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Email Mail Merge


Lotus Notes and Excel

Installation Guide

Author: Gavin Bollard, 19 May 2011

Reviewed: David Turner, 03 Jul 2013, for release 1.4

MailMerge Excel to Notes

Project (OpenNTF)


Part 1: Getting the Files

Part 2: Installation

Part 1: Getting the Files

Go to OpenNTF (

Look for a project called:

MailMerge Excel to Notes

Click on ‘Download latest release’

Download the latest ZIP File

Extract it. nternal/home.nsf/project.xsp?name=MailMerge Excel to Notes

(Release 1.2

October 2011)

Part 2: Installation

This needs to be done by someone with the
IBM Domino Designer application.

For test purposes, apply it on a single mail
database file.

Once tested, you should probably do it on
your mail file master template for easy

Tip: You might like to install into a

template for enhanced
generic ‘mail
in’ group mailbox functions.

Copy Agents from Project File

In Designer, open the MailMerge.nsf
database included in the ZIP File.

On the Left Hand Navigator, expand Code

Click on Agents to see the three
Mail Merge agents:

Mail Merge
Create Mail Merge

Mail Merge
Send Mail Merge

Mail Merge
Send Selected Mail Merge

Copy the agents.

Paste Agents in Mail File

Open your Mail file or template (7.x or 8.x

On the Left Hand Navigator, expand Code

Paste the agents onto the Agent node.

Copy agents from MailMerge database

Paste into your mail database

Plain Text or HTML/MIME to
External Recipients?

One other consideration for the Domino
Administrator is sending richer HTML/MIME
format emails to external recipients (e.g.
running Microsoft Exchange/Outlook);
Domino default is to send in Plain Text.

To configure this, see


for Domino Server:

Message Format: Convert from Notes to HTML

Alternatively, for Notes 8.5.1+ users, this can
now be achieved client
side by editing in the
Create Mail Merge agent the constant value:


Sign Agents

click to Sign the agents with your
user or administrator ID so that a user can
execute them.


A big thank you to:

David Turner and Sacha Chua for developing
such a great utility.

Niklas Heidloff and others on the OpenNTF team
for supporting and hosting this project.

Gavin Bollard for initially writing this User Guide.

Thanks those that rate, review and leave
feedback on this project!

MailMerge Excel to Notes