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CIS 429

Chapter 9

Enabling the Organization

Decision Making

Decision Making

An organization may acquire and store vast
amounts of data and ______________

How can these data be used to make good
business decisions?

A _____ is an abstraction (simplification) of reality

An organization can use information to construct a
model for decision

Transaction Processing Systems

Online transaction processing (OLTP) captures and
stores basic transactional data

A transaction processing system (TPS) is the
system that serves ___________ tasks; for

Payroll system

entry system

Online __________ processing (OLAP) is the
processing of information to create business
intelligence to support strategic decision making

Decision Support Systems

A decision _________ system (DSS) models
information to support managerial decision

Three quantitative models used by DSSs

if analysis

What happens to the output, IF various inputs are changed?

Often performed using ______________

Sensitivity analysis

How sensitive are the ________ to changes in the inputs?

seeking analysis

What inputs are necessary to achieve predetermined goals?

A _____ supplies the basic data used by a DSS

Executive Information Systems

An EIS is a DSS that supports top
level executive

Capabilities of many EISs

Consolidation (___________ of information to complex

down (acquiring more detailed information when

dice (viewing information from different

Digital dashboards

EIS that integrates information from multiple sources,
_________ to the individual preferences of executives

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is HW and SW that simulates
_______ intelligence to solve problems

An AI system is a commercial application of
artificial intelligence; types of AI systems are

Expert systems (imitate the reasoning of an expert)

Neural networks (imitate the working of the human
______ by detecting patterns in data or using fuzzy

Genetic algorithms (imitates evolutionary, survival of
the fittest processes)

Intelligent ______ (a special
purpose knowledge
system that performs specific task for a user)

Data Mining

Mart applies to point
______ (POS) data to
create business intelligence resulting in highly
accurate sales forecast by product and store.

Data mining uses existing data sets to create
___________, which are then applied to new data

Types of data mining analysis:

Cluster analysis
: divide data into __________ exclusive
groups that can then be treated differently

Association detection: degree to which variables are
related (e.g.,
market basket analysis

Statistical analysis: correlations, distributions, statistical
models (e.g., ___________ information for forecasting)