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web development
web development
As a leading innovator within the technology sector,
University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) has been helping
clients manage their online requirements for over 10 years.With a deep range of hosting,design and
development services available,ULCC is highly
experienced at providing value-added web services
for a wide range of organisations.With our unique
combination of a not-for-profit business modeland
dedication to service excellence,we passionately
believe that the most cost effective website
solutions can now be sourced within the public
sector community,not with a commercial provider.
Whether you are looking for a fully bespoke
corporate website or simply just reliable website
hosting,ULCC base all our services on gaining
an in-depth understanding of your business
requirements and offer unrivalled levels of support.
With our goal of helping organisations to effectively
and securely promote themselves on the web,
ULCC offer the following broad range of web
services.All services are flexible in their approach
and are delivered by our highly experienced team
of devoted web professionals.
Content Management System (CMS)
Ensuring your website contains dynamic and
up-to-date content is crucial in today’s business
environment.Failure to address this can result
in a poor user experience and negatively impact
your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.
Our user friendly and secure content management
packages help your organisation to embrace these
challenges by empowering non-technical users to
create,manage and edit a wide range of content
through a simple web browser interface.Our
CMS packages also allow you to easily perform
administrative tasks within your site with just a
few clicks of your mouse.It really is that simple!
Furthermore,corporate style sheets can be
controlled using pre-defined templates,and
additional features such as news,RSS feeds and
events sections can be easily added to your site
using the system.Your imagination is almost the
only restriction with regard to what you can
achieve with our highly regarded content
management system packages!
For those organisations that do need a little more
handholding during the initial stages of implemen-
tation,ULCC can also provide high quality training
and support in all elements of the system.
We have implemented CMS solutions for a wide
range of different organisations from a plethora
of different markets including; academic,
regulatory,health care and charities.With this
in mind,you can be confident that we have
the cultural insight and experience to help you
achieve your online goals.
Database / Website IntegrationCollating and inputting data generated from your
website can be time-consuming and expensive.
Improve the efficiency of this administration
activity by integrating your business critical
systems with your website.
ULCC can assist with this integration by building
applications that link into the following:shopping
carts,billing solutions,project management and
tracking solutions,etc.
Additionally,as part of a solution delivered by
ULCC,we can advise on the best third party
systems to use with regard to these applications.Additional / Complementary
Services Hosting ULCC offers a complete range of shared and
dedicated website hosting packages.All aspects of
these offerings,including both the platform and the
software,are proactively managed by our team of
experienced technical professionals who ensure
the delivery of a cost effective and efficient level
of service.Meeting accessibility requirements
If you are concerned about the accessibility of your
website to users with disabilities,we can advise
you and help you ensure that it meets the current
standards of accessibility.Restructuring of content
Consult us on the organisation and restructuring of
content,management of workflow,and automation
of common tasks and to ensure maximum usability.
Email list management
We can provide an on-line service for managing
communication with your contacts.Digital Repositories
We offer a wide range of solutions to manage your
digital assets,including digitisation,cataloguing
and long term preservation.We can make the
resources available freely or to a controlled
community through web interfaces.
Video StreamingStream on-demand promotional or academic
material directly from your website with our flexible
range of cost effective video streaming packages.PodcastingProvide flexible access to learning with our
Podcasting services.Based on leading edge
technology from Apple Computers,ULCC provides
a wide range of hosting options combined with all
the training and handholding you may need to
successfully embrace this rapidly evolving
communication medium.Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)ULCC provides a learning platform utilising an
open source solution that is proving extremely
popular because of its ease of use for students and
teachers and its focus on collaborative learning.
Based on the Open University’s VLE of choice,
Moodle,ULCC offers hosting,development and
training,customised to your needs.
Our video streaming and Podcasting services can
be easily integrated within our VLE solutions to
provide your users with a flexible and engaging
learning environment.
Our Approach
A key feature for the service offered by
ULCC is that we ensure our designs are
accessible to all users.We have a strong
and flexible development approach based
on leading methodologies that allow us
to deliver on time,to budget and with a
solution tailored to meet your requirements.
Our structured approach and experience
allow us to offer simple,transparent
pricing structures.
Support available from ULCC is friendly,
effective and accessible.A service level
agreement is in place to ensure a
predefined level of service.
ULCC is deeply committed to building
long term value added relationships
with our clients and take the time to fully
understand your requirements before
recommending appropriate solutions.
If you would like to know more about how
ULCC can add value to your organisation,
please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@ulcc.ac.uk