Cardboard Bridge Strength Testing

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Cardboard Bridge Strength Testing


February 15
, 200

Bridge Strength Testing

2:15 p.m.

Civil/Mechanical Building

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Who will build the strongest bridge?

Call 394
2256 or email

to order your instructions and supplies today!

SDSM&T students, technicians, and faculty will test the maximum load of the cardboard bridges built
by junior and

high school students following specific

Mail or bring bridges to Civil
and Environmental Engineering Dept., SDSM&T. Sponsored by American Society of Civil Engineers,
Student Chapter

under the direction of Dr. Mel Klasi

y Dead

4 p.m. Wed. Feb. 13, 2008

Bridge Design


To use the given material in the most efficient way to build a beam supporting the load.


1. Contestants are limited to one 8 ½ x 11 sheet of cardboard of a specific weight (supplie
d by
SDSM&T) and cannot use scraps from other cardboard sheets you have. Each contestant is
limited to one entry.

2. Staples and paper slots are the only means allowed to attach beam members together.

3. The beam span length (L) must be
less than or e
qual to 10 inches
, and
greater than or
equal to 8 inches

4. Denote on the beam where you want the block supports set to determine the span length.
(See sketch below.)

5. Loading stops at the maximum load supported by the beam or when the deflection i
s equal
to the height of the supports, whichever comes first.

6. The equation used for determining the points is:

Number of points +


Where P is the maximum load applied in pounds, L is the span length in inches, and

M is the mass of the
beam in grams.

Send or bring entries to:
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department,

501 East Saint Joseph Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

Good Luck to