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As the leading Internet marketing company, Captain Marketing providing high quality SEO and Web Marketing Services in Alhambra and Calabasas CA area.

Captain Marketing Seo

As the leading Internet marketing company, Captain
Marketing providing high quality SEO and Web Marketing
Services in Alhambra and Calabasas CA area.

Websites come and go, but a logo is forever. Does yours work for your business?
Consider the most popular trends for web design in 2013
and see if they might help
you streamline the single most important visual image your company will ever utilize,
the central idea that will connect you with your customers in just one glance.

When you think of the most successful companies in your field right
now, what do their logos look like? Think about the four companies most liked by the
general public for 2013, according to a recent Harris Poll (we discuss more results
found in this poll in our most recent SEO blog)

Google, Apple, the Walt Disney
Company and Amazon.

Naturalistic colors and fonts.
There’s a reason color analysts at Pantone made
emerald green the 2013 color of the year. As environmental concerns remain at the
forefront of popular culture, companies are incorporating natural colors and elements
into their product labeling and logo styles.

Appealing illustrations and characters.
In today’s media savvy world, the stock
photograph is now easily recognizable
and forgotten as such. Consider a memorable
character instead, or hand drawn image to convey the idea behind your products or
services. Not only will your consumer be less likely to see the image somewhere else
on the web, but they will associate your company with its friendly, personal design.

Seo Marketing Services

SEM: A Definition

It’s a brave new world for businesses today on the Internet, so don’t be embarrassed
if you need a little review from time to time of the appropriate terminology and

One of the most common sources of confusion is the difference between SEM and

Search engine optimization refers to making your website itself appealing to Google,
Yahoo, and Bing, while search engine marketing refers to, among other things, the
exchange of links, adding a comment with a mention of your website to an existing
blog, or promoting an article to a web directory or compilation.

It’s the sum total of all the things we can do to market your website to the search
engines, including SEO.

It’s pretty obvious things have changed a lot on the
web since we first began our linking programs. Back
in the old days, the algorithm for scoring with the
search engines and garnering more site visitors was
a mix of effective backlinks, the right meta tags and
the execution of other technical details complicated
enough to bore friends and family alike at the dinner


It’s different now. Today, along with linking and optimization, the key to more traffic
is relatively straightforward. Content is indeed king. Consider the study conducted
by a recent marketing company unhappy with the limited impact of their digital
marketing campaign. Basing their experiment on the current conventional wisdom
about the value of content, they decided to create 150 quality, original blog posts in
50 days…and then see what happened.

The results were astounding. Publishing 3 blog posts a day on mostly marketing
related subjects, the company found their overall blog traffic increased by a
staggering 210% over time. Organic blog traffic increased 514%, referral by 901%,
direct by 201%, and for the site overall, there were 69% more site visitors on the
last day of blogging than the first.

Get more leads, more sales with the internet marketing agency you can trust.

No Restrictive Contracts, No Hidden Fees.

When you sign up with Captain Marketing, we won’t trap you with lengthy contracts
or complicated fee structures. One price per month does it all, and we only ask for 30
day written notice before you cancel!

For almost a decade, we’ve been providing online marketing services to small and
midsize businesses across the United States. Today, we’re recognized by independent
evaluators at as one of the leading internet marketing firms in the

Discover the Captain Marketing difference.

With total transparency, regular reporting and 24/7 access to your latest
performance metrics, we make it easy for our customers to measure performance and
results. And with value
packed, affordable programs at every price point, we’re also
far more effective than more expensive marketing firms too. Everything we do is
focused on your ROI.

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