AFA Systems: Gantry robot palletizing system

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Published on the Packaging World Web site
| AUGUST 26, 2013
AFA Systems: Gantry robot palletizing system
Using a 3-axis robot to pick and place a wide variety of products such as cases, pails, etc., the AF-
PLT gantry robot palletizing system from AFA Systems provides an economical solution to automate
the pallet building process.
Gretchen Edelbrock, Products Editor
Helping ensure easier set up and maintenance, the compact palletizer can include optional features such
as slip sheet inserters, pallet dispensers, and washdown construction. Program and changeover pack
patterns can be accomplished quickly and easlity on the palletizer’s HMI. In addition, the AF-PLT’s modular
design allows the machine to be easily integrated into a production line. Allen Bradley controls and servo
motors are standard.

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