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(see link at bottom of information for link to tutorial)

When working with K

grades, it’s often the case that students are able to verbally communicate
their ideas, but typing those out is another matter.

, we solved this issue for a second
grade class that was creating slideshow


is a web service that lets you create effective presentations through your PowerPoint files.

What makes this site unique, is it lets you add a narrative to the presentation. Once you upload your
PowerPoint, you can record a narr
ative through your webcam and microphone as if you were
presenting the slideshow. The final presentation then appears with your webcam recording on the
right and slides on the left. A filmstrip view of the slides is also given on the bottom of the

The elementary school I was working with used Google Docs, then converted the presentation to a
.PPT file, which

only accepts.

After the presentation is uploaded, it is queued for the
students to rec
ord their own words to describe each slide, and time when they want each slide to

Once they are finished recording, they have the option to record the presentation again if not satisfied
with what they did.

Otherwise, you can then publish the pr
esentation, giving it a unique URL that can
be shared with anyone. The free plan of

only lets you publish up to 10 recordings per
month; each of these presentations can be 15 minutes long.

Having the students w
ork in groups
allowed the class to stay under the ten recordings limit.

While we used

with the primary grades, it could be just as useful to any other age group.

So what’s different then? How does it
help me communicate more effectively?

Present.Me combines video, audio and your presentations in an easy and intuitive way, so your audience get to see and hear
your message in the way it was intended. We’ve built the whole process with ease of use in mind
, there’s no need to download
specialist software

it’s all there in your browser already. And because it’s online, you can instantly share it with anyone you
like, anywhere in the world.

Do I need to install any software on my computer to record or play
back a presentation?

No. Present.Me uses everyday web technology that’s already in your web browser. If you’re not sure if your computer is up to
the job, you can try our compatibility test which will check for you.

How easy is it to record & publish a pre

It couldn’t be easier! Simply upload your presentation or document, wait a minute or two for it to convert, then click ‘recor
You then present into your webcam, clicking your slides forward as you go. If you make a mistake, you can stop, rewi
nd a bit
to a point before the mistake, then carry on recording. When you reach the end, you have the chance to review what you’ve
done, if you’re happy, you can press ‘publish’, if not, click ‘retry’ and have another go. For those less confident, you can
your presentation one slide at a time, stopping in
between to catch your breath, think about what you want to say next and re
compose yourself.

Present Me
your Powerpoints then record sound/webcam too

(click on link above to view tutorial)

PresentMe Website: