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Client, server & elements

monitoring and controlling







Levels's FlowLevel gives a clear and easy view
For all types of required processes, including
design, testing and monitoring. With easy, step by
step, you can Design any kind of required process
for testing (white/black box testing), configuration
and monitoring with the ability to create Client &
server side operation.

Using the most Advanced algorithms gives you a
unique ability to analyze your results. Set all known
protocols as a simple process by Using drag & drop


Product Description

Clear and easy view for all type of required process,
including testing design.

Design as you think = creation of test

Easy, step by step, you can design any kind of
required process for testing (white/black box testing)
with the ability to create Client & server side operation
using advanced algorithms.

Set all known protocols as a simple process by using
drag & drop.

The only tool with the ability to analyze your results,
including learning mode.


client server & proxy testing

Written in pure java so it can be run on every platform that
supports Java® (Linux, MacOS, etc ...)

Design your own element types .

Freely Design your own test plans

Encapsulate test plans into single elements (so it can be used

Every element can receive and send data to/from other

Flow level

Every element can have multiple number of inputs and outputs

Flow can be divided to number of streams simultaneously

Shared variables

Flexible logging system

Create your test plan graphically.

Comes with pre built components that support almost any
protocol (HTTP, FTP, SNMP, TELNET, etc ...), with the ability to add
new protocols quickly as required.

Support for multi threading on all levels.

Elements can be grouped together and be saved as new element
for better understanding and reusability, also groups can have
special attributes (thread groups, remote groups, etc ...)

Varieties of loggers are available for easy tracking, monitoring and

reporting of test process and results.

Shared variables support

Current running element is highlighted for better understanding

thread support

Embedded Beanshell support

Group support

in online help system

Flow level connection

Flow level connection

Tested Equipment
Tested Equipment
PC Running FlowLevel
Flow level connection






Flow level

print screen

See how easy

See how simple

See how fast

Flow level demonstration

Every element in the flowchart is in it self a java
Program, when this program compiles all it
Needed is to put it in the appropriate directory,
And FlowLevel will recognize it automatically.

The java program can set the initial looks,
Behavior and user interface, the program itself

Can do anything java can do, which means

Can do anything !

Also it is possible to design any shape desirable
For your own blocks, the shape design is also
Created with java graphics functions.

Graph Elements

Test manager is global test management
solution tool.

Its three modules

Test Plan, Requirements
and Test Manager

are integrated to enable
information to flow smoothly between different
stages of the testing process. It allows you to
deploy high
quality applications quickly and
effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable
process for gathering requirements, planning
and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and
managing test flows.

Test Manager