the leader in robotic welding air filtration.

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the leader in robotic
welding air filtration.
robovent flexan

The RoboVent system for robotic welding cleans and recycles
contaminated air generated in robotic welding cells. RoboVent
systems enclose the cells with Flexan Hoods, a modular hood
system that incorporates built-in spark arrestance. Using high
efficiency WeldEx filters, the RoboVent system removes the
airborne contaminants, then returns the cleaned air to the plant,
helping to maintain a healthy work environment.
modular hood system.
The one-of-a-kind RoboVent Flexan hood is designed to be simple and
efficient for use. Its modular design allows quick changes and all parts
are reusable. The clear top allows light into your enclosure.
reduce the risk of fires.
The Flexan hood system is designed to greatly
reduce the risk of fires in the duct and filtration
equipment using the RoboVent SparkOut system.
It has effectively prevented fires in hundreds of
robotic welding operations since 1996.

The Flexan Enclosure is
the ultimate in flexibility, a
complete enclosure system
that includes guarding and
overhead hood in one system.
The cell is adjustable in
height, and can be quickly
set up or reconfigured.
RoboVent Flexan hood system for a large enclosure.
RoboVent Flexan hood system allows for a mezzanine configuration that saves space
by providing room for other equipment and storage above the welding stations.
RoboVent Flexan hood viewed from inside enclosure.
robotic welding
WeldCat equipment is designed to integrate with
the RoboVent Flexan Enclosure system (shown).

By dedicating one filtration unit to each
weld cell, the RoboVent WeldCat distributes
the job of cleaning the air. This eliminates
the possibility of total system failure, and
greatly reduces production delays and
downtime during routine maintenance. The
RoboVent WeldCat features fast and simple
installation—simply position the unit beside
the weld cell with the intake penetrating
through the weld cell wall.
The FloorSaver Systems also feature the
advantages of dedicating one filtration unit
to each cell. The systems are installed
on top of the weld cell, supported by a
heavy-duty stand. Costly floor space is
saved, allowing 20% - 40% more room for
production equipment.

The RoboVent
FlexMount System
allows you to choose
between dedicating one
filtration unit to each weld
cell, or connecting multiple robot cells to a
single RoboVent unit. The equipment may be
mounted on a stand or on the plant floor, and
ducted to each Flexan hood over your robotic
stations. The system uses QuickClamp
ducting for easy moves and changes.
types of systems:
RoboVent FloorSaver System.
U.S. Patent # 6,758,875
key features that make robovent unique:

Spark Arrestor The RoboVent SparkOut System quickly extinguishes sparks created through the welding process. The
(Standard on most systems) exclusive engineered design of the SparkOut System represents many years of extensive field-testing
and performance under heavy manufacturing conditions.

Pulsing System RoboVent systems utilize the state-of-the-art PowerFlex System, a very powerful self-cleaning system
(Standard) that delivers consistent pulsing pressure across the entire filter.

Control Board The RoboVent E-Pad Controller is a touch screen panel that allows control of all
(Standard on most equipment) aspects of the system’s function including the blower, filter differential pressure
and PowerFlex System. It provides constant monitoring with in-plant systems,
tracks maintenance history, and includes a built-in diagnostic feature. The E-Pad
monitors differential pressure and system safety functions, giving you a digital readout for simplicity
and versatility. The E-Pad is mounted at ground level for easy access.

Particulate Monitor The SafeSensor particulate monitoring system detects a leak past your filters. If a leak occurs, the system
(Standard) shuts the equipment down and sets off an alarm. Keep your people safe!


RoboVent’s WeldEx filters are designed specifically for handling weld smoke. It is designed using a pre-
(Standard) coat material that helps deliver one of the longest filter lives in the industry, and also increases efficiency.

Auto VFD The E-Drive System uses a sensor to constantly monitor the airflow, and then using a VFD, it automatically
(Optional) adjusts the RPM of the motor to compensate for filter loading. Energy peaks and valleys are evened out,
20% - 30% of energy is saved and filter life is extended as much as 30%. The result is a system that is
quieter, operates at maximum operating efficiency and saves you money.

Auto On/Off The AutoSaver feature allows your RoboVent air filtration system to rest when not needed, saving energy
(Optional) dollars. The AutoSaver turns the system on when the welder strikes an arc, and turns it off after 5 minutes
of no operation. It mounts in your control panel and senses welder power usage.

Fire Suppression The Supprex-200 Fire Suppression System is engineered to our exacting high standards for safety
(Optional) and effectiveness. Supprex is a dual stage system activated by smoke and heat. If heat is detected,
FM-200 gas is released to extinguish the fire. With the Supprex-200 System there is little or minimal
clean-up after a fire.
The Leader in Welding Air Filtration
robovent also provides
manual welding solutions.