and
research institute licensing and start
up activity remained strong. The number of start
ups formed increased 10.6% over
the previous
year, and the number of ...
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AUTM website to facilitate academic, industry partnerships

Separately, AUTM revealed plans to launch the AU
TM Global Technology Portal, a website that aims to facilitate
networking, partnering, and licensing deals among corporations and universities. “The Global Technology Portal will be a
stop shop for corporations to find university technologies available

for licensing,” says Laura Schoppe, AUTM vice
president for strategic alliances, helping to facilitate “license ...
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Minnesota TTO tu
rns to colleagues to conduct peer review

Six years ago, University of Minnesota officials made a big push to improve operations at the school‟s TTO. Has the
turnaround effort been a success? Officials at Stanford, Columbia University, and the Wisconsin Alu
mni Research
Foundation offer a qualified “yes.” The officials, who work in the TTOs at the three universities, compiled a review of UM‟s
operation after visiting the school for two ...
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UCL inks exclusive license with Periowave Dental Technologies

UCL Business PLC, the tech transfer company for University College London (UCL), has signed an exclusive license with
Periowave Dental Technolo
gies, Inc., of Toronto, Ontario, for a technology to disinfect and sterilize tissues, wounds, and
lesions in the oral cavity. Periowave Dental Technologies is developing and commercializing antimicrobial photodynamic
therapies for the treatment of a broad
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U inks exclusive license covering IP development in oil and gas industry

Temple University has signed an exclusive licensing

agreement with STWA, Inc., of Santa Barbara, CA, which creates
technology focused on improving energy efficiency and fuel economy for diesel fleets. The agreement grants the
company exclusive rights and co
ownership of future IP through co
development. Te
mple and STWA previously
collaborated on applied oil technology for crude oil viscosity ...
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Comings and goings

David L. Miller
, former vice chancellor for research and technology commercialization at Texas Tech
University, has been named chief operating officer of ClearTalk Wireless, a Lubbock, TX
based firm that provides flat
wireless phone services. Meanwhile, vice chancel
Jodey D. Arrington
, chief of staff for Texas Tech chancellor Kent
Hance, will assume the role of vice chancellor in charge ...
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ington University opens „bench
bedside‟ center

Washington University School of Medicine has opened a new center devoted to turning innovations developed in the
laboratory into improved treatments at the patient‟s bedside.

The Biologic Therapeutics Cente
r will foster translational
medicine to support a quicker transition of knowledge from the lab to the clinic ...
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BIO tradeshow preparat
ion reveals Uniquest‟s holistic approach to IP marketing

When walking through the halls of a major industry exposition, attendees see the flashy booth displays and the people
behind them, but most have little understanding of the preparation that goes into

such an undertaking. In fact, notes Craig
Belcher, PhD, MBA, GAICD, manager of business development
technology commercialization for UniQuest Pty Limited
in Brisbane, Australia, it would likely be ...
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How to increase your start
up‟s media coverage

Facebook and Twitter may be helpful in getting the word out about your new business, but there are many more ways to
garner media attention, a
ccording to the experts. Here are a few strategies they recommend:

Capitalize on other low
social media tools: While you might equate social media with Facebook and Twitter, there are plenty of other options to
attract the ...
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Royalty rates in biopharma licensing deals revealed

The just
released 7th Edition of Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology features more real
royalty rates,
license fees, and milestone payment benchmarks than any other publication. It contains hundreds of royalty rates and
other financial compensation benchmarks that can be used to optimize the pricing of biotechnology and pharmaceutical
ions. The new edition includes updated and expanded information from past editions as well as a 20% increase in
reported license agreements. The new edition‟s transaction details have been assembled and analyzed by world authority
Russell Parr, CFA, ASA. I
n addition, this unique reference features a thorough overview of intellectual property valuation
and detailed explanations and examples of seven valuation methods: Simple Rules of Thumb, Industry Guidelines,
Pricing Differential Analysis, Discounted Cash
Flow Analysis, Risk
Adjusted Net Present Value Analysis, and the Relief
Royalty Method. For complete details, including the entire table of contents and sample pages,
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Fuentek offers free guide to creating inventor podcasts

“When giving prospects expert information about a technology available for licensing, there‟s nothing like getting the facts
straight from the horse‟s mouth. Or, in our
case, the inventor‟s mouth,” says technology management consulting firm
Fuentek, LLC. “One great way to use inventors effectively in technology marketing is to have them record podcasts about
their technologies.” However, a ...
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InnovaGeek links innovators with industry over web, iPhone

