Simply Visual Basic.NET 2003: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach by Paul J. Deitel

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Simply Visual Basic.NET 2003: An
Driven Tutorial Approach
by Paul J. Deitel

The Only Way To

Learn Programming!

Combining the
Deitel™ signature Live
Code™ Approach with a new
Driven™ methodology, this text uses a step
step tutorial
approach to begin teaching students the basics of programming, builds
upon previously learned concepts, and introduces new programming
features in each successive tutorial. KEY TOPICS This comprehensive
introduction to Visual Basic .NET covers GUI design, controls, methods,
functions, data types, control structures, procedures, arrays, object
oriented programming, strings and characters,
sequential files, and more.
It also includes higher
end topics such as database programming,
multimedia and graphics, and Web applications development. For
individuals beginning their mastery of Visual Basic Programming.

My Personal Review:

This book takes beginners by the hands, from installing and configuring
Visual Basic.NET to actually coding, running and debugging the sample
applications, which is precisely what beginners need. There are many
exercises at the end of each chapter, always
relying on complete
applications instead of just code samples. You also learn how to use
pseudocode to visualize what your application needs to do and the steps
needed to make it functional. You won't master OOP,ASP.NET, ADO.NET,
etc., but you'll acquire a

solid understanding of programming and VB.NET,
and after finishing the book, will know whether or not you really want to
pursue programming further, before buying dozens of books on advanced /
specialized topics. This book is expensive but it probably doe
s the job of
two or three books(basics, practical applications, Visual Studio IDE), so the
price isn't outrageous. This book serves as both a tutorial as well as a
reference guide.If you decide to pursue .NET programming further, read
the Listmania pages,
as well as the customer reviews and visit sites such
as for advice on buying good books.Learn by

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Simply Visual Basic.NET 2003: An Application
Driven Tutorial Approach by Paul J.

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