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Helping You Keep What's Rightfully Yours
Helping You Keep What's Rightfully Yours
Special Reports
Discover the Insider Secrets of...
No B.S. Asset Protection
The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt,
Take No Prisoners
Asset Protection & Privacy Guide
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Here is what you will learn with The Ultimate Asset Protection & Privacy Guide:
How to Become Invisible and Hold Assets Anonymously
How to Hide Cash so that it's positively untraceable yet immediately available
How to enjoy Banking Alternatives that Respect Your Privacy
How to become "judgment proof" and beyond the reach of over-zealous creditors
and predators
Special Reports
How To Set Up Your Own Anonymous, Numbered Bank Account
How To Communicate Securely using simple, High-Grade Encryption Tools
How To Surf The Web Anonymously From Your Cell Phone and Computer
How to take control of your IRA investments with our Designer IRA LLC
You will also get all of the following:
Invisible Banking Report - How to Open an Offshore Account WITHOUT a Social
Security Number or Tax ID Number
One Year FREE access to our Private Members Area
Discount pricing on Invisible New Mexico LLC's
Private Banking Report & Offshore Services Directory
An unlimited number of Invisible Trusts with our FREE templates
Access to our "PT" Perpetual Traveler "living free" underground e-book collection
Affiliate Income Opportunity - Earn substantial profits sharing this valuable
Weekly Asset Protection Update Service
FREE copy of the e-book BITCOIN - What It Is and Why It Matters
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SPECIAL REPORT: How the Rich Go Offshore
SPECIAL REPORT: How To Protect Your Electronic Data While Crossing Borders
Access to our Member's Forum where you can learn the latest tips and techniques
from our experienced members.
Our Ultimate Self-Defense Instructional Video Training Program - advanced "street-
fighting" tactics for men and women that you won't learn from Hollywood movies or
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Access to our Mega-Library of Privacy & Asset Protection Resources, Tools &
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REPORT #1: American
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BONUS REPORT #2: Mini-PT: How to Legally
Avoid State Income Taxes as a Perpetual Traveler
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Trade Your Way To Financial Independence
BONUS #4: FREE e-book: Boundaries of Order -
Private Property as a Social System - by Butler Schaffer
BONUS #5: FREE e-book: The Philosophy of
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Special Reports
Read what some of our customers have to say about our strategies...
Thanks! You know what? I'm having a BLAST pulling all of this
stuff together! Just today I put a lien on my Hummer and Miata. I'll
do the other on the Harley when I return to New Mexico. I've done up
all Deed of Trusts and had them notarized for two land parcels that I
own (prime land worth almost a half a million combined) and one for
my home record for the Clerk to record. Let me tell you the feeling of
EMPOWERMENT! Unbelievable. You know what the notary told me
at AAA of Southern California? She got so frustrated with what I was
doing with the liens, etc. and the time that it took that she said to me
FINALLY when we finished, "I'm not sure what you're doing but have
fun with that!" I walked away thinking, "Yes, I will. Thank you very
much."Now I'm working on my stock/investment and retirement
accounts. I'm leaving behind those banks that won't do an LLC
transfer and have simplified my life completely by going with those
places that are working with me in the system and not against me. I
befriended the Vice President of the Wells Fargo branch weeks ago
(she had been helping me with other stuff) and Wednesday I have an
appointment with her to set up the LLC account. Talk about favor. It
just couldn't get any better just when I thought this LLC was a bad
idea. I am experiencing a freedom that I have been trying to fully
achieve now for 4 plus years. I'm just on cloud ten.Thank you SO
very much for being out there with the passion that you do have in
helping those like me that are sick and tired of being sick and tired of
those that love to sue.Barbara has really helped me professionally, once I
registered and became Patrick H. XXXXX & Associates, LLC. This
has really given my company more legitimacy, plus an aura of
professionalism when introducing myself; with people saying, I see
you now have your own company and it is an LLC, that is big time! It
seems to give the impression that my company is bigger and more
established than I thought it would be. In fact, I would highly
recommend Keep Your and that is the reason why I am in
the process of registering as an affiliate then referring an associate to
your organization to get another LLC through your organization; from
there we plan to refer others.Regards,
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From my perspective, it was great...I wanted to give you my
feedback on setting up a bank account as manager of the new LLC.I
went to Twin City Federal, TCF, and setting up an account proved
to be very easy. Before I went in a buddy of mine who banks there
did some checking and found out that the bank does not do a credit
check on folks opening an account there (unlike Wells Fargo and a
credit union I had experience with). They only check to see what
your personal experience with TCF is. If you have no experience
dealing with TCF you are good to go. This is extremely important,
obviously, for folks that have poor/bad credit. I reviewed your
document "How to open a Bank Account" and had all the paperwork
listed in that document ready to go. Here is the key part of the whole
process: The only documents they made copies of were the
Certificate and Articles of Organization received from New Mexico.
They did not even want to make a copy of the Operating Agreement
Terms and Conditions. From my perspective it was great, the less
information you have to give the better. Feel free to pass this
information on to other folks as I am sure it will help them.Regards,

You've got a ton of great info in your Member's Area - I'm
impressed!Dan B.
California, USA

YES it works!!! My n.m. llc has done far more than promised. It is
called the invisible llc, but the way i use it, it is very visible and i have
totally disappeared. it really simplifies my life.My kids each have their
llc as do my friends. I will continue recommending a n.m. llc to
Special Reports

...this is the way to go. I have been a client of Keep Your Assets for
a little over a year and beside having furthered my own knowledge
on establishing a legal Company, I have been impressed and
pleased with the excellent customer service I have received. Always
a timely response and a helpful answer to my questions. This is
critical, for with most other services of this type you can spend a lot
more and get a whole lot less for your money (trust me on that one).
If you're looking to start a company while helping to maintain your
privacy, and want to do it in a way that will enable you to grow and
not spend thousands up front to do so - this is the way to go.Alpine
Solutions LLC
Arizona, USA

It's Nothing Like Being PreparedI decided on a New Mexico LLC,
after doing some research because of the total anonymity that it
provides. I also chose the "keep your assets" program because I saw
so much valuable information that was made available on the site.
Since I received my LLC, I find numerous e-mails informing me about
the latest news to remain private and safe with all my transactions.
They are also wonderful in providing the latest details on banking
solutions and precious metals which are such important facts to
consider in the present economic climate. I have shared this with
several friends who wondered WHY I made this decision and now
they are ready to join me as they want to protect their money and
various personal holdings."It's easy, it's fast and it's safe!!! I'm
excited about buying a home in the name of my LLC and protecting
my stock assets the same way. If you're sitting on the fence trying to
decide whether this is for you the answer is YES,YES, YES! Do it
NOW! you won't be sorry this has been a REAL WIN, WIN, WIN!!!R.J.
Phoenix Az.

Special Reports
You've shown me a better way to find freedom in an unfree
world - Thank you!Jeff

We are so confident our product will exceed your
expectations that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS
That's right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we will
GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO
RISK involved with our product!