The Anon+ Project Plan


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The Anon+ Project Plan

For public release

Version .09
Date 22.07.11
DRAFT VERSION - some pages missing
for discussion final to be released before the 30th july
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How can you have a social network when all the participants are anonymous? quite
easily If you consider that our given names and physical identity are of no
importance in comparison to our ideas and aspirations, and that they are often used
as the tools to identify us in order to oppress our ideas and aspirations, it becomes
reasonable to consider removing them from the equation so that ideas and
aspirations may flourish unabated.

Well after a rather chaotic Analysis phase we have emerged with some direction and
a fundamental Semi-structured Design and Operational plan. With this now achieved
the group can now focus on prototyping and development. As much as this direction
is needed to achieve the goals set out by Anon+, this process through to the first
public release will continue to be organic. This documents aim is to try and de
mystify some of the confusion surrounding the project over the past week and inform
everyone to the groups progress.

Some of the key achievements so far include:

The establishment of a team of open source developers to start with the creation of
the platform.

The establishment of management in the form of office bearers to attain resources
and assets for the projects development success. This team is also responsible to
assess what problems stand in the way of progress find solutions as well organize
and assign tasks to other team members.

The procurement of assets needed to support the general operation.

Some key goals for the near future before July 30th

• Establishment of a new secure server for operational and development team.
This server location both online and geological to be kept Anonymous.
• To form the financial committee from within the group.
• To release news of the groups progress to the general public
• Attain key date for first beta test release of the platform.
• Establishment of new hosts for public forums and website.
• To complete the bit miner client for down load to start raising funds for the

So how did this all start?

As some of you know we got
banned from Google+
due to some of our content. What we
didn’t know at the time is that we were just one of a handful of Anonymous accounts
that were silenced. This is the sad fact of what happens across the internet when
you walk to a different beat of the drum. We’ve all heard the stories of activists being
banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and governments blocking their people
from these sites as well through organized black outs. That day has came to an end.
Not only did a few people organized an Operation against (sic) Google+, but we
have started to build our own Social Network.

This is one social network that will not tolerate being shut down, censored, or
oppressed – even in the face of blackout. We the people have had enough…enough
of governments and corporations saying what’s best for us – what’s safe for our

The sheep era is over. The interwebz are no longer your prison.

Welcome to Anon+

The Anon+ Promise

Anon+ is free. and always will be. From the client to the updates, storage to
• Anon+ is fast to load, easy to use, available in most languages and
accessible to all.
• Anon+ applications are all free and open source – so you can share them
with anyone you like, as often as you like.
• Anon+ no user no operator or administrator will have no face and no race

“Anonplus was meant to thwart government censorship – so that in the case of a
government blackout – the people can still be heard. The people are so far
estranged from their world governments that they do not have a voice – even outside
of revolution – therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear
censorship from both the government AND the social network/media that they are
choosing to use.

This social network will also incorporate and facilitate an open source educational
environment allowing those who want, to further their knowledge of things that are
righted to them at birth without having to feed the machine thousands upon
thousands of dollars to do so.

This social network will allow open communication of ideas -and is essentially a
cyber-anarchy formatted environment whereas the people are the ones keeping the
peace in order via an “understanding,” rather than a “force” or “threat.” They will be
able to achieve knowledge on how to defend themselves against those who would
stand to oppose them in the chance that their liberty and freedom be threatened.
This social network would allow open exchange of currency via alternative currency
without feeding the grid – and those corporations that wish to strangle the average
citizen’s wages without a conscience. The people would generate their own currency
and wage via alternative energy means such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy
– and then any excess can be used for gain using a barter/trade system via the
social network anonplus without fear of being penalized like ebay or other similar
networks do.

This social network is essentially: The activists dashboard. “

Operation Organization breakup

Positions and Roles of the Management team

The responsibility of these positions is to manage the project towards the successful
completion of its goals. The access levels for information exchange will be set on a 3
tier system for access admin/developer/public levels 1,2,3.

Monday – Admin Meetings
Tuesday – Public Development Update
Thursday – Developer Meeting

Marketing and PR development

Marketing for Anon+ will be clear and concise while remaining anonymous. For any
other social media venture that has ever happened there has always been a public
relations representative to help get the message of their product to the members of
the press. Anon+ will not have this role. Due to the fact that we’re are building Anon+
anonymously we will turn to our web page ( and our twitter page
(@anonplus) for regular updates about the on-goings at Anon+. This style of
communication will continue past the beta and public release of Anon+ to bring you

Why we’ve decided to go this route when planning out our marketing strategy to stay
true to our product. We have all seen voids in the current social media landscape,
especially when it comes to various activism groups using social media. This is why
we’re building Anon+. We are the faceless, voiceless people with no nationally
providing an outlet; we aren’t not hero’s or business man and woman. Saying this,
interviews will not be apart of our marketing strategy, and our official releases will
only be released from our website and twitter anonymously.

To the members of the press that will want to keep their readers up to date with
Anon+. We encourage you to follow our twitter account (@AnonPlus) and signing up
for our mailing list on Our mailing list will let us email you all major
press releases and white papers a day before we make them public. Please respect
our wishes for no interviews by not asking for them, as we’ll say no. Thank you for
your understanding and for publishing our updates for your readers.


As Anon+ is a project of Anonymous we have and will need a little bit of organization
to rain in the chaos that is Anon. This project to be successful unfortunately will
require a simple Code of Conduct (CoC). These are not rules but guidelines for
users and developers laid out to protect each other and to aid the developing
process of the platform and system. Failure to adhere to these guidelines might
reduce your level of access to the system and hence the rest of the team..

