Engineering the Cloud

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Engineering the Cloud

Andrew McCombs

March 10th, 2011

What is the Cloud

What is the Cloud?

What is the "Cloud"?

According to Microsoft, "The cloud is simply another name for
the internet."

No formal definition

Why a "Cloud"?

Used to show network diagrams

What is the "Cloud" in cloud computing?

Refers to where applications are run
and stored.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Reduced Costs

Initial infrastructure setup

Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades


Google Apps boasts a 99.9% uptime


Virtually unlimited computing power and storage

Security of the cloud

More dedicated resources

Risks of Cloud Computing

No internet?

One big problem.


At the mercy of your cloud provider

Big Brother?

Cloud provider has access to personal information


Limited to the security of your cloud provider

Engineering the Cloud


Infrastructure as a Service

What is IaaS?

Service which delivers computer infrastructure

Typically consists of virtual platforms

Why use an IaaS provider?

Don't have to purchase expensive equipment

Don't have to deal with maintenance on equipment

Create customized instances of an OS


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud



scalable computing capacity

in the cloud.

Pay for what you use

Start new server instances on

Can run instances of different OS's

RedHat Linux, Windows Server, openSuSE Linux, Fedora,
Debian, OpenSolaris, Cent OS, Gentoo Linux, and Oracle

Allows small businesses to


acquire the resources
they need

Engineering the Cloud

Software as a Service

What is SaaS?

Web based applications

No hardware or software to install

End users just login and go.

Benefits of SaaS applications?

Saves space on users computer

Everything is done in the browser

Don't have to worry about hardware

Software as a Service

What is SaaS?

Web based applications

No hardware or software to install

End users just login and go.

Risks of SaaS applications?

Must have the internet

Password protected

Personal privacy

Engineering the Cloud


Platform as a Service

What is PaaS?

Set of web based development tools that are hosted on a
cloud provider's infrastructure.

Benefits of developing with an PaaS

Easy to upload to the cloud.

Don't have to worry about hosting your application

Provides full



Dynamically Scales

Windows Azure

What is Windows Azure

Platform for developing web applications
that fully integrates into Visual Studio

Supported Languages

Standard .Net languages




Benefits of Windows Azure

Great pool of resources

Integrates into Visual Studio

Google App Engine

What is Google App Engine?

Platform for developing web applications
on Google's data centers

Supported Languages

Java and JavaScript



Benefits of Google App Engine

500 MB of storage and 5 million page views / month Free

Cost Efficient

Instant Scalability

Easy to use


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