A service called InnovaGeek is designed to provide innovators with “a free tool to present your know

and technology
worldwide” to industrial and technological companies. The new web
based service

also designed as an iPhone app

“connects the key players in innovation from research labs, industrial and technological companies. This also includes
ents and consulting groups that ...
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Boston entrepreneurs talk back to VCs and angels

Entrepreneurs are usually on the receiving end of
advice about how to pursue investors. Scott Kirsner, a columnist for the
Boston Globe, decided to gather feedback from Boston
area entrepreneurs intended for Boston
area investors

much of what they had to say applies to start
up investors anywher

“Everyone I asked has been successful in raising
money from angels or venture capital firms, so there‟s no hostility here from entrepreneurs who were unable to find
backing,” he writes. “I granted everyone anonymity, since few entrepreneurs want to burn

any bridges with VC firms or
angel groups. Here‟s some of their constructive criticism for investors ...
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Investors warn tech start
: „Winter is coming‟

As the stock market hits new heights of volatility, tremors are spreading through the tech industry‟s start
up community.
The question has popped up in blogs, tweets, and happy
hour chatter: Is 2011 about to turn into 2008? Is all the

angel investors fighting for a sliver of hot deals, venture capital gushing forth at soaring valuations, and lots
of M&A action

about to freeze up? As
Lean Startup

author Eric Ries puts it, “Winter is coming. Entrepreneurs should be
repared.” ...
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Consider this alternative model for start
up incubation

Ben Yoskovitz, founding partner at Year One Labs, an early
stage a
ccelerator in Montreal, writes on the Instigator Blog
that most accelerator programs take approximately 5% to 12% in equity for a fairly standard amount of money and time.
Year One Labs is a bit different: more money and more time = more equity taken. “Our

belief being that early
stage start
ups need more time to bake,” he says. “But even Year One Labs only ...
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Madison researchers usin
g human gait to power portable electronics

If the vision of University of Wisconsin
Madison researchers Tom Krupenkin, PhD, and J. Ashley Taylor, PhD, comes to
fruition, one day soon your cell phone

or just about any other portable electronic device

could be powered by simply
taking a walk. In a paper published in Nature Communications, Krupenkin and Taylor describe an energy
technology that promises to dramatically reduce ...
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Take quick action when licensees don‟t meet obligations

Effectively dealing with licensees who don‟t live up to their bargain is a lot like handling a wayward teenager who refuses
to do chores or com
e home by curfew. Hoping the problem will go away just doesn‟t work, and coming down too hard can
also backfire. But taking immediate action to correct the behavior is a must

along with a clear explanation of
consequences of noncompliance, up to and inc
luding legal action and yanking the license ...
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Michigan Venture Accelerator lands three more start

The University of Michigan‟s Venture Accelerator, a start
up incubator launched in January, is home to three new
companies. The accelerator now houses eight start
ups, placing the incubat
or six to 12 months ahead of schedule to fill
the space, according to Jim O‟Connell, the director of UM‟s Tech Transfer Venture Center ...
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Royalty rates in biopharma licensing deals revealed

The just
released 7th Edition of
Royalty Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

features more real
deal royalty rates,
license fees, and milestone payment benchmarks than any other publication. It
contains hundreds of royalty rates and
other financial compensation benchmarks that can be used to optimize the pricing of biotechnology and pharmaceutical
innovations. The new edition includes updated and expanded information from past editions as well as

a 20% increase in
reported license agreements. The new edition‟s transaction details have been assembled and analyzed by world authority
Russell Parr, CFA, ASA. In addition, this unique reference features a thorough overview of intellectual property valua
and detailed explanations and examples of seven valuation methods: Simple Rules of Thumb, Industry Guidelines,
Pricing Differential Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Risk
Adjusted Net Present Value Analysis, and the Relief
Royalty Method.
For complete details, including the entire table of contents and sample pages,
click here >>>

Universities, Lockheed Martin partner on small business, acade
mic research

Lockheed Martin is partnering with three Alabama universities

Auburn, Tuskegee, and the University of Alabama in

to establish a program in Huntsville that will support small businesses and universities participating in federal

technology programs. The Lockheed Martin Innovation Marketplace will support private

and academic
technologists who participate in the Department of Defense‟s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Technology
Transfer (STTR), and Mentor Proteg
e programs ...
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ASU takes lead in program to commercialize solar energy

Arizona State University will lead a new national Engineering Re
search Center (ERC) supported jointly by the National
Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Energy (DOE) focused on harnessing solar power in economically viable
and sustainable ways. The ERC for Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies



will be led by
faculty from ASU‟s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering ...
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Getting a patent may be detrimental to a start
s long
term success

