Custom Development & Integration Services for Mobile Content Management Systems (CMS)

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© 2011 GlobalLogic Inc.
Custom Development & Integration Services for Mobile Content
Management Systems (CMS)
CMS: The Core of Your Mobile Experience
A truly successful mobile content management system
(CMS) must be a lot of things to a lot of people. For
example, a mobile CMS enables mobile brands and
operators to deliver HTML 5, audio, video and text content
to multiple operating systems and over 2,000 different
types of mobile devices.
It also gives mobile subscribers real-time access to this
content while at the same allowing marketers to track
overall subscriber and content trends through reporting and
insight generation tools.
Simply put, a mobile CMS is at the core of any great
mobile experience.
As experts in mobile technologies, GlobalLogic streamlines
the development and integration process of building a
mobile CMS. From designing front-end storefronts and
portals to developing the entire back-end architecture, we
deliver innovation from start to finish.
Our Mobile CMS Development Services
GlobalLogic collaborates with mobile carriers, VAS
players and ISVs to develop cutting-edge mobile content
management systems. Through our extensive experience in
this field, we help clients simplify the buy vs. build decision-
making process for CMS components.
Depending on a client’s specific needs, we can develop
custom components or integrate pre-existing, open source
or commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components into the
system. Some of the custom components we developed for
clients in the past include:
Catalogue Management:
This component was developed
to manage the taxonomy creation/maintenance,
catalogue creation/maintenance and on-boarded content
categorization. It encompasses the administration console
UI and the SOAP services that manage the catalogue.
Adaptation &
Core CMS Engine
Publish Services

Publish Portals/APIs
Administration Services

Admin Portals/APIs
Subscriber Services

Web/WAP Portals/Storefronts
Content Services

CP/Developer Portals/APIs
Media CDN/
Cloud Storage
© 2011 GlobalLogic Inc.
Content Management:
This component was developed to
manage content on-boarding. It handles the interactions
that are initiated by authorized content providers for single/
multiple carriers that are configured within the system.
Some minimal level of transmogrification is involved in the
content on-boarding process, which is managed well within
this component.
Subscriber Management:
This component was developed to
manage subscriber usage and demography details. It tags
users with attributes to help target the right audience while
displaying content/ads/promotions. The UI and the services
also mark the subscribers into the right segments.
User/Role Management:
This component was developed
to manage the centralized AuthN and AuthZ within the
system. It maintains all the user data and encompasses the
interactions with the carrier Enterprise Directories wherever
required (i.e., online or offline). The roles and permissions
are managed through the interface.
Device Profile Management:
This component was developed
to manage the device on-boarding logic. A device’s
characteristics can be loaded into the system manually (i.e.,
individual/batch) or automatically from regional/universal
device directories (e.g., WURFL). The device profiles are
helpful in the adaptation/filtering of the content.
Billing Management:
This component was developed to
manage the billing transactions either by interfacing with
the carrier billing services or with third-party billing service
providers. It encompasses all the security aspects (i.e.,
AuthN/AuthZ/secure-messaging) of billing transactions
across the systems.
This component was developed to manage all
the messaging communications (e.g., delivery of content
through SMS/MMS/e-mail). The generic messaging gateway
can be configured per carrier to handle the messaging
communication, content delivery or otherwise.
This component was developed to manages
all advertisements, both internal (e.g., content promotions
for cross-sell/ up-sell, recommendations, etc.) and external
(e.g., link-offs to external advertisement partner sites).
Campaign Management:
This component was developed
to manage the creation of seasonal/occasional mini-sites
(i.e., brandable as per the required theme) and the mini-
catalogues associated with them to target constrained
Content Adaptation and Transcoding:
This component
was developed to manage the transmogrification of the
content as required by the content provider, from creating
preview images from the video content to (more importantly)
converting the format to cover a larger set of devices.
This adaptation can be executed during on-boarding or in
batches through a background process.
DRM (developed based on need):
This component was
developed to manage access to all digital content involved
by using Licensing Agreements and encryption/tag-
embedding. A content provider may choose to use a custom
mechanism that can override this component for that
specific content provider.
Analytics Engine:
This component was developed to span
across the front-end and back-end to report a user’s on-
screen activities and their induced off-screen reactions. This
engine allows clients to generate detailed reports and further
improve upon the end-to-end user experience.
Our Front-End Development Services
GlobalLogic develops slick, user-friendly mobile portals and
storefronts to give users access to their personal information
and to a mobile marketplace of available apps and widgets.
provide a simple means for users to access
their localized, personalized and customized content.
GlobalLogic has developed mobile portals that deliver
news, sports, weather, email, social networking, messaging,
mobile account information and customer care information
to a user’s mobile device in real-time.
aggregate content from a variety of sources
(e.g., device OEMs, third-party providers, etc.) into one
easy-to-reach and easy-to-use mobile shopping destination.
GlobalLogic has developed mobile storefronts that enable
secure content merchandising; facilitate purchases via
branded web, WAP or SMS; and support various content
types such as ringtones, games and streaming video.