The CoC covers behaviour of members of the anon+ community, in any forum
mailing list wiki, web site and will allow us to work together to achieve our common

- Be considerate
- Be respectful
- Be collaborative
- When you disagree consult others
- When you are unsure ask for help

Basic rule: Blend in with the crowd, disperse into the stream. Keep a low profile.
Don't try to be special. Remember,
when in Rome, do as Romans do. Don't try to be a smart ass. Feds are many,
Anonymous is Legion, but you are only
one. Heroes only exist in comic books keep that in mind! There are no old heroes;
there are only young heroes and dead
heroes. On saying no developer no admin no team member will speak in public
about any information regarding Anon+ unless it is has been officially released. Be

Do not give any personal information on the IRC chat as it is public, you mom could
read what you write there and so could the Police. And don’t mention your
involvement with Anonymous in your real life.

Basic Rule: Use as many security layers as possible. The question is not whether
you are paranoid, but whether you are paranoid enough?

∗ Encrypt your hard disk (Truecrypt : .

∗ Debian and other distros offer to encrypt the hard drive during installation. Use it.

∗ Use a distro that boots from DVD/CD/USB.

∗ Never ever keep logs.

∗ Shutdown all unneeded services.

∗ Use a firewall, (and tail the output do you can see what happens every moment.)
info could be read out of /var/log/auth.log for example but keep in mind that already
compromised systems
will likely have modified/wiped that.

∗ If you detect any unwanted activity INSIDE your computer, shut down the Internet,
and reinstall everything.

∗ If you think your router might have been hacked, contact your ISP at once, reset it,
and/or reinstall its
firmware or buy a new one.

∗ Public access points are perfect - just about. (Correlating logins with CCTV could
prove disastrous so security cameras should be avoided while using such 'free'
services). Cybercafés, McDonald’s, and many companies offer free internet access,
remember though, not to surf those nets without a vpn and/or Tor.

∗ Keep private keys (pgp gnupgp) in a removable device, and that removable device
away from curious eyes. Encrypt the private key before doing this.

∗ Keep vpn certs away from curious eyes via removable device, or common hidden

∗ Never use the same users/passwords on reinstall. Take the time to create a new
one each time.

∗ Use random password generators.

∗ BE paranoid. All rare activity in your computer must be checked and monitored.
That will provide 2 things: knowledge once you identify it, and added safety

How will it work?

The client first looks to see if one of the random support nodes are avail.

If Support node is available make SSH Connection to node and place users hash in
server. Then grab neighbor hashes. Connect to neighbors and grab their hash's thus
populating Anon+ network DB/

If NO node is available use geoIP database to scan local ranges searching for other
users. When found client connects to grab hashs and populate Network Database.

Using DHT we can transport keys to find/verify the clients and various other things.

Once connected to the "network" many things must be put into consideration and
one or more Super peers are created. There job is to mirror the otheres profile
information to allow for faster and more stable content serving. The super peer will
have the profiles of all connected peers temp. stored on there HD in compressed
form. The client will request and download the content with the help of all connected

Development update

It will sit perfectly on top of any internet connection creating its own blacknet.

It will be able to host EDU and many other services from itself with module's that can
be added or taken away.

Current Objectives - Status

Working Proof Of Concept Router - 25%

Encryption is Complete.

GeoIP Location classes Added.

This router must follow these steps:

1. Create Public/Private keyset. first time ran only.
2. Create a socket on port whateveryouwant
3. connect to another router on port whatever using DHT
4. Using dht Router A connect to router B request public key.
5. Router A encypts local ip with Router B public key and send to router B – DHT
6. Router B Decrypts IP and adds to internal host.
7. Router B Sends public key to router A
8. Router B sends all internal IP DB to router A encypted.

BitCoin Supporter Miner – 0%

Just added waiting for dev response

To help Get Anon+ and bitstorm online we are pushing to get a bitcoin miner
completed. This miner should be module based, run on ANY operating system and
be point and click. I.e.

1. Person runs program.
2. Person downloads module. Said module has pub/private key encryption of
information including bitcoin donation pool number and org name.
3. Program tries to join pool , if successful start mining , if not check for other
modules to start

The bitcoin mining project will help fund cost for services and will be an option for
supporters instead of donations only.

This is open to any language in which you can pull it off. This is a top priority , right
up there with the router.

Geo IP Location Proof Of Concept - 95%

obtaining and implementing in progress

Use IP Geolocation DB to get list of local scannable IPs from clients local IP.
Scan said network looking for open port whateverwechoose

Port is random at this point just concentrate on the Geo IP Location.

Java Webserver

Easy to program but will allow locally hosted webservice (i.e. your profile) along with
allow us to host blacknet only services. i.e. internal irc only accessible via Anonplus

Small Java Webserver

This is pretty self explanatory.

Current Development Resources

Live Discussion and chat

If you would rather ask questions directly to the Anon+ Community, you can access
our Internet relay chat (IRC) channel. Simply join the #Anon+ channel on or the #Anonplus and #anon+ channels on
(Remember to be Anonymous)

We also have 2 public forums and discussion can be found about the Anon+ project
(we do read these forums and take the serious comments seriously)

Web Site

Our new website will be up by the middle of the week ending Friday the 23
of July.
The web site will be simple in function and in form and exist on a host to be decided
in the near future.

The site will exist primarily to inform the general public of the progress of the project
no individual statements will be found on the site and any statements made by the
group will made through the PR officer.

The look of the website will follow general Anonymous style and include An
Anonymous logo.

Links will also be included to the forums we use for discussion as well as links to
Anonymous source technologies and other anonymous pages we wish to include.

Presstorm will have a special link on the page as well.