August 2013 Catalog v2


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August 2013 Catalog v2
(If catalog is out of date, please send an email to

for the latest one before ordering!)
Welcome to my dispensary! I offer a wide variety of marijuana strains and concentrates for
recreational and medicinal use.
- High quality, AAA grade marijuana delivered to your door (to all 50 U.S.
- Payments via cash-in-the-mail, credit card, bitcoin and more!
- No medical ID card needed
- Super stealth double vacuum sealed shipping
- Bags that weight properly. You won't get shorted!
- GREAT customer service!

Unlike most dispensaries, I ship anywhere in the 50 United States (and soon internationally!). There are
several payment options including cash, Bitcoin and more. I believe that marijuana is a good medicine and
should be freely available to everyone regardless of unjust laws. That is why I started this business.
All marijuana is double vacuum packed before shipping, making it completely odorless to ensure that it arrives

safely to your door. My distribution crew is expert at making packages that blend in with the rest of the mail. I

have also put into place many other security measures to ensure the security of my customers. You can read
about these in more detail on the security page of this catalog.
So go ahead and enjoy browsing the selection. I assure you that this business is real and that I really do ship
product on a daily basis! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

I do request that you

read this catalog in its entirety before emailing me as
many of your questions will be answered in it. I thank you for keeping emails to a minimum.
New Customer? You can try me out by buying just an 1/8th (3.5 grams)
for $60 (includes shipping) First time customers only!
Prices for bud are as follows:
1/4 Ounce = $120 1/2 Ounce = $200 1 Ounce = $350
(free shipping and handling!)
We're please to offer the following AAA medical grade strains:
Amnesia Haze –
A very strong sativa that won first prize at the 2004 Cannabis Cup.

Great for stress and pain management.
Green Crack –
Another heavy hitting sativa. Gives an immediate rush and a
cerebral high. Great for creativity and anxiety.
Devil –
An indica dominant hybrid of Afghani and Skunk. A dreamy, yet energetic
high. Great for pain.
(note that I sell concentrates only in the quantities listed. Strains they are made from vary so I don't always list them, but they are all

top-of-the-line high quality products).
5 grams of Kief
- Kief is unpressed hash and has a very high THC content. It is stronger
than weed and comes in a powder form. Great for a bowl top-off! (choose your strain:
three kings, purple urkle, purple dream or sour dawg) 5 Grams - $100
CO2 Oil
- A concentrated oil made from carbon dioxide. Ideally this is smoked with a
special oil pipe but you can also dab in on top of a full bowl to put you "over the top"!
2 grams - $150
Honey Comb Butane Hash Oil
- Another excellent concentrated oil. Many people love
BHO for the clear high it gives as compared to weed. Use with a "dabbing" oil pipe of
just top off your bowl. 2 grams - $130
Bubble Hash
- A very purified hash that is almost pure resin. It bubbles when smoked
and provides a very heady and relaxing high. 3 grams - $100
Amber Glass
- A very purified form of BHO that has a hard glass-like consistency. Crack
off a piece and top with a bowl or better yet, use a special pipe for a very clear high. 2
grams = $130
Cannabis Capsules
- Purified decarboxylated cannabis oil. Eating one of these provides
a very strong body high and can help reduce or even eliminate pain. One of our best
products for pain relief. The high usually lasts 4-8 hours. 10 Capsules = $110
Amber Gold Dust
- A fine powder made from amber glass - great to sprinkle on top of
a bowl or mix up in a joint. 3 grams = $120
Phoenix Tears Oil
- This remarkable oil has been known to cure cancer, diabetes,
chrohn's disease, fibromyalgia and many, many other diseases. This oil was made from
a high CBD strain called Cheese. The solvent used was Organic Grape Alcohol
(moonshine). It has undergone an extensive purification process filters to remove
excess tars and impurities. This is genuine top-grade Rick Simpson Oil. We do not lab
test this so do not have THC/CBD counts.
Cost is as follows:
5 Grams = $290 20 Grams = $980 50 Grams = $2320
for more information.
Please Read This Section VERY Carefully Before Ordering!
I have had an increase in people ordering and then not paying for their order. This is a waste of my time and your time. Please don't
make an order unless you intend on paying for it. Thank you!
Except for items listed on the concentrates page we do not ship outside the United States!
International orders cost an extra $60 for shipping and handling.
do not put in duplicate orders! Occasionally there will be delays in responding to your orders.
Be patient and I will reply to your email/order. Thanks!
To order please type in your name and address, how you are going to pay and what you want to order in the
form at
. I strongly recommend using your full real name and real address to avoid

suspicion (e.g. don't try sending it to the abandoned house next door). I will send you payment information,
usually within a day, but sometimes longer (I often do not work on weekends and do take occasional days off
so please be patient and don't keep writing to me!). If the encryption form does not work for you please use
to send me an encrypted message. Be sure to include your real name, address and what you


