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QUALISUD Revues internationales avec comité de lecture 2008
Arnaud E.,Collignan A., 2008.
Chicken fat dry fractionation: effects of temperature and time on crystallization,
filtration and fraction properties.
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Improvement of the in vitro digestible iron and zinc content of okra (hibiscus
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fleshed sweetpotato. Journal of Food Engineering,92, 164–171.
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Coating papers with soy protein isolates as inclusion matrix of carvacrol.
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Quality of orange juice in barrier packaging material.
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Model-free estimation of mass fluxes based on concentration profiles.
II. Effect of noise on concentration profiles and of time resolution.
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Characterizing polysaccharides in cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) purée and
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Induction and identification of a small-granule, high-amylose mutant in cassava
(Manihot esculenta Crantz). http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/jf800603p.
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Measurement of banana green life.
Fruits,63, 2, 125-127.
Chillet M., De Lapeyre De Bellaire L., Hubert O., Mbeguie-a-Mbeguie D., 2008.
Mechanical characterisation of banana fruits
Caractérisation mécanique de bananes.
Fruits,63, 1, 51-52.
Chillet M., De Lapeyre De Bellaire L., Hubert O., Mbeguie-a-Mbeguie D., 2008.
Mesure de la production d'éthylène pendant la maturation de la banane.
Fruits,63, 4, 253-254.
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Detailed Study of Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) Oil Micro-Compounds:
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J. Braz. Chem. Soc.,19, 7, 1374-1380.
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Cassava Wet Starch Processing at Small-Scale in North Vietnam.
Starch,60, 358-372, http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/star.200800202.
De Lapeyre De Bellaire L., Chillet M., Chilin-Charles Y., 2008.
Method for early quantification of quiescent infections of Colletotrichum musae on
bananas.Fruits,63, 2, 129-131.
De Lapeyre De Bellaire L., Chillet M., Chilin-Charles Y., 2008.
Determination of banana fruit susceptibility to post-harvest diseases: Wound
anthracnose, quiescent anthracnose and crown rot.
Détermination de la sensibilité des bananes aux maladies de conservation :
anthracnose de blessure, anthracnose quiescente, pourriture de la couronne.
Fruits,63, 3, 183-186.
De Lapeyre De Bellaire L., Chillet M., Chilin-Charles Y., 2008.
Mesure de l'efficacité d'un fongicide sur les maladies de conservation : anthracnose
de blessure, anthracnose quiescente, pourriture de la couronne.
Fruits,63, 5, 303-306.
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British Journal of Nutrition,97, 883-890.
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Effects of spinosad and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis on a natural population of
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Physico-chemical properties and biochemical composition of Physalis (Physalis
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Changes in carotenoid content and biosynthetic gene expression in juice sacs of four
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Discriminant milk components of Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus), dromedary
(Camelus dromedarius) and hybrids.
Journal of Dairy Science and Technology,88, 607–617.
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R.M.,Hubert O., 2008.
Biochemical characterization of pulp of banana fruit: Measurement of soluble sugars,
organic acids, free ACC and in vitro ACC oxidase
Caractérisation biochimique de la pulpe de banane : mesure des sucres solubles,
des acides organiques, de l’ACC libre et de l’ACC oxydase in vitro.
Fruits,63, 3, 189-191.
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Characterization of starch and cell walls from mature-green ambrella (Spondias
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Identifying Carotenoids and Phenolic Compounds In Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense
Lam. var. Puyo hybrid), an Andean Fruit.
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Méthodologie de prévision de la date de la récolte des régimes de bananes.
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Effects of shade on the development and sugar metabolism of coffee (Coffea
arabica) fruits.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry,46, 569-579.
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A comprehensive integrated approach for more effective control of tropical fruit
quality. , 2:7, 14p.
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Modelling the growth of aflatoxigenic moulds and aflatoxin formation in Brazil nuts.
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Pre-harvest growth and development, measured as accumulated degree days,
determine the post-harvest green life of banana fruit.
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