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St. Petersburg, Russia. 19th March 2008

Speereo™ Voice Contact released.

Speereo™ Voice Contact is a new solution for organizing your Contact List. It
features easy voice navigation and detailed records on every person you need
with the touch of your unique emotions in each voice comment.

Program offers high accuracy of voice recognition in any surrounding. Anyone may
successfully use the program, without spelling difficulties - no matter what the user
accent is, without any misunderstandings typical for human beings.

With unlimited voice comment additions to any contact detail you can be sure, that you
will remember every person out of those dozens of contacts acquired at the exhibition or
other event. The program gives outstanding advantage to get you ready with your own
insider information on the contact and gives you time to get prepared for the
conversation. For example, Bill Smith, CEO at Q LLC will be much easier to talk with
after you listen to your own comment like “Looks solid, has 2 kids, 10 & 14, audiophile,
likes baseball, under strong influence of Mr. Geendi, should be invited to one on one
conversation, IMPORTANT. I shouldn’t talk to him about my cooperation with F-
Technologies - someone from his staff took off from this company.”

Voice entry is easy. After you make any entry by voice the program will automatically
take you to the next field and ask you to record other available information on the
contact skipping unnecessary fields – this cuts your time on looking at the screen. The
information may be entered and stored in voice and text format at the same time, for
example you can type in the street address and in the voice comment for the same field
you can voice record driving directions.

The program offers looking up the contact on basic criterias. Voice dialing feature is a
useful opportunity to get in immediate touch with a person.
15-day Trial is available for evaluation purposes. The program is compatible with all
Windows Mobile devices.

Trial download from:

About Speereo™ Software UK, Ltd.
Speereo™ Software is a British IT company established in 1998 and involved in the development of
proprietary speech technologies. Speereo™ Software has brought together engineers, mathematicians,
and programmers experienced in the area of speech processing. Now the work on the speech recognition
technology embodies 150 person-years. R&D Dept. is located in St.-Petersburg, Russia.