Mike Masnick, founder and CEO of Floor64, writes on the blog Techdirt that a standard refrain of start
ups in Silicon
Valley is some form of “I hate patents and think they‟re anti
innovation… but I still have to register a bunch, just f
defensive purposes” or “just to show investors I‟m serious.” In fact, such patents can actually harm the very company that
got them, Masnick maintains. One way is ...
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Comings and goings

Renuka Babu
, MBA, has joined the Office of Technology Development at Boston University as director of new ventures.
Babu will be responsible for helping to start companies developed from BU technology.
Most recently, Babu acted as the
head of finance and business development at Medicine In Need, a start
up biotechnology company funded by the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation that‟s focused on using ...
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Motorola: Has the patent bubble burst?

The bubble in mobile phone technology patent values may have popped earlier this month when Google Inc. agreed to a
$12.5 billion deal to buy

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc

scooping up a trove of 17,000 phone
related patents to give
itself some ground to defend its Android operating system. The deal is just the latest in a string of high
profile patent sales
that have put a spotlight on the
value of IP in the ultracompetitive smartphone market ...
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Video marketing offers a number of options

Video has marketing value for two
main reasons, says Jason Cormier, founder of Room 214, a social media agency. One
is social: “The power of sharing is a metric that is quickly trumping clicks,” he notes. “YouTube clued many into this in
May when they began a cost per view advertising mode
l, as opposed to a cost per click.”

The other, he continues, is
search engine visibility. “Forrester research has pointed to the fact that web pages with video stand a 50% better chance
than text pages alone of showing up on the first page of Google search

results,” Cormier shares. He adds that this value
can be created in a number of different ways. The following are eight types of video Cormier says you should consider for
marketing ...
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CSU, manufacturing group form partnership

A number of universities are seeking closer relationships with economic development entities, but Colorado State
University has gone farther than many by actively

participating in the economic development process; it has formally
established and Office of Community and Economic Development, and recently established a partnership with the
Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT). CAMT is a statew
ide manufacturing assistance center,
and the new partnership is intended to create a variety of opportunities for the advancement of CSU‟s IP and related
resources ...
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Here‟s how to identify the right keywords

“The key to successful SEO is concentrating on long
tail keywords,” says Sarah Goliger of HubSpot. Although these
keywords get less traffic than more generic terms, she notes, they
are associated with more qualified traffic and users
that are most likely further down their path of intent. “The good news is that choosing the right long
tail keywords for your
website pages is actually a fairly simple process,” says Goliger ...
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„Blue Paper‟ addresses content curation

A “Blue Paper™” and podcast from promotional products retailer 4imprint takes a look at how businesses
and marketers
can harness the power of content to build relationships and offer value to target audiences. “Content marketing is an
increasingly popular marketing strategy, but it can be pretty time intensive

many of us struggle with how to get it all
one and done well,” says Greg Ebel, vice president of sales and marketing for 4imprint. “We‟ve compiled some great
tips and ideas from the experts in this Blue Paper in hopes of providing a solution.” ...
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Obama Administration tightens rules on financial conflicts of interest

The Obama Administration has unveiled final rules governing financial conflicts of interest in federally sponsored
research, saying it hopes to boost public confidence after years of scandals tied to corporate influence. The rule changes,
the first in 16 years, bring new standards for universities to evaluate financial ties between their researchers and
es, for researchers to disclose such ties, and for the public and government agencies to understand them ...
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Service launched to outsou
rce scientific experiments

Outsourcing of university science experiments is now possible through an online exchange that connects researchers
short of resources at one institution with laboratories elsewhere with capacity to spare. The service, Science Exc
launched by a start
up in Palo Alto, CA, boasts Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins universities as users.
Scientists post details of an experiment they ...
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VCs: Consider five pointers when investing in university inventions

Here are some terrific insights from Helge Seetzen, a Montreal
based serial entrepreneur and technology
commercialization specialist. Writing on
The T
ech Entrepreneurship Blog
, Seetzen suggests the following tips for VCs
and investors when negotiating deals with universities:

Understand the organization. University tech transfer officers are
neither entrepreneurs nor lawyers

the two common contacts f
or a traditional venture ...
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Wayne State leveraging federal work
study program to aid start

