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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – 4.4.6 – 4.4.13

4.4.6 – Outline three outcomes of the sequencing of the complete human genome - This website is the official
international organization of the Human Genome Project. There is a vast amount of information to be found here.
If you click on the tab About the HGP at the top left of the page it will take you to a page where all topics are
indexed at the left side of the page. - This website contains the actual gene data base of the
human genome. - Here we are back at the Learn.Genetics website.
This time we are looking at the application of the human genome. There is an interactive explore CYSTIC FIBROSIS:
CASE STUDY found on the bottom left hand side of the page. Complete the study to see the application of a gene
therapy. If you are at the homepage, click on the GENE THERAPY section under the GENETIC TECHNOLOGY tab

4.4.8 – Outline a basic technique used for gene transfer - This is an animation
outlining the basic technique for gene transfer. - Complete The Virtual TRANSGENIC FLY
(You will need to make sure you can run adobe shockwave)

4.4.9-4.4.10 – Genetically modified crops or animals - Brief one page explanation with
some examples, benefits and possible harmful effects

4.4.11-4.4.13 – Cloning - Back at our favorite site. There is an entire section on CLONING under the
GENETIC TECHNOLOGY tab located at the bottom left of the page. - Basic cloning 101 explanation - This is a brief one page explanation of cloning using
differentiated animal cells.