WAN Optimization Improves Network Performance Between Data Centers, Branch Offices and Remote Workers

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WAN Optimization Improves Network Performance Between
Data Centers, Branch Offices and Remote Workers
Today’s IT organizations face increasing pressure to ensure network availability in order
to improve performance and reduce costs. Optimizing network bandwidth to provide
fast access to network applications is crucial to support branch offices and mobile us-
ers. As branch offices and mobile workers play an increasing role in business growth,
IT organizations struggle to keep up with user demands. WAN optimization enables
companies to effectively deliver fast and reliable access to enterprise applications to
employees - anywhere.
WAN connectivity challenges
Many companies connect to business applications with traditional VPNs or directly over
public networks. Enterprise applications may experience slow performance over the
WAN.. A slow and unreliable network means a higher chance of mission-critical appli-
cations slowing down and having a negative impact on the business.
When applications such as ERP, CRM, backup and file transfers, and collaborative tools
respond slowly or not at all, employee productively suffers. With dedicated lease lines,
companies might incur high cost of ownership because of elevated costs and limited
bandwidth. Redundant data along with chatty network and application protocols can
add to these problems, compelling companies to spend even more for additional band-
Most applications impose a greater demand and are not efficient over the WAN. These
demands can easily bring the WAN to a crawl, diminishing the productivity of employ-
ees and inhibiting business operations. Adding more bandwidth will not necessarily fix
these problems. Adding more bandwidth will just increase monthly costs, leaving you still
in need of a solution to improve the delivery of your applications over the WAN.
One of the primary problems of network traffic has to do with the distance between the
data center, branch offices, and mobile users accessing applications from anywhere.
This distance causes latency, which causes poor application performance. Unfortu-
nately, latency can’t be solved by adding more bandwidth.
Data center consolidation
Today’s IT organizations have made many inroads and are realizing their business
imperatives through data center centralization and IT system consolidation. However,
the very nature of centralizing complex data center resources presents real challenges
to IT operations. Data center consolidation puts additional strain on the WAN as an in-
Support disaster recovery
and business continuity by
improving reliability and per-
formance for data replication
and remote backups
Consolidate IT infrastructure
to reduce costs and ease
Optimize existing bandwidth
to support more traffic and
deliver a better user experi-
Enhance communications
between headquarters and
branch offices for video con-
ferencing and collaboration
Improve network and ap-
plication visibility to improve
network services

TCP Optimization
Application Proxy
Byte Cache
File Cache
Bandwidth Management
VPN Module
Built-in Firewall
Portable Accelerator
Management Authorization
Logging and Reporting
Backup Function
Transparent Acceleration
Easy Deployment
Tunnel Encryption
Data Integrity
Enterprise-level Firewall
External & Internal DOS
attack resistance

SANGFOR Industry Solution Brief – Energy and Enterprise
The sluggishness of network applications is not a result of limited bandwidth. Slow net-
work performance is often caused by excessive interactions of application and transport
protocols. SANGFOR uses TCP Proxy and HTP technology to replace traditional TCP
processes to improve network efficiency. TCP optimization boosts the performance of
many applications including ERP, CRM and other applications.
SANGFOR WAN optimization utilizes the advantages of a variety of proprietary tech-
nologies to improve data transmission speed and reliability. SANGFOR WAN optimiza-
tion also uses a self-adapting dynamic compression technology to decrease data size
to accelerate the transmission over the WAN. Pre-fetching and flow caching technolo-
gies also handle redundant or duplicate WAN traffic working to prevent unnecessary
retransmissions. For example, if 90% of the data is redundant and only 10% of the data
actually needs to be transmitted, the redundant data transmission is eliminated - resulting
in a 90% bandwidth gain.
creasing volume of traffic must pass between the data center and branch offices. WAN
optimization helps meet data center consolidation directives by ensuring branch offices
experience LAN-like application delivery over the WAN.
SANGFOR WAN optimizer
SANGFOR WAN optimization improves network performance between data centers
and branch offices by reducing bandwidth consumption by eliminating unnecessary
and redundant traffic. The benefits are faster and more reliable application delivery
along with improved user response times, allowing the network to support more users
with the same amount of bandwidth, putting off and even eliminating costly bandwidth
SANGFOR concentrates on excellence in WAN devices, chiefly for middle market. Founded in 2000, SANGFOR has had a clear mission: Enlarge the Internet value
through better connection, management and bandwidth optimization. From the start, SANGFOR’s products have been designed to offer unparalleled performance, granular
control and greater flexibility while lowering Total cost of ownership.
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