To effectively support start
ups in a t
roubled economic environment, sometimes you‟ve got to get creative

and Wayne
State University has adopted a strategy that other schools could use to bring more manpower to the table without
spending a dime. The university is taking advantage of the fede
ral work
study program, a mainstay on most college
campuses, to provide cash
strapped fledgling firms with help they otherwise could not afford ...
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eading >>>

Heed this advice when picking, compensating strategic partners

Inventor Mentor Jack Lander writes that, when bringing an invention idea to fruition, it‟s all about the partner you select.
There are tangible, financial benefits to finding partn
ers who offer services vital to your new company‟s survival. These
services may come from a designer, prototype developer, patent lawyer, or manufacturer. In other words, they bring to
the table more than the deep pockets of a venture capitalist or angel i
nvestor ...
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Akron, Timken to accelerate commercialization of specialized research

The University of Akron and The Timken Company have

inked an open
innovation agreement to accelerate technology
development. The organizations plan to combine their expertise in materials and surface engineering at newly
established laboratories in the UA College of Engineering. Timken will fund and equip
the Timken Engineered Surfaces
Laboratory, one of five labs to be housed in an ...
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Petition filed for rehearing in AMP v. USPTO

y Kevin E. Noonan, PhD, a partner at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, writes on the law blog

that counsel for plaintiffs/appellees in
Association for Molecular Pathology v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

(who may be simply Dr. Harry
Ostrer, the only plaintiff with standing in the case after the panel decision) has filed a
petition for panel rehearing

before the Federal Circuit. As ground
s for rehearing, plaintiffs list two points of law and fact
they allege were overlooked or misapprehended by the court ...
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Fox Chase Ca
ncer Center, Oncobiologics co
develop cancer therapy platform

Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and Oncobiologics, Inc., of Cranbury, NJ, have signed an agreement to co
develop a next
generation bi
specific antibody cancer platform with enhanced ther
apeutic capabilities against solid
tumors. The jointly engineered platform is designed to address multiple targets, representing a pipeline of promising
cancer treatments. The research program is already ...
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Texas to establish $10M commercialization fund

University of Texas System regents are expected to establish a $10 million fund to help commercialize new technologies
developed at sy
stem campuses. The proposal to create the UT Horizon Fund is, in part, a response to Gov. Rick Perry‟s
suggestions that universities can do more to spawn new technologies and jobs. Perry has said that UT
Austin could help
the city become the next Silicon V
alley ...
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Utah‟s technology commercialization data shows steady momentum

Data released by the University of Utah indicate continued p
rogress in technology commercialization, with 23 companies
formed between July 2010 and July 2011

keeping the school at the very top of U.S. universities in terms of start




The number of start
ups launched during fiscal year 2011 ties U
h‟s record over a one
year period ...
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Southampton researchers develop nanostructured glass for imaging and recording

Researchers at t
he University of Southampton, U.K., have developed nanostructured glass, turning it into new type of
computer memory with applications in optical manipulation and of medical imaging. In a paper published in
Physics Letters
, Peter Kazansky, PhD, pro
fessor in the university‟s Optoelectronics Research Centre, and colleagues
describe how they used ...
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Pitt undergrad invents electric b

With a dream of revolutionizing personal urban transportation, a University of Pittsburgh undergraduate is in the running
to be Entrepreneur magazine‟s “College Entrepreneur of the Year.” Micah Toll, a senior mechanical engineering major in
the Univ
ersity of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, is one of five finalists in the contest. The mission of Toll‟s
company, Pulse Motors, is to build completely ...
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long Austin event spotlights tech start


or even two
day events focused on start
ups are not all that unusual, but the city of Austin, TX, is taking things a
step farther with the launch of “Austin Start
up Week,”

which will have five days of new product demos, entrepreneurs
pitching their businesses, and a „startup crawl,‟ where more than a dozen companies will be serving up drinks and tours
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15 ways to improve your landing page effectiveness

Bad design, uninspiring text and slow load times are just a few of the challenges presented by landing pages, says John
Haydon, founder of Inbound Zombie
. He offers a wide range of tips to make sure your landing pages attract rather than
deflect potential business ...
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Benchmark your TTO‟
s operations against peer offices

Global Higher Education Technology Transfer Office Benchmarks

is a unique new resource that provides
meaningful comparison data dealing with the day
day operations of TTOs, allowing you to see how you stack up
against o
ther TTOs and use the data to point you to areas for improvement. This 230
page report includes commentary
and analysis based on extensive surveying of university tech transfer offices in the USA, UK, and Europe, with nearly 500
tables detailing the result
s. In addition, to help your TTO make apples
apples comparisons, the data is broken out by
geographic region, type of institution, enrollment, technology transfer office size, and industry area that generates the
most revenue for the office. For complet
e details, including excerpts and a full table of contents,

Digital media can make your IP come to life

Whether in the form of a webcast, podcas
t, or YouTube video, digital media offers exceptional vehicles for marketing
individual technologies, says Karen Hiser, a senior consultant with Fuentek, LLC. The trick, she says, is determining
which approach

or combination of approaches

best suits
a given invention ...
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Here‟s how to improve your Twitter marketing

“Perhaps now more than ever, it‟s time for you to use Twitter to bui
ld your audience and promote your business,” says
Rene LeMerle, marketing manager with, a global search engine marketing company. “The Twitter buzz has
eased a bit with all the talk of Google + and Facebook, so those who are still using Twitt
er (and there‟s millions of them)
are a more captive audience.” LeMerle offers these seven tips for using Twitter more effectively to market your IP or start
up ...
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These „mind
bending‟ factoids can help you sell social media strategy

“Many of us know that social media marketing is an important part of a solid inbound marketing strategy. However,
sometimes we need some backup when speakin
g with others who might still be struggling to understand how social
media fits into the overall marketing mix,” says Kipp Bodnar, a marketing staffer for HubSpot ...
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An insider‟s view on Case Western‟s venture capital fund

Joseph Jankowski, associate vice president at Case Western Reserve University, tells
The Guardian

what the university‟s
venture capital fund has achieved and how other

universities can follow its lead. The fund, established in 2002, was
designed to move preliminary but exciting advances to a stage where they could attract follow
on private capital and/or
industrial support and to provide faculty with a ...
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Case Western Reserve, NeoProteomics conclude software licensing deal

In a prime example of the type of technologies aided by its venture capital fun
d (see related item, above), Case Western
Reserve University has licensed four software programs designed to improve the understanding of biology at a complex
molecular level to NeoProteomics Inc., a developer and distributor of bioinformatics software pro
ducts. The Cleveland
based company, which was spun out of Case ...
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Should you use an investor‟s lawyer to review a VC investment?

ng on
Venture Beat
, Scott Edward Walker, founder and CEO of Walker Corporate Law Group, PLLC, responds to a
question from a Palo Alto, CA, start
up that just received a Series A term sheet for a $725,000 investment. “The investor



is insisting we use his la
wyer at a big Valley firm to represent us,” the firm writes. “He said he doesn‟t need a lawyer, and
this will save us a lot of money ...
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UConn scientist develops sterile variety of invasive plant

The laboratory headed by Yi Li, PhD, professor at the University of Connecticut‟s College of Agriculture and Natural
Resources, has developed a seedless variety of the popular ornamental shrub
onymus alatus
, also called “burning
bush,” that retains the plant‟s brilliant foliage while eliminating its ability to spread and invade natural habitats. “The
availability of a triploid seedless, non
invasive variety of ...
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INL develops streamlined due diligence process for screening potential licensees

In a guest column featured in the August issue of
Technology Transfer Tactics
, licens
ing staff from Idaho National
Laboratory write: The adage “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince” is all too often a metaphor for
business collaborations and partnerships. In real life it is not as simple as a kiss to discover whether

or not you are dating
a prince. And most have heard stories about ...
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UIUC researchers develop electronic „tattoos‟ for noninvasive mo

University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign (UIUC) researchers have developed stretchable, ultrathin electronics that cling
to skin like a temporary tattoo and can measure electrical activity from the body. The electronic tattoos could allow
s to diagnose
monitor conditions like heart arrhythmia or sleep disorders noninvasively ...
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OHSU, Gentel ink license for viral anti

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) has signed a licensing agreement granting Gentel Biosciences, of Madison,
WI, the use of viral antigens in its Colony Surveillance Assays (CSA). The license covers worldwide commercial use of
the antigens, whi
ch were developed at the molecular virology core at OHSU‟s Oregon National Primate Research Center
in Beaverton, OR. Terms were not disclosed ...
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ding >>>

Tiny oxygen generators boost effectiveness of anticancer treatment

Researchers at Purdue University have created and tested miniature devices that are implanted in tumors to generate
oxygen, boosting the killing power of radiation and chemothera
py. The technology is designed to treat solid tumors that
are hypoxic at the center, meaning the core contains low oxygen levels. “Radiation therapy needs oxygen to be effective,”
explains Babak Ziaie, professor of electrical ...
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Gates Foundation issues RFPs for global health, agriculture projects

