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User Meeting SMILE

Datum: 2011

t: Eva , Tomas, Gabi, Carlos,
Amir, Julia, Eric, Olof


Projects and Courses

The Linux course will be held the 19

of April and the basic MR course will be held the 27

of April. Both courses are n
ow fully booked.

5/5 is a NeuGrid learning event arranged by Eva and Carlos. It will be held in the radiology
department´s library.

An interesting workshop will be held in Dept of Neuroscience in Solna the 14

of April,
hosted by Torkel Klingbergs group
. It’s about support vector machines, SVM. Eva has more
details for those who are interested.

The BrainImaging course is not held this year, it is now plan
ned to be held in spring, prel


There is a workshop in Kuopio, Finland, 13

of June, abo
ut MRI. There will be an extra
event the 15

of June where they will talk about prediction of AD.

Julia came 4/4 and will stay for three months, to the end of June.

A new MSc student
, Mahsa Fatahi,

will do her thesis at ImageLab. Eva and Leszek will
vise her, using STOP
MS data.

The NeuGrid project is now finished. A continuing project has been approved, named N4U,
NeuGrid for You, a project that will make the use of NeuGrid more user friendly. Karolinska
will have a huge part of this project.

The G
SK vaccine study will terminate in May.

Eva will ask Babak, who did his half
time seminar yesterday, to give a talk about his work in
the autumn.


Image Lab

The PACS station is now up and running again, after a remotely upgrade.

After a previous hel
d Hermes discussion, the users have decided not to use Hermes
anymore. The functionality needed can be found as freeware programs. What will be done
with the Hermes stations is not yet decided.

Freja have been upgraded with more memory, from 4 Gb to 16 Gb.

Idun is dead. RIP. Some of her parts may be recycled.
The space will be used as workplace by
Mahsa Fatahi.

Olof expressed a wish to have SPSS progam installed on the PACS station. Eva will bring it to
the board meeting. Another suggestion was installati
on of E
prime, which is a program for
psychology experiment design, implementation, and analysis, mostly used by our fMRI

Eva informed that she has made a Formal consent template, which is needed when you are
using data from PACS. You need to get

a Formal consent from the Head of radiology
department for your specific project if you are using PACS data.


Other questions


Next meeting


of May

Notes by

Tomas Jonsson