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My partners Heba, Elorie and I will be working towards doing

part in ending world hunger specifically malnutrition.

We will be promoting
our system (raising awareness)
in the effort to raise money for our target
audience. World hunger has always been a very tough problem due to
corruption in countries and underdevelopment.

Residing in the east of the globe, poverty and hunger are highly

Hunger has been a long
lasting dilemma of the past, present, and
will be future. Entire communities of the world starve of food everyday, and
it is our job as the more fortunate amongst the people to help out and do our
part to place a positive impact on others.

Design Brief

esign Brief

We will design and create a system of raising funds and awareness for

We will make a short documentary

surrounding the topic of malnutrition and
the how it affects or should have an effect on people like us.

We will raise awareness by
making flyers, and or pamphlets to hand out

We will build a website to contain all of the steps

We will make a bbm or face
book group regarding out topic giving updates to
the group members

Our ultimate goal will be to raise funds and educate our colleagu
es and
friends in Doha, Qatar.


We began the
process by creating
an ether
pad and
collecting different
websites and
information on
different websites
and what they have
to offer, and how
these organizations
can influence our

as well.

Noor Ahmed 9C


1.) The World Food Program : Fill the Cup!

This organization collects donation to provide school children with nourishment
throughout their schooldays.

The website is loaded with reliable information including previous projects, and
policy forms. You can see the reliability in the support from famous figures as well. I
think what works for this project is the fact that it has been well advertised
so as to

not look like a rip off, but as a legitimate donation collection.

2.) Bread (organization)

The bread organization has been working to end hunger by providing food in
numerous countries to end hunger and by providing aid, in hope of ending poverty

Right off the bat you can see the reliability of the website, because it is an
organization. But ‘Bread’ also has quite a number of volunteers, and large following.
As you can also see there is a side bar that says ‘write to congress’, which shows the
ngths that you can go to, to help this organization. The website is also very well

3.) City Harvest:

City Harvest is a New York based program fighting hunger specifically in New York.
The information on the website is quite shocking and sur
prisingly accurate. There
are affiliated links to volunteer programs, as well as stories of what volunteers have
been doing for the poverty in New York.

Once again what works well for this system
is its organization, and its simple and effective language w
hich lures good
Samaritans to making a change.

Design Specifications

To solve our problem and achieve our goal, we must start by raising awareness,
promoting our topic and collecting donation.

What the system needs

Why this is essential

A short

We can put this on the face
book group
and our website and possibly on the
daily announcements so that as many
people can see it and respond. An
effective visual aspect of the system can
make our target audience more inclined
to help.

Bold f
lyers, and or pamphlets to hand

Making bold flyers and hand outs can
provoke someone to donate even just
their spare change and every riyal is an


+ Face

+ Black Berry Messenger

This will contain all of our inform
and give updates as to how far we have
come along.

Collect a sufficient amount of donation

At the end of the day not only do we
want to educate each other on the topic
of malnutrition we also want to help
benefit those in need.


We can

these design specifications during the evaluation process using the
website and checking if each of the specifications has not only been done, but has
been done for the purpose given.


Firstly, we can check if people have watched the docu
mentary, by looking at the
number of views and at the comments. If it is short and effective it will leave a
lasting impression hopefully inclining people to leave comments.

Hand outs:

By giving flyers out, and posting them on the walls we can inform those

unaware of
what we are doing of our project. These will also be posted on the website.

Web, technology:

If people choose to discuss in the forum, and be active in discussion in accordance to
the website, and face
book page we will be able to test how usef
ul the website has


This will be easy to test, because in our planning stage we will set a goal of how
much donation we want to collect for the entire create stage of our project, and at
the end we will see if we have met out goal.




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