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is accepting proposals for Round 8 of its Grand Challeng
es Explorations, a $100
million grant initiative to encourage innovation in global health and development research. The initiative offers scientists,

inventors, and entrepreneurs from around the world the opportunity to win $100,000 grants to pursue unconv
ideas that could transform health and agricultural ...
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Use the right tools to measure results of social media marketing

Ron Jo
nes, CEO of Symetri Internet Marketing, says that measuring social media marketing isn‟t as easy as other
marketing channels, but it can be done with the right tools and mindset. “As you consider your social media monitoring
strategy, it will help to group

your efforts into a progression where awareness and exposure lead to desired action from
your target audience,” says Jones. “As you do so, it will ...
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Avoid these „deadly‟ Twitter mistakes

Twitter newbies all make deadly mistakes that can make their company look bad, says Jennifer Null, marketing director at
Vergent Commmunications, a business Internet and digital phone service provider.

She enumerates the mistakes, and
what you can do to avoid them ...
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SUNY Foundation listened to stakeholders to launch new web portal

ccording to Heather Hage, when creating a new web resource for commercialization the three most important words are
“listen, listen, listen.” Hage, director of the Commercialization Practice Group for The Research Foundation of State
University of New York

(RF), says she has been doing just that in putting together a newly launched resource designed to
help SUNY campuses partner with business and industry ...
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Improve your landing page results

In last week‟s issue of
, we included recommendations from John Haydon, founder of Inbound Zombie, on how to
improve the results on your landing pages. Here are some additional tips ...
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Tell your success stories to help the public understand patents

“We need to help the public understand the value of patents,” asserts Laura Sch
oppe, the founder and President of
Fuentek, LLC. “We need to acknowledge [negative] current events, and then we need to counter them with the positives
that result [from] patents.” ...
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Patent reform passes, Monday morning quarterbacking begins

For better or for worse, TTOs and university researchers now must live with the America Invents Act (H.R. 1249). (Read
the Act
.) Whether the bill will help or hinder innovation remains to be seen, but the discussion is already heating up,



as evidenced by some of the comments on University of Missou
ri law professor Dennis Crouch‟s law blog
Crouch posted these comments coming in from a variety of experts ...
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Jury still o
ut on implications of patent reform on academics

Although many major universities and large research
driven companies lobbied for the extensive reform package, some
analysts worry it could complicate efforts by academic scientists and smaller start
ups to
commercialize their discoveries.


from six major university groups

including the Association of American Universities, Association of
American M
edical Colleges, and the ...
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Take these practical steps in the wake of patent reform

On a practical level, attorney Dave Healey of Fish

& Richardson writes on
Patent Math

that, in the wake of the America
Invents Act, TTOs and inventors should immediately begin to discuss the following issues ...
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Make sure your business plan catches a VC‟s eye

tier VCs deal with hundreds of business plans a year, and a decision on whether to take the proposal to the next
level or to reject it is often made in less than 30 seconds. Her
e are four strategies to help catch their eye:

Consider the
flight path of your business plan.

Chances are slim that any unsolicited e
mail with a business plan attachment will
lead to a successfully funded ...
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How VCs price a follow
on round

How do VCs value a venture investment in a company that is starting to scale its business? Here‟s one scenario.

Consider a portfolio company that al
ready attracted VC capital when it launched the previous year. Now the business is
scaling nicely and needs more expansion capital. The founders don‟t want to go through a fundraising process, so they‟ve
asked existing investors to make them an offer for a

$3 million internal round ...
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Answer these eight questions to break through start
up hype

Martin Zwilling writes on
Startup Profession
als Musings

that start
ups need to prepare for investors by knowing the right
questions to ask

questions that get past the hype of a founder “vision to change the world” and into the realm of actual
business strengths, weaknesses, and current health. Pr
epare to face direct questions like these ...
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Michigan start
up introduces software to improve educational experience

Ann Arbor, MI
ased start
up LectureTools is fielding a windfall of interest for its web
based classroom software
application, a product modeled after a research version created under the leadership of Perry Samson, PhD, University of
Michigan professor of atmospheric, o
ceanic and space sciences and cofounder of Weather Underground, Inc.
LectureTools, founded last year at U
M‟s TechArb business incubator, introduced the commercial product in August ...
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Michigan State licenses technology to detect altered fingerprints

Michigan State University has licensed software that detects altered fingerprints to Morpho, part of the Safran group

one of the world‟s

leading suppliers of identification and detection solutions.

The technology, developed by Anil Jain, distinguished professor of computer science and engineering at MSU, can help
law enforcement and border control officials detect altered fingerprints ...

