end of year collage project 8th grade science


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What is a collage?

A collage is a picture created by pasting flat elements such as newspaper, wallpaper,
printed text, illustrations, photographs, magazine pictures, etc. to a flat surface. A collage becomes an
assemblage when small 3
dimensional objects are pasted on the



Using a large poster board, glue

and/or tape
, and

scissors, create a collage about the information you
learned this year. Find pictures or words on the internet, in newspapers and magazines, or you can
draw pictures or diagrams. Cor
rectly label the pictures for what they represent that you learned.

Be creative with your collage. Put some thought into your work. Accent your work by using markers,
paint, color pencils, or other art materials.

Your collage should incorporate both
visual images and text. Text used on your collage may be written,
typed, or letters and words cut from magazines or newspapers.

Your collage should be divided into four themes. You can divide your poster into four sections and label
each section with th
e theme. The four themes are:


(naturally occurring and synthetic substances, atoms/ elements /compounds,
chemical reactions, periodic table, suitability of materials, physical properties, quantities related
to chemical and physical change, law o
f conservation, chemical contribution to human health
conditions, factors that determine effects of a chemical on living things, risks and benefits of


(properties of water, structure of hydrosphere, oceans as a reservoir, food webs
nd food chains, terrestrial and aquatic interactions and cycles, hydro
pheric data, technology
used to monitor hydrosphere, human impact, pollution, stewardship, water quality)

Earth’s History

(geologic history in rocks/ fossils/ ice cores, law of superpos
ition, unconformity,
extinction, geologic time scale, evolutionary theories and processes, evidence of geologic
evolution and global impact, weathering, distribution of living things, satellite imagery, maps /
ground truthing/ remote sensing)

Cell Theory /


(cell theory, animal cell processes, life function of protists,
processes in animal cells, microbes, diseases caused by microscopic biological agents, patterns
of disease transmission, human attempt to reduce risk of and treatments f
or microbial
infections, biotechnology)

Your collage will be graded on six criteria, each being worth ______ points.

Collage Themes Clear and Illustrated Effectively

Content Pictures / Diagrams Labeled

Use of Visual Images and Text

Neatness, Creativity, a
nd Use of Art Materials Selected

Ability to Follow Directions, Remain on Task and Exhibit Respect for Materials and Classmates

Individual Effort

You will be asked to present your collage to the rest of the class.