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An SIP hard-phone is a phone (a
hardware,not a software program)
which makes use of SIP to make
phone calls through the Internet.It
provides to users much
convenience in the sense that all
means of communication
(telephone,mails,etc) can now be
replaced by a simple connection to
the Internet.People always talk
about the quality of life.Abetter
quality of life can be improved
with more convenience.This can
be achieved by making the SIP
hard-phone a voice controlled one.
In this final year project,a SIP
hard-phone which is voice
controllable will be developed.
Voice dialing is a common feature
supported in phones nowadays.
However,there is a great
limitation that the recorded voice
tag is user-dependent
(user-specific).On one hand,it is
necessary for every user to record
his copy of the voice tag for the
same contact in a phone book.It
makes voice dialing not a
user-friendly feature.On the other
hand,the speed of the recognition
process decreases with the
increasing number of voice tags.
This gives rise to the need for a
more convenient,fast and accurate
method in dealing with voice
dialing—the user-independent
voice dialing.
With the user-independent voice
recognition engine developed,
voice control through dialing
becomes possible—commands to
the SIP hard-phone can be issued
orally.This will be the first step to
an intelligent home in which
everything at the home can be
completed with minimal human
interaction,starting with the
voice-controlled SIP hard-phone.
Rocket home boosted by various multimedia means
Generation of model for voice
Collection of word sequence samples
Separated word samples formthe sequence
Model file for voice recognition
Network file defining whether a word can follow another
Voice Recognizer
It can be shown fromthe evaluation of the results that it is essential to
consider the network file which define if each word can follow one
With the correct recognized command – Home,Office,Dad,Mum,
Husband,Wife,appropriate functions can be taken by the SIP Hard Phone
to make it as a voice-controlled hard phone.
Recognition result without taking network file into account
Recognition result with network file consideration implemented