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November 2013 Newsletter
Finally, Someone Took My Advice! [and] Virus Warning

First Item: Virus Warning - Cryptolocker

I usually do not sound the alarm about viruses unless the virus is truly dangerous. Well, the time has come and
I am sounding the alarm about a very serious virus named “Cryptolocker” making its way around the internet.

It will come as an email with an attachment. It will appear to be from UPS, FedEx, Xerox, or a major banking
institution. The body of the email will urge you to open the PDF attachment in order to see important details
about a shipment, lottery winnings, an order, or a bank transfer. DON’T DO IT. The attachment contains a
virus, and the virus will encrypt most of your data files.

Next, after your files are encrypted, it will direct you to send $200 via wire transfer, money order, bitcoin, or
other form of payment that is not traceable. If you do not send the money within 4 days, the virus will delete
your files. Idle threat? Unfortunately no.

This virus is dangerous only because there is no fix for it, nor will there be one. Here’s why: the virus itself
can easily be removed, but your files will remain encrypted, and therefore unrecoverable unless you pay the
fee. There is no way to unencrypt the files without the encryption keys, known only to the virus writer.

Link to ComputerWorld article:


Second Item: Finally, Someone Took My Advice!

Well! Finally someone took my advice! The one problem is that the company towards whom I directed my
advice is not who implemented the advice.

Last year, I advocated that Microsoft should give away their Windows 8 operating system. This was under the
theory that no one buys any computing device because of the operating system. For example, your microwave
oven has an operating system, but did you get it because it has the Microwave7 operating sytem and the
other one has Microwave8? How about your car? Did you choose your auto because it has "Drive9" operating
system and the other cars have "Drive8"? I am going to take a wild guess and say no. The microwave makers
and auto companies don’t even tell you that there is an operating system!

In Microsoft's case, a second theory also holds true: if you can't sell it, give it away and try to sell something
else. Since Windwos 8 has been such a disaster, why not give it away and prehaps regain some goodwill?

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Microsoft took a small step in that direction, they announced last month that Windows8.1 will be free to
previous owners of Windows8.0. That is a start, but not enough…

Apple knows that the operating system is not why people buy computers, and I like to think it is they they who
have taken my advice. Apple announced on October 22nd that they are giving away their latest operating
system: OS-X Mavericks. This is another among many brilliant moves by Apple.

Don't worry, Apple will not lose any money because they are giving Mavericks away, they will gain far more
profit and goodwill with their customers. Who does not like free? Imagine if Ford, Chevy, or Toyota offered a
free oil change every now and then... who would refuse? And when it comes to buying the next car... well you
can figure it out.

Apple quite generously designed Mavericks to run on machines as old as 6 years, so if your Mac, MacBook, or
MacAir fits those guidelines, you can get a free upgrade. Some machines may need to have some more RAM
installed to actually use Mavericks, but this is pretty minor. That goes well beyond Microsoft’s move of “free
to prior owners of Windows8 only”.

So there you have it: Microsoft, you have been trumped. Dump the notion that the operating system has
intrinsic value beyond making the computer boot up. Give away the client operating system. You can still sell
the server software and Office. This is the new reality. Wake Up or Die.

-John Becker

Reprint permission granted, provided the following appears on each page:
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