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Disease Mechanisms in
Alzheimer’s: Cell Biology and
Transgenic Animal Models
19 June 2008
Hôpital de la Pitié SalpétrièreAuditorium Adicare
50 Boulevard Vincent Auriol75013 Paris
mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease
23 June 2008
Università degli Studi di MilanoOspedale Maggiore Policlinico
Via Festa del perdono, 7- MilanoSala di rappresentanza
Time Title Speaker
8.45 Introduction Charles Duyckaerts,
Hôpital de la Pitié
Salpétrière, Paris
9.00 Translational research in Alzheimer’s disease. Pour
une recherche translationnelle dans la maladie
Bruno Dubois,
Hôpital de la Pitié
Salpétrière, Paris
9.30 What can we learn from cells about the amyloid
hypothesis and Alzheimer’s disease? Que nous ont appris les cellules sur l'hypothèse amyloïde dans la maladie d'Alzheimer?
Frédéric Checler,
Institut de Pharmacologie
Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Nice
10.00 The role of oligomeric A beta peptide in Alzheimer’s
disease. Mechanisms and therapeutic perspectives.
Le rôle des oligomères de peptide Abêta dans la
maladie d'Alzheimer. Mécanismes et perspectives
Thierry Pillot,
Institut national
Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy
10.30 Coffee Break
Pause Café
11.00 Cellular mechanisms explaining the effects of
cholesterol on the endocytosis of APP and on the
production of amyloid peptide. Mécanismes d'action du cholestérol sur l'endocytose
de l'APP et la production de peptide amyloide.
Marie-Claude Potier,
Ecole Supérieure de
Physique-Chimie Industrielle,
11.30 Dimerisation of the membrane protein APP
Dimérisation de l'APP membranaire.
Jean-Noël Octave,
Université Catholique de
Louvain, Belgique
12.00 APP, caspase and neuronal death
APP, caspase et mort neuronale
Bernadette Allinquant,
Centre Paul Broca, Paris
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Prestige Antibodies

in Neurodegenerative Disease
Research: Nerve Injury and Alzheimer’s disease Rodent Models
Julie Coughlan,
Sigma-Aldrich, US
14.30 Tau Pathology and Re-entry in the cell cycle
Pathologie Tau et ré-entrée dans le cycle cellulaire
Luc Buée,
Inserm U815, Lille
15.00 Coffee Break
Pause Café
15.30 Functional and mechanistic neurotoxicity studies of
tau protein in the drosophila model. Etudes fonctionnelles des mécanismes de
neurotoxicité de la protéine tau chez la drosophile.
Magalie Lecourtois,
Inserm E9906, Faculté de médecine de Rouen
16.00 Axonopathy in tau transgenic models: a pathogenic
Axonopathie dans les modèles transgéniques tau: un
mécanisme pathogénique.
Jean-Pierre Brion,
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgique
16.30 Conclusions: Research perspectives in at the time
of the National Alzheimer plan. Conclusions:
Perspectives de recherche à l’heure du plan Alzheimer.
Philippe Amouyel,
Institut Pasteur, Lille
17.00 End
Time Title Speaker
9.00 Registration
9.30 Welcome and Introduction Nereo Bresolin, Elio Scarpini
Dept. of Neurological Sciences - University of Milan
9.45 Disentagling the complex genetics of Alzheimer’s
disease: NOS1 and CHAT
Andreas Reif Department of Psychiatry
and Psychotherapy,
University of Würzburg,
Würzburg, Germany
10.20 Using Prestige Antibodies

in Neuroscience Research Julie Coughlan
Sigma Aldrich US
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 The Role of Aβ in the Etiology and Pathogenesis
of Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence and Therapeutic Implications
Gianluigi Forloni
Dept. Neurosciences, Mario
Negri Institute, Milan
12.05 Genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal
Giuliano Binetti Neurobiology Lab and
Memory Clinic, IRCCS-
Fatebenefratelli, Brescia
12.40 Molecular Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease:
Bridging Amyloid Cascade and Synaptic Failure
Monica Di LucaDepartment of
Pharmacological Sciences, Center of Excellence for
Neurodegenerative Disorders, University of Milan
13.15 Lunch
14.15 Heterogeneity in risk factors for cognitive impairment Francesca Clerici
Luigi Sacco Hospital, Milan
14.50 Role of Osteopontin as a marker of early
Cristoforo Comi
Dept. of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Section of Neurology -
University Amedo Avogadro,
15.25 VEGF and angiogenin genetic variability in
neurodegeneration: an overview
Roberto Del Bo
Dept. of Neurological Sciences - University of Milan
16.00 Cerebrospinal fl uid biomarkers Daniela Galimberti
Dept. of Neurological Sciences - University of Milan
16.35 Closing remarks
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mechanisms in
Alzheimer’s disease
27 June 2008
Università degli Studi di Cagliari
Viale Fra Ignazio - CagliariAula Magna Polo Giuridico
Time Title Speaker
9.15 Registration
9.45 Welcome Micaela Morelli
Dept. of Toxicology, University of Cagliari
10.00 Immunotherapeutic strategies for treatment of
Alzheimer’s disease
Beka Solomon Department of Molecular Microbiology &
Biotechnology, George S.
Wise Faculty of Life Sciences,
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
10.40 Using Prestige Antibodies™ in Neuroscience
Julie CoughlanSigma-Aldrich US
11.20 Coffee Break
11.50 Molecular Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease:
Bridging Amyloid Cascade and Synaptic Failure
Monica Di Luca Department of
Pharmacological Sciences, Center of Excellence for
Neurodegenerative Disorders, University of Milan
12.30 Biomarkers and neuroimaging in the diagnosis of
Alzheimer’s disease
Maurizio MemoDepartment of Biomedical Sciences and
Biotechnologies, University of Brescia Medical School
13.10 Lunch
14.10 Complexity of dementia and its treatment Paulo Putzu
Divisione Geriatria, Ospedale
S.S. Trinità, Cagliari
14.50 Genetics Investigations on Patients from Sardina
Affected by Alzheimer’s disease
Maria Rita PirasInstitute of Clinical
Neurology, University of Sassari
15.30 Closing remarks
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