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Mobile Web Technology

Dave Kanter


Welcome to WNM
It’s going to be a great semester. This semester lays the technical
foundation for
students interested in mobile applications development
. You’re going to learn the
basics of
mobile Web

design from a technology perspective in order that you can better
understand the environment in which you’re going to compete when you leave this program. As a
wise man once said:

“I don’t know if learnin
g to program makes you a better Web designer, all I know is that all great
Web designers know how to program.”

You will not be graded according to a strict formula since some of you might obviously
have more of an advantage in this class than ot
hers. The best thing you can do for your grade is
to show a good attitude and work ethic. However, if you need a formul
a, it will translate to




Final Assignment


Midterm Test


Class Participation



Workshops are offered for your support. Please see the list outside of the
department office for when workshops meet.

Plagiarism can be grounds for an immediate failure from this class. The goal of the
class is not to find code

online, the goal is to write code yourself. It is expected that every student
make an honest effort to do so. If you do, for some reason, need to use code you find online you
must give full credit for that code in a comment. If you have any questions a
bout whether or not
something you’re doing might be considered plagiarism the best thing to do is

: Attendance is mandatory in this class. If you miss more than three sections in this
class you are going to have a hard time passing.
Absences are absences, no matter what the
reason. Class starts at 8:30. At 8:31 you’re late for class. Multiple chronic lateness will also
create problems for your grade. If you are going to be late or absent for any reason send an e
mail to the instru
ctor letting him know.

Your teacher is a resource. My goal is to help you solve your problems and reach your
goals. If you are having any problems doing that, for any reasons, raise your hand or stay after
class and ask for help! It’s better
to ask for help sooner rather than later!

Assignments are due at the beginning of class to be uploaded to the Titan
dropbox. Of course if you have a complete assignment that’s best, but if your assignment is
incomplete that’s ok too. Better to turn in an incomplete or incorrect assignment than n
assignment. If you are working in teams then turn the assignment in to the Titan dropbox of one
team member.