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Cornell, Biotime to commercialize vascular cells derived from HESCs

Cornell University has inked an agreement with BioTime, Inc., of A
lameda, CA, to develop and commercialize technology
developed at Weill Cornell Medical College for the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into vascular endothelial
cells. The methods provide an improved means of generating these cells on an indu
strial scale.

BioTime will utilize the technology in a variety of products, including those under development at its subsidiaries ReCyte
Therapeutics, Inc., which targets age
related vascular disease, and at OncoCyte Corporation, which is seeking to deliv
a toxic payload to cancerous tumors ...
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In quest for tech transfer gains, UC Davis reaches out for ideas

and gets plenty

As a rese
arch institution, the University of California Davis isn‟t exactly a slouch.
The largest campus in the UC system,
Davis boasted research funding of $678 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011, positioning it as one of the
nation‟s top 10 public r
esearch universities.
The campus also is among the UC system‟s most prolific producers of new
companies, according to Karl Mohr, assistant vice ...
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Stellenbosch researchers develop high
tech toy leopard

Imagine having a pet that loves and recognizes you without having to fork out expensive animal food or having to clean
up after it. Two engineers linked to Stellenbosch University didn‟t
just imagine it.

They went out and built it. Professor Johan du Preez and former student Ludwig Schwardt have spent the past few years
creating Communi
Kat, a plush leopard toy that actually forms a bond with its owner ...
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Make your CRM strategy more „social‟

These days savvy brands don‟t just use social media to create a buzz

they are using it to generate actual sales. By
closely ali
gning your social media and CRM strategies, you can boost the performance of your social activity and start to
generate ROI directly from it.
Here are some tip tips on how to achieve „social CRM‟ ...
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Tips for marketing on YouTube

Raymond Ray of notes that, when used properly, YouTube can be an effective marketing tool for
small businesses and organizations. The fol
lowing is a “mini
tutorial” Ray offers to get you going.

Official Presence:

“The first thing to do is to have an official presence for your company, and to do that you‟ll need a
YouTube channel,” says Ray. “So go ahead, choose a ...
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Consider this guidance for TTOs following
Stanford v Roche


Attorneys Sean Brady, Robert L. Stulber, and Stephen P. Rothman of IP law firm Rothman & S
tulberg LLP offer these
practical tips to academic research institutions following the Supreme Court‟s recent affirmation of the U.S.

Court of Appeals ruling in
Stanford v Roche

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Patent reform law offers boost for biotech

Biotechs got two little boosts in the America Invents Act. One measure makes it easier for small companies to license
government discoveries, and another sets up a
program to develop a lab on a chip for early
stage drug
safety testing.

The first initiative speeds the process for small companies seeking to license patents belonging to the National Institutes
of Health and the Food and Drug ...

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Consider these 10 ways to „pivot‟ a lean start

On his blog
Startup Professionals Musings
, Martin Zwilling describes the “lean start
up” concept pioneered by

Valley entrepreneur and author Eric Ries. Successful entrepreneurs find that the uncertainty of a new product or service
usually requires many course corrections, or “pivots,” to find a successful formula, according to Ries.

He advocates designin
g products with the smallest set of features to please a customer base and moving products into
the marketplace quickly to test reaction, then iterating ...
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Use these tips and due diligence checklist to prepare for a VC fund raise

Matt Viras writes on the
OpenView Blog

that the key to a successful and pain
free venture capital raise is to be informed,
prepared, and engaged.

Start fundrais
ing 12
18 months before you need the money, Viras suggests. Spend a year qualifying VCs by building
relationships and getting to know them well enough to qualify the ones you like from the ones you don‟t.

“Picking a VC is not about the money,” he writes. “
It should be all about picking the right firm with the culture and
expertise that fit your company‟s culture and aspirations.” ...
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da falling short in taking IP to market

The Canadian university system costs about $25 billion a year. The total income for all Canadian universities from IP
licensing is around $50 million. Subtract the cost of managing that IP and you‟re left with a net
income of only $15 million.
Getting technology to market is clearly not a big income stream for the typical Canadian university, argue consultant
Francis Moran and colleague Leo Valiquette ...
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Oxford commercializes scanner that reveals secrets of ancient and modern documents

A scanner that combines the convenience of desktop equipment with the functionality of a powerful laboratory imagin
device has been developed by researchers in the classics department at the University of Oxford and is being
commercialized by Oxford Multi Spectral Limited (OMS), a spinout of the university‟s TTO Isis Innovation.

