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Term Paper Outline

Term Paper DUE
Friday November 4

Students will choose a topic relevant to Networking Technologies and write a 2
3 page
research paper.

Your paper must be typed in 12 size Font and double space.

Your paper
should ha
ve at least 2
3 references including at least one reference from book, newspaper
or some other source other than the Internet. If you are using Internet resources make sure
your Internet resources are reliable.
Any information or opinion in your written wo
which is derived from, or quoted directly or indirectly from a primary or secondary
source (including the Internet), must be correctly cited in a footnote, or endnote
. Failure
to cite your source of information is called
and carries the cons
equence not
only of a failing grade on the Term Paper, but also the possibility of failing the course
and of expulsion from the university.

Examples of Topics to choose from

(not limited to this list)

Active Networks

ATM Product Directory: ATM switch, A
TM router, ATM DSU, ATM multiplexer

A Survey on ATM Security

Cable Data Networks

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Networking: High
Speed Routing and Switching

Integrated Services

Internet Telephony

IP Multicasting: Concepts, Algorithms, and Protocols; IGMP,


Voice over IP

Multimedia Over IP: RSVP, RTP, RTCP, and RTSP

A Survey of IP over ATM

IP Security: A Brief Survey

IP Switching

LAN switching

Network Monitoring: Fundamentals and Standards

Digital Subscriber Lin
es and Cable Modems

Satellite Data Networks

Satellite Communications

The Performance of TCP Over ATM ABR and UBR services

Virtual Local Area Networks

Video Over ATM

Wireless ATM

An Overview

Wireless Local Area Networks Protocol Design and Analysis

of High Speed Networks

Protocols of Internet/Intranet

Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks

Multimedia Support in Wireless Networks

Architectures, Protocols and Network Support for Personal Mobile Information Services

Wired Infrastructure and Protoc
ols to Support Wireless Multimedia