PLEASE include how you wish to pay for your order.
Current payment options are:
Reloadit/Vanilla Debit Refill Cards –
These are cards that you can buy at most any drugstore or department
store. They are used to add money to prepaid debit cards.

You can use these ONLY on purchases between
$200 - $400

There is an additional $10 fee with this option to offset the cost of cashing these in. Please put
in your order and get verification from us that we are still taking these cards before purchasing one.
– Bitcoin is an awesome new digital currency.
If you know what you are doing with bitcoin, let us know

and we will send you our wallet address and bitcoin amount to send. If you are interested in learning about
bitcoins it can be a bit technically challenging at first but well worth learning about. We endorse using bitcoins.

Get 5% off every order paid with bitcoin!
Credit Card
– I will send you instructions on how you can do this. You will have to register with a web site that
sells bitcoins, but it is not too hard. There is an additional $10 fee with this option to offset exchange charges.
Cash in the Mail –
I will send you address and instructions. There is an additional 7% fee with this option (that
is the fee of the person exchanging money for us).
UPDATE: Sorry this is still not available. You can put in an
order and request this payment method and we will notify you when it's available.
Hopefully before 8/15!

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you legit?
I get asked this all the time. The answer is yes I run an honest and legitimate business. My goal is to provide
my customers with great products and great customer service so they will come back for more and tell their
friends about our great products and service. I'm your solid connection! :-)
How long does it take to receive package?
Generally it takes from 4-8 weekdays once payment is received. It can occasionally come sooner or take
Is it really safe to order from you?
No marijuana purchase is 100% safe while pot remain illegal. However, through various high tech security
precautions, I have created a system where the ris to you is minimal. In my opinion, mail order is safer than
buying from a dealer and driving home with the contraband in your car. Your package will look like an ordinary

package so who’s to know what’s in it? Please see the security page for more information on my security
What is your return/refund policy?
For obvious reasons I do not accept returns. However, when you see the quality of the product you will not
want to return it! If your package does not arrive within 10 days of payment, write to me and I will check the
tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered I will give resend or give you a
refund (cash in the mail). If the package was delivered, I will give you the delivery confirmation code so you
can see for yourself it was delivered, but no refund. It could be it was intercepted by a family member or
roommate and I have no control over that.
Can I pay with paypal?
Sorry, but I can’t accept paypal. You can however get a paypal debit card linked to your paypal account and

How do you ship? Will I have to sign for a package? Do you deliver to PO boxes?
We ship only USPS. You will never have to sign for a package from us. And yes we deliver to PO boxes.
Security Information
Question: Which package contains 1/2 ounce of double vacuum sealed marijuana?
Answer: No one knows!!


for us and our customers is our TOP priority!
We have put time and effort into creating a system
which makes it very safe to have our products delivered to your door safely:
: Ordering is done via email. Please visit
to encrypt your order and
shipping address before sending it to me. This means that no one else will be able to read your order except
for me. (For more information on encryption you can Google “PGP”) I do not keep any records of names or
mailing addresses. They are digitally “shredded” after three weeks. But I will retain your email address to send

you future catalogs (unless you ask me not to).
Payment is made through any of the payment options listed. My payment system is completely
safe, anonymous and untraceable back to you.

Each package is double vacuum sealed to ensure a completely smell-proof package.
Did you know
that law enforcement requires a search warrant to open a package shipped via the postal service?
To obtain a
warrant they need to have a very strong suspicion about a package. They look for things such as suspicious
odors, packages with lots of tape and other tell-tale signs. My shipping crew have been shipping for years and
know how to make a package blend in with all the others. We have a perfect delivery success rate with the
exception of one customer who gave an incomplete address. (doublecheck your address when you make an
If after reading this catalog you have any more questions please contact me at

and I will answer them. Please read this catalog entirely before emailing me.
Thanks for reading!! -medicineman