82353G VEE OneLab 6 PC PCI GPIB Automation Kit


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82353G VEE OneLab 6 PC PCI GPIB Automation Kit

The Agilent 82353G PC test
automation kit provides the interface hardware
and development software necessary to quickly and easily configure a
measurement system using an PCI
based PC and GPIB instrumentation.

German and Japanese language versions are also available. The kit includes
the 82350A high
performance GPIB card, VEE OneLab 6.0, additional I/O
software and instrument drivers, plus a 2
meter GPIB cable.

This automation kit is priced lower than its indi
vidual components, enabling
you to save both time and money when automating PC
based test stations.

Key Features and Specifications


VEE OneLab is now even

easier to learn and use with the
aid of the seven built
in multimedia tutorials for Windows
and many
VEE program examples for Microsoft

Excel, Visual Basic, C/C++ and

A high
performance PCI card with built
in buffering. It
decouples G
PIB transfers from PCI bus transfers. Buffering provides
I/O and system performance that is superior to direct memory access

up to 750KB/sec.

Agilent VEE OneLab 6 Windows


This powerful
graphical programming environment includes 90
day complementary
startup support. Also available are training courses, e
mail user groups,
and consulting and integration services provided by a number of
qualified VEE application developers and complementary solution

Agilent I/O Libraries:
Software for instrument control for Windows

Software Drivers:

For commonly used VXI and GPIB instruments.

GPIB Cable:

A 2
meter cable is provided to connect your PC to your