The scanner was developed to image anc
ient papyri, and the technology has been used successfully to scan, restore,
and archive more than a quarter of a million historically significant manuscripts ...
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up CEOs don‟t always work out, so plan accordingly

Nurturing a start
up is hard enough even in the best of cases, but most TTOs have run into a tough problem that can kill
even the brightest prospects for building a new bu
siness around a promising technology: a CEO who just isn‟t working
out. Maybe the serial entrepreneur who appeared to be perfect for the job on paper is simply spread too thin with other
business interests, or fledgling business is one of the more challeng
ing tasks for a TTO

especially when a potential
blockbuster innovation is at stake ...
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SuviCa to commercialize CU cancer treatment d
iscovery platform

Boulder, CO
based SuviCa, Inc., and the University of Colorado have completed an exclusive license agreement for a
CU drug screening technology to identify novel therapies for cancer.

The patented drug discovery tool, developed by Tin Tin

Su, professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology at
Boulder, uses a genetically modified fruit fly model to screen for compounds effective against ...
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Florida manufacturing method paves way for commercially viable quantum dot
based LEDs

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a new breed of light
emitting diode, or LED, that conjures light
from the inv
isible world of quantum dots.

According to a report in Nature Photonics, moving a QD LED from the lab to market is a step closer to reality thanks to a
new manufacturing process pioneered by research teams in UF‟s department of materials science and engine
ering ...
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Texas chancellor takes more selective approach in effort to boost patent revenue

In his Framework for Excellence Action Pla
n, University of Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa is seeking to
generate revenue from technology commercialization by prioritizing.
Richard Miller, chief commercialization officer of the
system‟s Office of Technology Commercialization, says UT i
s now more selective about filing patents on faculty ideas.
Technologies now are judged on the potential for profit and ...
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This univer
sity incubator has done a lot of things right

Keith McDowell notes the rapid grow in university incubators, which some have posited will lead to “unsustainable
bubbles both in number of incubators and number of companies

being incubated.”
But he‟s not buying that argument.

question is how to create

manage an incubator that
works in getting real companies off the ground
contributing to
the economy.

here is no bottom line
no single formula for creation, let alone success.

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Huntsville software start
up to push hospital


A team assembled from the Colleges of Nursing and of Business and the Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
at The University of Alabama in Huntsville has developed Decision Innovations, a health information decision technology
y that integrates real
time organizational data with research to improve quality, patient satisfaction, and financial
outcomes at hospitals.

The effort began in 2008 ...
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ORNL invention unravels mystery of protein folding

An Oak Ridge National Laboratory invention that is able to quickly predict the three
dimensional structure of proteins
could have huge implications for drug discovery and

human health.

While scientists long have studied protein structure and the mechanism of folding, the technology marks the first time
they can computationally predict three
dimensional structure independent of the protein‟s ...
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U of Toronto
led research improves performance of next
generation solar cell technology

Researchers from the University of Toronto (U of T), the King Abdullah Uni
versity of Science & Technology (KAUST), and
Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) have used collodial
dots (CQD) to create what is believed to be the
most efficient solar cell ever made.

The researchers report their discovery in
Nature Materi
, demonstrating how wrappers that encapsulate the quantum
dots can be ...
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Despite need for protection, insurers struggle to underwri
te IP risks for TTOs

Should your TTO‟s intellectual property be insured, much like university buildings and other assets?

Some experts say there‟s a growing need for IP insurance coverage tailored to technology transfer offices, which have IP
assets that a
re more at risk that just about any other type of organization.

But IP insurance for TTOs is still largely a drawing
board phenomenon, as the companies that write traditional IP
coverage and defend the policies try to figure out how to design and price co
verage that meets universities‟ unique needs
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Fuentek helps complete license deal for NASA high
speed fiber optic technology

Laura A
. Schoppe, president of tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek, LLC, announced the successful license of a NASA
technology by 4DSP.

Developed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, the licensed technology is a lightweight, compact, ultra
efficient fiber
ptic system that can process data from thousands of sensors at an unprecedented rate of 100 times per second,
enabling real
time ...
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Maryland, MIT to advance cybersecurity endeavors

The launch of the University of Maryland‟s Maryland Cybersecurity Center has spawned research projects, summer
programs, partnerships,
Cybersecurity Club with 300 students.

he center
club a
lso have drawn interest from the federally funded MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a unit of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.

The Lexington, MA, lab
the College Park, MD, university have inked a three
year strategic partnership to focus on
ve research, student engagement, and development of innovative security technologies ...
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