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International Journal of Microbiology
Special Issue on
Rapid Detection and Control of Foodborne Pathogens:
Biotechnology and Recent Advancements
Call for Papers
Foodborne diseases are mainly caused by pathogenic bacteria
which are either transmitted to humans from the animal
reservoir or which contaminate the food process line.
Detection and isolation of these bacteria from food are
often difficult due to the high number of contaminating
and indigenous bacteria or a low number and uneven
distribution of the pathogenic bacteria of concern.Food and
beverage industries require reliable and rapid determination
of specific pathogenic microorganisms due to recent atten-
tion to food safety and regulatory issues towards consumer
welfare.To provide context for current approaches to control
foodborne pathogens,it is useful to consider what the science
of microbiology and its subdisciplines developed.
Specific culture media was an important tool for detection
of foodborne pathogens,and emphasis then changed from
visual and manual detection to automated detection based
on other features of the target organism,which includes
immunoassays,DNA hybridization,and PCR methods and
biophysical methods.
We invite investigators to contribute original research arti-
cles as well as review articles that will include biotechnology
and recent advancement in food microbiology to detect
pathogens rapidly.We are also interested in articles that
explore control of food pathogens either in vivo or in vitro
methods.Potential topics include,but are not limited to:

Recent developments inbiotechnology for rapid detec-
tion of foodborne pathogens

Latest technology in biochemistry and biophysical
fields to detect food microflora

Recent techniques for detection and control of resis-
tant strains in food

Recent advancement to control foodborne pathogens

Natural products to maintain food quality
Before submission authors should carefully read over the
journal’s Author Guidelines,which are located at http://www au-
thors should submit an electronic copy of their complete
manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking
System at to the
following timetable:
Manuscript Due
Friday,6 April 2012
First Round of Reviews
Friday,29 June 2012
Publication Date
Friday,24 August 2012
Lead Guest Editor
Sun Chul Kang,Department of Biotechnology,College of
Engineering,Daegu University,Kyoungsan,Kyoungbook
712-714,Republic of Korea;
Guest Editors
Kidon Sung,Division of Microbiology,National Center for
Toxicology Research,Food and Drug Administration,3900
NCTR,Jefferson,AR 72079,USA;
Kun Ho Seo,Department of Public Health,College of
Veterinary Medicine,Konkuk University,Hwayang-dong,
Gwangjin-gu,Seoul 143-701,Republic of Korea;
D.K.Maheshwari,Department of Botany and
Microbiology,Faculty of Life Science,Gurukul Kangri
University,Uttarakhand,Hardwar 249404,India;
Hindawi Publishing Corporation