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The NEAX 2400 IPX
The Promise FulfilledReduced Equipment
Requirements –
Reduce the need for cards
Technology that helps you work
while minimizing the required
plant footprint as well. In tra-
smarter, not harder.
ditional TDM telephony, a
single port is required for each
to utilize their existing equip-
station and each tie line con-
ment while they phase in IP
nection. With IP connectivity,
Telephony and lay the founda-
multiple calls are controlled
ake advantage of all the
tion for future networks.
through a single 10/100
benefits of peer-to-peer
Ethernet port while voice trav-
IP Telephony for your enter-
Reduced Costs of
els directly between the user
prise with the NEAX 2400 IPX
Peer-to-Peer IP
(Internet Protocol Exchange)
while enjoying the many hun-
The NEAX 2400 IPX retains all
Investment Protection
dreds of PBX features you’ve
Today’s technology its features while offering
come to expect from NEC. Even if you’re not ready to
significant cost savings associ-
offers great migrate to 100% IP Telephony
ated with peer-to-peer IP
What is Peer-to-Peer
immediately, the NEAX 2400
Telephony such as:
IPX supports traditional cir-
Converged WAN
cuit-switched telephony (Time
“Peer-to-peer” switching means
Infrastructures –
The NEAX 2400IPX
Division Multiplexed) on both
that the stations participating
Pay for service and mainte-
the trunk and line sides. This
in a call are connected directly
is the promise
nance of one network rather
simultaneous compatibility
to each other through the IP
than two. By transporting voice
allows current users of NEAX
network. The voice signals travel
signals across the Wide Area
systems to retain their existing
through the IP network but do
Network as IP packets, users
TDM equipment (thus protect-
not “go through” the switch as
can integrate their voice traffic
ing their original investment)
they do in traditional telephony.
with their data traffic.
as they begin to make the
The fact that the NEAX 2400 IPX
migration to pure IP Telephony.
can function in and support a
Converged LAN
Infrastructures –
Previous versions of the NEAX
“hybrid” network with tradi-
Establish voice calls across 2400 can be upgraded to the
tional digital/analog switching,
the 10/100 Ethernet Local Area NEAX 2400 IPX easily and cost
IP/TDM/IP switching and pure
Network utilizing the existing effectively.
peer-to-peer IP switching
plant cabling and allowing
means that users can continue
single cable termination to
the desktop.Functions Alone
Shared Strengths –
or in a Network
The Advantages of
The NEAX 2400 IPX functions
While other communications
as a standalone telephony
systems offer Voice over IP NEAX 2400 IPX
system supporting both IP
capability, the NEAX 2400 IPX
and traditional circuit switched
goes a few smart steps further.
connectivity. Yet it can also
Our switch not only transports
be networked with full feature
voice over an Internet Protocol
transparency into a system
• Full complement
network, but also transmits all
with other NEC telephony
of over 750
call signaling information, as
devices such as the NEAX
traditional NEC
well. We call this ”Telephony
2000 IVS and NEAX 2000 IPS
PBX features
over IP.” As a result, your net-
units. NEAX 2400 IPX supports
worked sites can also share the
node-to-node peer-to-peer
• Intra-nodal
The Promise of NEON
same robust features and
connectivity. (LAN) and inter-
Migration with investment pro-
functions available on the nodal (WAN)
tection is the cornerstone of
peer-to-peer IP
NEAX 2400 IPX located at your
The Bottom Line
NEC’s Enterprise Open Network
corporate headquarters. What’s
The NEAX 2400 IPX offers the
(NEON). NEON embodies NEC’s
the bottom line? Employees
full range of PBX features while
• Upgradeable
philosophy that drives develop-
across the entire enterprise
utilizing NEC’s broad range of
from most prior
ment of complementary com-
benefit from the same set of
IP phone sets which have a
versions of
munication solutions for OPEN
communications tools — one
NEAX 2400
multi-port switch built in,
networks, delivering value-
company, shared capabilities —
thereby enabling one-cable
added capabilities and quality
no matter where these users
• Supports legacy
termination to the desktop.
of service, while protecting
happen to be located. TDM for digital
Furthermore, with NEC’s
investment; all without compro-
and analog
Because the NEAX 2400 IPX
migration strategy, you can
mising the user experience.
switch to IP Telephony now or is built with an open and
standards-based architecture,
in the future while protecting
• Full-featured
your investment. compatibility and interoper-
ability with other broadband
CCIS internet-
packet-based transmission
media is ensured, such as ATM
• Supports full
and Frame Relay. From the
range of NEC IP
desktop to the switch to the
telephone sets
router to the edge, transport
media can be shared, mixed
and flexibly matched in any
way you see fit. NEAX NEAX 2400 2400 IPX IPX
The advantages of this NEAX 2400 IPX-based • Enhancing business systems to • Networking systems through IP trans-
system include the following significant benefits: improve the performance of deployed port for improving communications and
technologies information throughout your company
• Enabling personnel to increase
responsiveness to customers and • Increasing the effectiveness of • IP Peer to Peer Connectivity
provide a greater impact on sales, management resources
service and revenue generation
• Providing investment protection
through product migration
Node-to-Node Peer-to-Peer IP
Connectivity In LAN
The NEAX 2400 IPX unit assists in the
call setup process and provides the full
range of NEAX telephony features NEAX 2400 IPX
Ethernet LAN
Once the call is established, it is
“carried” only by the network. The
BlueFire™ 720
NEAX 2400 IPX unit only “re-enters”
when requested to provide a function
IP Phone Sets
such as conferencing in a third party
Dterm IP
Node-to-Node Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity Across WAN
10/100 10/100
Ethernet LAN Ethernet LAN
Managed IP
BlueFire IX5010 BlueFire IX5010
Dterm IP
*The NEAX 2400 IPX was designed for deployment with NEC BlueFire equipment
as well as other vendors’ routers and switches in an open standards environment.
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